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Good morning and welcome to another addition of living veteran San Diego. Public service presentation of the Entercom San Diego radio stations and Jerry Lee. They Helen Woodward animal center is a private nonprofit organization in San Diego County that is committed to the philosophy of people healthy animals. And animals helping people. This nationally recognized center provides a variety of services it is a no kill facility that receives no government funding. They rely heavily on contributions from private donors to continue. There lifesaving mission. Joining us this morning is Helen Woodward animal center public relations and communications director Jessica pure. Welcome Jessica they see Carrey did see you again nice to see you again at that time of year you have. A big event coming up again and now we will talk about that. In just a little bit but let's let's start a little background information anybody who has not familiar with Helen Woodward animal center you around one over forty years now. Yes it's actually 45 boasting about that today we've been around since 1972. And it is dedicated young liberty animals and has mostly known for our adoptions program. But the senators actually dedicated to the mission of people helping animals animals helping people and we have twelve unique programs all dedicated to that mission. And started it in 1972 with just aren't options program and a humane education programs of focusing. On teaching children about to the wonderful gifts that animals can give us and sharing the world. And that the two beginning programs that of course is that we've expanded to a lot more and we're gonna talk about some of those programs. Including the education programs. And I were you guys located. We are in Rancho Santa say where. Kinda touch when she you'd take the five happy to become our rights trailer kind of talked about eight miles east. And nice nice little neighborhood if you can get over their we have twelve acres over there and it's really worth a day going over there and checking it out because on top of the adoptions program with all sorts of animals there. And we have resale shop over there and lots of things you can do and walk around and seen as the senator always been at that location it has win Helen Woodward. Gave us the center she basically gave us the land so. One of the things I think one amiss numbers as people think outrageous and a thing a lot of fans have fancy. And you know it's a lovely neighborhood but she just gave us the land so we are just like any other. Nonprofit rescue facility that we did get that beautiful plot of land to create all of our beautiful program song so who is Helen Woodward. So how little Larry it was a woman she of course is not around anymore but she was a woman who said that she loves animals more than people. And when she. She started working with. A group and rescuing animals and then she decided she wanted to make it a bigger grander plans so as I was saying earlier she thought well I definitely wanted to do rescue wanted to adoption but. What can we do that's going to insure that this keeps happening people keep rescuing keep loving animals and that's why she started. He mean education program she felt that the still rank. Was going to come from children loving animals and growing up and giving back. And teaching their kids to love animals and just keep that going so. She was very very dedicated to change in the world of animal welfare and she eventually when she passed away said I'm leaving the slam and I want it to be specifically for animal welfare. Nice yes that's in London wonderful woman. How long you've been and I've been there five years now that the happy is five years of my life securely house and a real blessing getting to work there and I. Felix and learn from animals every single you know it's funny because a lot of people will say. Uh oh what's you know they're just animals but I have seen in my eight tying there I've seen animals be. More courageous than I've ever been more forgiving than I've ever van no more accepting than I've ever man. And I learned from them all the time I think wow I'm looking at this dog and I wanna be like him you know and so it's. It's really dead in an eye opening. Experience to work with animals on a regular basis and yet that's either own ideas I'm very in love with my pets right now I have two dogs willow and welts men and cat named Pip. But various times in my life I'm sure I'll have more sound. So so what's it like working around almost animals yeah you know people must be that a lot they say will not sound like it would be very very difficult I highly encourage anybody that really loves animals. To work or volunteer specifically volunteer at a shelter because one of the things that's really wonderful about it. Is we can't adopt every animal but when you're doing something to help them every day. A lot of that feeling that people feel I must feel like honesty so hard to look at these animals. I don't feel because I know every day I am doing something to get them closer to finding their forever home. So it's actually a really. Lightening feeling to walk in mayor Anthony say okay today I'm doing meant to get your forever home and and it really helps and I think if if people really love animals they should volunteer because they'll feel two I'm sure now as a PR and communications director do you actually spend much time with him you know I actually am very lucky because. And Helen Woodward is is very fortunate to have media friends like you and Mike. You know can you assign a number of our our friends where they'll come out an inner view us or let us come out to their studio and I always have a puppy or kitten. I'm sorry didn't bring you won today Gary Leo with. Thank enough my adult and act without a big at home but then I almost always have an animal with me and I have said that many many times because in this job I never realized how often I would be up at 345 or 4 in the morning but whenever I someplace to camera guys there and you've got a camera I've got to puppies so every time I went man I let you know we've both had to get up at the crack of dawn but I've got a puppy in my arms and that's the very best thing I can do that she smiled yes it certainly great lately in wake up yes doesn't start they. Little pet therapy. Let's talk about some new programs are actually the adoptions that's your core yet program that you have an and a lot of people know of the Helen Woodward animal center because of your options let's talk a little bit about that how many how many M animals do you think you'd. Dot each year so we adopt out over 3000 a year scanning around 3400 years pretty common for us it's a number although it grows. Literally since I've been their every single year programs. And and really. So happy to see that I feel that. Orphaned pets rescued pets are starting to get a much better reputation I think. Along time ago people thought oh it's all the broken animals on the Matty animals. And you know it's thinking the other day that social media has been such an incredible thing for any pause because. You know celebrities when they adopt they'll share their pictures when we have something coming up we'll share our pictures or should these beautiful animals. And I just really think that people are saying deceived that you don't have to in fact encourage you not to go to. Pets or because most of those animals are coming from backyard breeders and we do you support you know licensed breeding I think it's beautiful to keep the incredible breeds their beautiful beautiful animals and one of sealed as beautiful breeds and actually have a lot of times we'll get. A fool fool you know husky will come into our shelter or whatever because some spent thousands of dollars on the stock now realize that date. Like to get out today. Love to think their way out and we'll bring into the shelters that we see wonderful animals all the time that are literally top quality animals. And I think for a long time people to realize you could find those animals and shelter there also amazing rescues if he just wants. Poodle Blair's Poodle rescues there are lap rescues so. I always encourage people if they even if they want pure breed to look in to rescue and see if they can find plan. And and you adopt out not just dogs the cats to ask cats too yes we love cats to it yes very day of so he. Viewed adopt other animals out do you have others there we don't we have all sorts of animals there firm humane education programs that when you come into our senator you're going to see are funny alpaca is kissing crap a crock and this guy and Philly greeting you as you walk up we've got. A new donkey named daisy who got all sorts of animals but we don't adopt those out there part of our human education programs as Ian and unit and equine program to rights and easy you have you have courses they are on site we do have courses there's so they are for part of our therapeutic riding program. We just have that mini horses that are part of our humane education every now and against Jennifer horses will go up for adoption. It's very rare it's usually when they're part of a program and they seem to not be enjoying the work anymore one of the things that's very very important for Helen Woodward is that any animal that's part of any of our programs that they enjoy what they're doing. We would never have an animal it's it's a part of humane education if they don't seem to enjoy the touch of a child or some get really Scheyer whenever. They make sure that our animals are really happy and our therapeutic riding horses are usually courses that had been working horses are. Out of their careers they were either you know they do a number of dirt somewhere even you know as we've had Olympic courses over there. And they missed the work you can tell a kind of go into a depression. So there at therapeutic riding they get to interact every day with humans and expect to love it but if the horse he sees get tired of it in his and injuring an anymore sometimes they will go up for adoption so what's what's the the adoption process then wiped it held. You know it it's amazing because they really wanna get it can hit somebody wants to adopt an animal we went to get that animal and of our home as quickly as possible we really honestly feel. That the best place for an animal is in a loving home. There is a obviously an application you have to fill out. And it has specific questions that you know they'll they'll check and see what your past history was like what kind of house you live in makati argue have what your schedule is. There's an animal for everybody I truly believe that the sometimes people will come in and they think a light I want dates type of dog or I want. And you'll find out that might not be the dog for you and you. I I feel like sometimes of people think I don't think I really like animals I think sometimes they may have had a bad experience because whenever animal I had wasn't right for their lifestyle so. It's really important so that. When somebody comes in and have an idea that they lead they talk to our adoption counselors. That we introduce you to the types of animals that we think are beautiful for you you're also welcome to meet any single line if you decide that's the one for use then and great. So it's kind of this lovely interview between the adoption center and the person coming into adoption. We like to send an animal home that day if possible so it's kind of like a venting process kind of like yeah I doubt that. We definitely I mean they once they come into Helen Woodward and they are babies need love them as much as we do our own pads so we don't want them to go into. Home that we feel will be dangerous to them. But you know other wonderful beautiful people out there that are really looking to adopt pets and we if if days seemed to be one of those people but not it. My thoughts always says to me that will even adopt out a black cats along the person doesn't arrive on Halloween with a broom. It's. If it. He's indicating not exactly so we always do a lot of interview process that if the person is like a loving person who's really in love with the animal we want them in the home and Andy had a a bet on site. We do we have lots of that's on site actually and that text so. On top of the 3000. In the adoptions 3400 adoptions we do every year. We do about. Let's see we do about 735. Different medical procedures. Each hear anything from dental cleaning to splints to even spinal surgery we've done. They also do. About 3050. Space commuters every year for those animals to. So we have is we have a dedicated medical team that is dedicated specifically to animals come and every single one of our pets go home spayed or neutered. Micro chipped fully up to date on vaccinations so when you were adopting you're getting a pet that's ready to go in fully healthy and then along with. Your adoption fee gets. I think he 5% off that are current pet facility and you also get a free medical exam. So we bring their pet back a couple weeks later make sure that they're healthy Hanson and make sure that everything is going well some. Another program of viewers a program that I really really like this year. And a meals program details about that now gosh I love and a meals to use so. Years ago this is actually Pelham one of Helen Woodward's ideas. She. Was. Talking to somebody from meals on wheels and they are saying that they had been delivering food. To use an elderly people that you know where stay at home they couldn't they couldn't get out. And they were bringing food delivery over and they were watching some of these elderly people start to separate their food in in debt portions because they were giving their own food that they were supposed to eat to their pets because they couldn't get out to by the pet food but these. Pets at they had their you know their their family and I loved them it brought them so much choice. So this in meals person grant him immigrants is there anything that you couldn't answer she started and meals. And it's basically this wonderful program where we take in donations of all types of food. And only work with all sorts of partner programs aging independent services Jewish services. Meals on wheels a bunch of different programs. And basically people can you know tell you know that the person what they're what their animal is a carriage of dog is it. Elderly is it that's what does have dental problems and we'll make sure that we package the right amount of food for each month for that pat so. We have about 390. Homebound clients. And low income seniors and and elderly clients that we get to every single month. We feed about 630 pence each month and Leeson had about 80000 pounds of food a year so it's a tonnes grade because it's. Fantastic. And you know they have found that. Pets lower our blood pressure keep our heart rate consistent as happier can provide joy. For a lot of people if they. Are having a hard time walking that might be the one thing that they do they get up and they walk outside with their pets their pets can use the potty outsider whatever it happens to be back. It it's things that motivate people and get them move being an helps their circulation of blood flow and so. We know how important animals aren't we want to make sure that every but he can keep their beautiful path and to talk to anybody who's got a pad and and they will say yes this this can't this this animal is my family absolutely their furry family members are motivate or is there are. There are at the least judge G yeah. People we will ever met idea I call my dog do manage document because it occurred to me he's not a dog usage in my best friend yeah yeah. And they're always there you know that matter what your mood may be yet. There are absolutely and it and we'll try to cheer you up tonight can tell him exactly. And you touched on a little bit about your education programs talk a little bit more about that yes so. The education program for about 141000. Children that go to our humane education programs every year. Pretty amazing and one of the things I love best about it is that you'll see these kids they start coming America's. The school those that we've critter cams basically which we have springtime critter cams sometimes critic camp holiday so any time kids are off to school we've got critter kept going on. We also all sorts of other festivities we do throughout the year we've got you know. Kinda spooky haunted houses that we call it a harvest festival where they'll have. But the scary bags and things like that that you concede and meet and greet all sorts of great ways to introduce kids to different animals. But the thing I love it you'll see them start in about preschool is is an age that we we teacher preschool to eighth grade and kids can enter at any time and they separate them by age range. But we've seen kids come at preschool age continue to go to critter cam all growing up. Come back as junior volunteers and then we've seen some comeback is that tax because they loved Whitney. Did so much they loved that program so much and they learn to love animals so much that they really are truly going to meet people that are gonna change the world for animals so. It's a very wonderful thing to see and it's as well a lot of joy a lot of laughter you hear kids. They meet with we have about 97 education cats so they need everything from. Are all pac has to hissing cockroaches to retain a fifteen stick cockatoo used to. Of course they need dogs and cats and they meet with all sorts of amazing animals like giant Flemish rabbit. All sorts of incredible animals they need to meet all the well they find all the wonderful things that these animals dues that are just. Really Lee you learn a lot of respect for animals in the world the way to communicate their desires their needs their goals and how they get what they won and you start to see them not just animals but is really. Wonderful. Creatures that we can respect and and its share of the book that earth where. Yes to beautiful program I'm really really proud of it and they you know the males of the gains in the art and all the stuff they do that animal focused but. I think hands on animal in Kaiser and some the most special parts and had a somebody get involved in the east these educational yes so I mean if you if you've got kids love for animals I got to do is just don't want to animal center dot org. Look at our education critter cam yankees go on to the web and click on that. And it'll give all the different classes and times that it's available and you know prices for our classes and he just go ahead and sign up then and I'm telling you your kids will love it. Another thing that Helen Woodward. Animals senator does even do in this I believe for several years now as you remember me Thursday awareness campaign gaffes and a half years is as have been going on that hand is the fifth year this will be fit and a yeah it's really an incredible program you know Mike. Arms our president and CEO. Was really thinking about the fact that you know when you hear numbers like three point six million pats lose their lives in this country every single year. Because they never find their forever homes here and number like that that's this large number but it's hard to actually wrap your head around what that number looks like. And he felt that what we really needed do was put a face on it some people could see these beautiful pats and so heat. Decided to started day remember me Thursday where on the fourth Thursday of every September we ask people. To do one simple thing lipstick on a social media. And spread the word about adoptions to please adopt. And it is such a simple thing not everybody can adopt that everybody can go on everybody's known that an adopted pat everybody. Has a family member friend that has adopted pet that they know they love this patently crazy. So eating go on and say I've seen the way they've changed lives please adopt. Well this program when it started it was just this idea and now we have a 164 different countries that participate. We have all sorts of celebrities. This year Kristin Chenoweth is going to be our spokesperson. We've Polly Pratt from and yes last year it had Katherine high goal Carrie Ann Inaba from Dancing With The Stars. All these wonderful. Celebrities that come out to be air spokespeople and that we never luminaries and there's tons of athletes and stars and singers and you wouldn't believe how many. With tons of organizations and all different countries that are involved. Anxious just one day where people can go online. We don't we say light candles you know and light a candle to remember that the pets who didn't make it. And by doing so you know and you can do that virtually can take a picture you can put it on social media but. We we hope that eventually we won't need to light candles signing on because all of those orphaned pets will be adopted an. Beautiful day we're ever be really comes together and just feels. It's it's a way that united we can make a really loud voice for these orphaned pets who don't have a week. To ask for help make it sounds exactly and I remember last year I'd I actually did post an eye on things really appreciated fact married and I you know I've had I've had several. Several dogs again he has unfortunate. Last I'll add just this past when he's sentenced sorry Nam but. So that's that's in September yet and September the fourth Thursday September everything billionaire and can. But that I encounter on Murray. A simple thing is that somebody can do every year action to support orphaned that's right now your big event hit. Round exits coming up this Saturday. Yes it is your comic con. Convention and this is the fifth year this is our fifth year for this on a this. You know is one of our sillier offense but I am telling you this is one of my very favorites so. You know of course comic con is the big thing here and stand right now. And we just found out that compounds going to be here until 20/20 one which is great news for me since I can keep doing pop title fight on and ethnically incidents they have the right around the same time exactly. Well until this interesting thing because this year for the first time. We're doing it the weekend before comic con and that's because last year we had so many people say to us I really wanna go but I've got tickets to comic con that bank in Cuba cannot yet can you please hold of the year but so that we can before next year so I can do that exactly. So this your son as you said it's this coming Saturday and fifteenth. And it's just a really fun day where people can dress up their pets as the super heroes that they love that there is a pause play that cost plays a pause play contest. And he didn't dress your pets up and ensure into this wonderful costing konduz it's just ten dollars to enter you get. Tickets ultra star Q and Terry you get I mean what you get in return your basically the ten dollars discussed but all that ten dollars that's the pats and programs at harm animals there. It's the cutest thing you're ever gonna see it's a free event for people to come did watch bring your kids ulcers carnival games down there really fun things to do it over hazards center right mission valley. Easy to get too great parking and in fact was really crazy can come down and parked there and the following weekend if you wanna park down Manny can take a trolley straight down the comic con so. It's a great place to discovers you know where to park and ready get down a cock on the following Lincoln's upon comforts and the tipping their reason we came up with it is you know week it's such a huge huge event in San Diego and every year thousands of people travel so many night. Andy waits for hours to meet their favorite superhero. And I was thinking the first year I was. And Helen Woodward it was because of finance and our dogs and cats do waiting for their superheroes they traveled many of them are coming from miles and miles a way. And they are just waiting and waiting rain to meet their superhero but they're super hero doesn't have to have any special. Abilities like flying are are turning invisible all they have to do is want to adopt them and for them. That is their superheroes I started thinking about the fact that. It's so interesting is such a nice correlation marry and I I thought that we can do this is our super heroes of course every day at the pats that are so loving and wonderful to us. And the people that adopt those wonderful path so what what what time is this take place it's from 10 AM chimney and Nat. This coming Saturday the fifteenth. It's like I said it's over at hazards center there there's going to be also taken the opportunity drying there's going to be food that like. I think which which is gonna be over there with. Food samples and it's gonna be also it's a great vendors over the air and we've got possibly contests which means anonymous fun things that would also got. Carnival games including your doc as a carnival game that he can play which is he or she can play. Which is bobbing for squeak toys. If you get up. And now Jason David he could find this week toy and he gets the winning squeak toy. There'll be a raffle ticket thing you'll win an opportunity trying to ticket that you'll wind enter. Into the contest and see if you win a big gift basket so it's going to be so fun lots of people down there. And you know since we started tennis this event has gone national people are. Writing about it inside edition asked us this tennis that things after they can get is video and photos and got. People Magazine is asking for photos and videos we've got. Also it's national attention to talk a way to bring your dog enemy to get your dog on TV your kitchen dog in the in the national magazines so. We encourage people to come down what there there's superhero pats India sneak peek at any of the prizes up for grabs you know drawing we always have great prizes. I know that they've got all all the gift baskets have superhero themed items in them sabathia acting their all. Fiend but of course. Blue buffalo is one of our great sponsors they're going to be providing some Greek. Food you know will probably have gift certificates for all sorts of local businesses particularly the ones that hasn't senator but other places around there. Put a lot lots of dog toys probably I mean let's face that it's for our furry friends that I wanna make sure that they get money and that those baskets that it'll be a lot of fun and again it's free tickets and very in his ads and again contests to come back that's exactly I think it's. Five dollars for raffle tickets or something like that but I mean. It's it's next to nothing it's mostly just for fun and it's a great way before. You Wii T pretend we have an event like this he has so many people come down with their orphaned pets and a sailor adopted pets he used to be or from patents they. We adopted to this you know turley from whatever shelter. And it's so neat to see the way that these dogs used to be I have no homes are now living the life for their families they are not only. In a loving home they are going out there doing activities with their families are having a time of their lives. And that to ask is the most rewarding thing where in hazard center so this is gonna take place he packed east action now another but he knows who pat is but apparently he found it hazard center. So if you've ever been over there there is you know I think it's it's kind of near. The crab shack OK if your oval where the crab shack is. There's a happy statue. And it's this guy who apparently found it has better. Don't you think you packing and as a will be over there with everything set up all around it and and there's part of the that arc is blocked off so that we've got a real safe place for all the dogs to random play and for that. Costume contest that's going to be a fabulous and and again you know not only is it just for you to get into the event that cancer center. As free parking pilot free parking and they also great places to eat afterwards and this is what really do residents were all packed up we don't eat one of the fabulous restaurants over there are so if he had a great place to being and did people have to sign up ahead a time for the constant kind of give taking him down there and sign up a lot of people are going on TV go on to animals that are dot org or you can go on to hazard. Center dot com. Either one and it'll give you some information and I think that there's a place to sign up at a cost and content in advance if you want to look at but you can notice that they can't do it that day poems and they put together a winning Costin. We've been ahead this thing. And dad had. All the money that's raised via we'll go back to the program don't Woodward animal center no particular program this I don't listen to pets and program I mean usually that the place over it we are definitely needing. The most is that with our adoptions that's an ongoing thing our every. Every set we have we try to bring in more animals and think more lives sound that's the phones and that one. And again is this Saturday the fifteenth and we have information about it on our community events page at the station's website so. We have a link there as well that to Helen Woodward. And the event page there thank you so much scary we really appreciate it can be a fun Monday am telling him. Now if if somebody wants to help you with your mission making donation can they do that in your website absolutely animal center dot org and there are so many wonderful ways. That people can help us am iffy they can't you cash were always looking for foster's that's a really really wonderful thing that people can do. We have you know a lot of what people don't know is a lot of pregnant cats and dogs. And it being euthanized and other shelters because there's a two month period where the babies. There's no place but you can't get adopt them out they need to be spayed and neutered they need to have their vaccinations. A lot of shelters do not have the space or the people of the manpower to take care of those puppies and kittens. They call us all the time and ask us to take that which we always do because we have a fabulous Foster network and we're always looking for more foster's. So if anybody has a couple weeks. Even sometimes we need an overnight Foster and even he has. A quiet little bathroom that they can dedicate to those babies and there's. We provide everything and we provide all of the food although blank it's all that everything's so all we need is somebody with some love in their heart and a little bit of space for that. Mom two and nurture her babies and then. They people can edit it saving a life and they didn't have to spend the sense about another way people can help and that's on that on the web such as well OK and here on social media. Absolutely at the end pound liver animals that are just go on. And Barack hash tag is hw EC. Jessica always a pleasure seeing always I'm showing you caring and actually do anybody that Helen Woodward animal center for a for the friends and a good luck with. Pol on Saturday things scary. That concludes another edition of living veteran San Diego the opinions expressed on living veteran San Diego do not necessarily reflect the opinions and views of the staff and management of the and a count San Diego radio stations. Episodes of living veteran San Diego are available on the station's website. You I mean next week when my guess will be from circulate San Diego a grassroots organization focusing on creating great mobility choices in our neighborhoods until then. I'm Garry lake have a great week.