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Good morning and welcome to another edition of living veteran San Diego. Public service presentation of the and it comes San Diego radio stations I'm definitely. Politicos discovery Sanders is a nonprofit zoo and aquarium on San Diego Bay. Dedicated to providing environmental education on coastal resource conservation. And instilling respect for nature and wildlife and people of all ages. Joining us this morning is living coast discovery center development manager Jessica LaFave. And will gust winds chef and owner of eat that chocolate bar and the extra one of the feature champs for the living coast discovery centers upcoming farm today that. Welcome Jessica welcome will thanks and a likewise thanks for coming out we we will be talking about a big event of viewers it's coming up. Sadly this coming Saturday August 4 but before we do that let's talk about living coast discoveries and how about a little background information on. Absolutely yes so we're located in Chula Vista we're just off of east street right on the water and Cheney go day. We've been in the community for over thirty years we just celebrated our thirtieth anniversary last year. And we're a nonprofit zoo and aquarium focused on environmental sustainability. And education and really just getting people out and enjoying nature our vision is to inspire care and exploration of the natural earth. They connecting people with native animals plants and wildlife and and you are a national wildlife refuge right. We're looking at an on a national wildlife refuge so it's Cassini a page national wildlife refuge so it's about 316. Acres. Landed that is dedicated to conservation and so we're really lucky to have a little portion of that in to have our center. And and you were always known as living coast discovery center right right. What was the the original name so we changed her name in 2012. So where formally known as the Chula Vista nature's manner. But it's just and you named it a lot of the same great and I'm on education we're known for an hour like animals and great topic and again it's sent thirty years now yet over thirty years in our community. Now I've been to the center a couple of times from my grand kids out there and and one thing they liked him in the thing that I found interesting is. You can't just drive right up to. The living comes as no you can't you can't take a shuttle you get zero ends them. And for some for some little kid the bus ride of their favorite part that. After a but now so we do have a parking lot that's just up the east street and so our guests actually take a shuttle and and it runs it ever ends but every fifteen minutes just on continuous loops south. We have buses that driver our guests and and then they're able to explore. And that's for a number of reasons number one we have you know sort of then the land needs to be protected we can have a lot of people driving cars on there we also just have limited parking so. It allows us to shuttle I guess it kind of feels like a little decompression trip clearly leaving the city you can still see in your going into a different world altogether fifteen miles an hour in the middle of day here in the middle. The bay right and like you said there there really isn't that much room there for parking right now and if they're if you made room you'd have to cut into exactly. Exactly so we're trying to address trying to keep the wreckage as pristine as we can so that's that's another reason I mean for the shuttle. And how much does it cost to get into the living coast discovery center. So it's sixteen dollars for adults eleven dollars for kids three to twelve. And then under three is actually free. We do have discounts for seniors and students and things like that and what what are the hours were up intensified every single day every day every day. There are few exceptions. Thanksgiving Christmas and then were closed on August 4 this Saturday for our. Only actually close and we actually puzzled. But but yeah we're open ten to five most of it. Okay now aside from the animal encounters which I wanna talk about him. Yet various guest adventures including feedings tell us about those now so we offer three. We actually offer for public feedings every single day. So that's included with your ignition when guests come in they can view. The shark and raid feeding. There's 1 in the morning and then another one in the afternoon and then as sea turtle feeding that's also offered in the afternoon an eight eagle feeding that's in the afternoons so. Our keepers will come out they'll talk a little bit about the animals and then do and feed the animals here actually to watch them have there are pestilence now the the raise those of the stingray trying to net front area when you first walk in well that's different area when you when you first locking in the center for maybe I guess that down now hearing listeners. Day are greeted by our Pacific sea turtles eastern green Pacific internals. So they're actually at the front entrance there waving hi as you're lacking and and and then we have a large exhibit in and that sort of the back of our. Facility that has 31000 gallon second rain exhibit. That includes the sting rays and the sharks and tanner Terrell sapphire okay yeah I forgot about that yes on par I just remember the big area. In the back yes. With sting rays are and that's where that that she external actors see the Loggerhead sea turtle named sapphire. And she's never really special animal ambassador she was actually injured. She was hit by a vote in in the in the wild off the Florida Keys. And she was rehabilitated. And released and then was hit and other now. So. The turtle hospital which with a group that actually rehabilitated her was looking for forever home. And we stepped up and said we would like to adopt sapphire and Ashley came out to us on a charter flight from Florida. And and says she she calls that though because from now. So where'd you get your other the other animals that you have there in situations well it in all of our animals have different stories. But we specialize in animals that are injured or imprinted. So most of our especially our birds I'm not a lot of our other animals as well are either injured or their reliant on humans. So they can't be released into the why. So so what that means is maybe if they're injured they might have specific. And winged. Amputations. Or they might have trouble vision. Other things like that or they just don't know how to hide they were either raised by humans born in captivity things like that. So we. We provide place where they can teach others about there they're counterparts in the wild. Now another of your guest adventurous. Is is a bird walk right in and speaking of birds yeah Clinton. What goes on with this that with these bird walks yes so we we offer these periodically there's information on our website the living Kos dot org and and we we offer guided tour is of our facilities that we offer a part lock and there's guided nature of Iraq. There's also is it different opportunities for guests to learn from our educators and from our docents about animals that we. And and you also have a Sweetwater safari can't. So that's really fun program what that is is it's a backpack that families can check out and that's actually available every day if guests came. And they wanted to check had a backpack and it has a lot of tools in there to explore the refuge. So it has things like a bug box and AM. Refuge bingo. Where I feel like it actually sleeping on and the refuge in Helio did did we see trash or did we see a burger did we see. On scat. And essence of the gimmick can actually play that out on the refuge and so that's a guy that's self guided guests can do that any time but we also offer once a week. An educator counted so that families don't want you. Sort of explore on their own we actually take an educator and and teach them explore responsibly and and is that India the wildlife guided tour's. Present different those are different so the wildlife guided tour is is it happens Ater facilities so they'll actually be guided through our exhibits. Now that is there an extra cost Stanford d.'s special guest adventures all of though with adventures that we've been talking about are included with admission that Sweetwater safari and you of this special guided tour is those public feeding him that we offered throughout the day. Those are all included with your mission. Tell us about the the different species of animals and I mentioned. The sting rays and the turtle but you have different types of birds too don't you we do we have birds of prey. Including. And Eagles and. Felt and as we've got Powell's. So there's all sorts of birds that we have we have reptiles. And aquatic. Animals. And so we've really got. Whole bunch of different kinds of animals that can view and and on the refuge itself to write a main problem my grandkids and I we took a walk. Closer to the water when we were there in and you can see some things along that we cancer absolutely yes so in this letter safari pack one of the things that included as it is a bird guide. So if you're if you're out on the trailing you see a bird in your not really sure what it is music right now pew figure out what species that is the feeling. Yeah we did we can actually see too much can we did that it was really nice to it to be out there about the water sometimes it depends on the tirades and what time of day you're right everything that pain now. What's what's the you VIP animal encounters one of those yes that's an additional charge so. It's it's fifty dollars if you wanna reserve ahead. On that we also have a lock up opportunities on the weekends and so what that is is that's of via. Where you would actually be able to feed it some of our animals yourself. So I. And we offer them for sea turtles that's definitely our most popular one influence sea turtles and but we also offer them for parts of praying and in our our. Ray exhibit and others and so that's another that's another area where we guess if there really interested in getting up close and personal with our animals that are really great opportunity for them. You can you can get kind of up close and personal with yeah. But I guess that it's even closer he ain't give you. A lot closer in behind the scenes in answer your one on line a lot of times with the keeper. A person who is. Working with these animals every day and you know it's a really great opportunity to learn more about them. You also off through wildlife camps to stuff that yeah so we offer a wildly camps throughout the year over the summer and then also renderings during school breaks and so like Wiener parade ten a spring break things like that. So of their day cans that we offer for kids at different age groups. And so depending on what age they are they'll be participating in different things for younger kids a lot of times they're playing a lot of gains and interacting with our animals for older kids we have options like going out Honda paddle boats and DL laying in they'll do and all day sections and all sorts of stuff so. The cancer really great opportunity for kids to really explore and there they're here for the day. That information on or what type of interest on our end and where these these camps would that take place. They take place at a loving couple at the senate yet so for this sailing on a lot of our voting once they actually caught sight but they they we start with us and you also offer. Class field trips we did oh yes so we we get about playing 5000 kids that participate in our field trip programs every year. So that they that they come to the living coast and we have a dozen guided tour as well as an educator led scientific. Experiment so again they're doing and I sections are learning about geology. Their learning about and all sorts of different scientific methods and what's what's great about our field trip programs is that there actually. And there's standards based so a lot of times. This science standards that teachers need to achieve. Our field trips and sort of help them with there. With the programs with education with what kind of reaction and response to get from the kid's gonna come out these field trips eleven. They absolutely love it we get thank you notes from kids and you know insane like this was the best day ever I can't wait to come back he went to bring my family. So that's a relief that's a really great some feedback we love to hear and also when kids say you inspired means that make better choices. Kids say you inspired meted to pick up trash that I see in that speech or you inspired me two ride my bike instead of getting a ride. In a car. So on deck kind of feedback that we get from this is really really awesome and and a these field trips that are open for all. All ages yes we offer K through twelve. You know with different programs for different age groups obviously. Again we have field trips for all ages it's salad a teacher or school go about arranging to filter out. We have come on an information is on our website the living Kos dot org we have descriptions on merit all of the different feel chip programs that we have and also the standards that each each program meets. So and then there's also a form to sign up. So they can contact us more information cannon and another. Education aspect of of living coast discoveries and you're school outreach program yeah. So if the schools can't come to us. Because we know that obviously. Transportation is sometimes a challenge schools can't kinda IS we go to them so we bring our show on the road will literally bring our animals with us we'll bring the scientific equipment that the school means. Well will bring everything that that class means and we also provide resources for the teacher. That the ache and I'm used in the classroom either before or after our our programs that can sort of reinforce that the kids are learning. And so that's an opportunity that it we can frame the classroom to them we can bring our program to its advocates and schools. What animals do you bring them can't bring the sting rays with his. We can't well you'd be so I. And I can't Kendrick. I don't know the technicalities of an. I do know that birds are a little bit easier to transport but you know it yet depending on the program and what animal is available we'd we've preying animals to the class that's cool like that and a fun. They have a big event coming up Saturday this this this is an annual event viewers I think ten years you've been asked as the ninth annual and event that we have hosted its affirmed today. It's our largest fundraiser of the year and it's a really great opportunity for us to. The feature our facility introduce guests who are animal ambassadors and and raise money for really great costs and this is the Saturday August 4 and it's at the living coast discoveries had that the living coast from port isn't. Okay and and chemist as the cost of the tickets are a hundred dollars. We do have discounts if you buy multiple tickets we only have a hand politics at play so you definitely wanna get online and get those tickets. And so so what can people expect in this years you know for any that it has never been what can they expect well. Lots of food. Here drink yeah. Have lots of good food and drink and an opportunity to meet our animal and that sitters we have. It did the food. And they animals are the stars of the show. Gay. It's really great opportunity for our guests to patented to try haven't been prepared than maybe they never had before. Learn a lot about different them buries in wineries in the distillery. And also maybe they'll get to meet now or they'll get to is touches stingray or her. Ticket Powell an Alley that's what can help any which LP with an now. Yes and a candidate and event he's really enhancements meant that it really allows for people to get up and close and personal lots of interaction. It's it's and one that's for sure. And and from what I understand and thirty plus. Local restaurants wineries craft breweries in a whole lot more. Up close animal encounters you have live music to write that live music yet we've got a bank of a hobby sold its gonna be there academic add the really great and and we also have a linemen and a silent auction which is really fun protests. Right now will your business you are the chef and owner of eclipse chocolate bar and be stroked. How many years you've been taking part in this event. Oh this is might just hear. And this is my second year being a culinary chair so it's a lot of fun to be able to coordinate some of the student. Organized a lot of delicious entertainment. OK so what is the culinary shares and what is what is culinary shared do what do serum only one of three. SaaS Mack Gordon from urban solace and should ask Miguel that says who does a lot of farm to table cuisine. But I started as a chocolate there. And and eventually opened a restaurant in South Park that has a little bit of chocolates and our caramel and everything we make. So we're we're certainly the unusual. Dark horse of the three Colin naysayers. But I we can certainly bring a lot of interest in things that people haven't tried before. You can incorporate Vanilla chocolate and chairman and a lot of them back. Sabre and sleepy little sort of assume that we just to a lot of Swedes sued that. We serve brunch and dinner every day so there is. A lot. Two explorer when you're sort of blurring the lines between those ingredients. So can you give us a sneak peek as to what it is it's you're going to be offering up well I. IE not giving too much away and I really enjoy actually promoting vegetarian Indian cuisine. Dairy free options. I think especially for four cars like this there's there's a big connection to how we consume proteins. The kind of resources there are going into that. So frankly. Our guests are usually really excited to enjoy it something that might be being in are vegetarian and walk away with. Haven't had a lot of heavy flavors that they're really satisfied with the and not having you know even a state. So what is what is an event like this why do you participate in an event like this well this is this boils down into the DNA of the company has started I sorted eclipse fourteen years ago. But I am and the thing and sculpture from SD is serious in my background is totally different. And initially I thought I was just going to be. On a product maker making chocolate on the way I might have made artwork instead bitten as it turns out people can enjoy a lot more chocolate than they can enjoy our. But expanding the the the company to mark stood options was it was a really interesting conclusion. As it turns out fourteen years down there it's evolved and things that didn't necessarily expect and today we dabble in a lot of food beverage confection. And we make everything on site from scratch. So certainly. It's been exciting to see the company evolved. And and take part in an event like this does that mean to usually accompanies sure initially emitted very early pledge to donate 10% of net profits charity and as a ninety young business on our I don't think I realize how much of an investment that was. But as I evolved in the company evolves it really did boil down to the identity of the DNA of the company. Most companies spend maybe even ten or 20%. There momentum on advertising and marketing I don't think people realize how much. Money goes into promoting something. So instead of giving those dollars to media. We give it to local charities and this is a perfect opportunity for us to actually meet our real target demographic these lovely people who are promoting such a charity. They're gonna promote us too because we have the same values but it's much better than than burning a glossy ad and NM in a magazine it's a real. Person to person and action attacks. That's great. In and another big part about this event it uses zero waste Steve and tell us about that he has so this event we strive for zero waste which is commonly defined as 90% of the event weighs being diverted from landfills so that means. If it can be recycled or compost and rather than being thrown away that's orphanages that we actually compost all of our now materials on site we have compost demonstration garden. And so and last year we diverted 88%. Of the human waste to the landfill so an event with over 400 people generated just one in a trash. Which is really amazing that. It actually is way more amazing than most people think because I'd do probably a dozen of these charities this one's totally unique because there's such a focus on NASA minutes right back down to with the foundation. The organization to begin west. But you might be surprised when you've got. A few hundred people at a charity eating delicious fruit in the new look around you realize there's a thousand spoons in the trash can I just from one event so. This boils down to the heart of the crimes it's really important one. And and all the money that's raised goes right back into the living close discovery center exactly yes so it goes to support our our animal care our educational opportunities and our sustainability mission. That really. You know allows us to continue to serve the community in and two dollar green where now if somebody wants to help you with your mission they they can't make it to the event Saturday that they wanna help you with your mission can they make a donation at your website there's all sorts of ways that you can count so absolutely we've we accept donations online at politicos dot org. You're also we encourage you to visit. Ability coast is open seven days a week from ten to five and our guests that come here so often say that it's hidden gem. And that they really had no idea. That it was there and what a great places and as so we really encourage people if you're thinking about it good afternoon or day to. Come out and visit ads connect that nature that's moved that isn't a whole day's drive away. Delivering to us is the place to go it's a nice escape it's a really may. And it's a great location it's ten minutes from downtown. So. See absolutely there's a bunch of different ways to support to visit. I'm meeting Tony evening Tony your time we also accept volunteer opportunities. And so there's there's all sorts of ways you can how. And I was gonna ask you about bonds you know kind of opportunities volunteer opportunities do you offer we offer all sorts of volunteering. We and we except volunteers as young as sixteen. Which some some charities down except high school students but if you're looking to do I hear that ours you need for community service. Or we have. Also as a volunteer options for adults if they want and leave guided tour isn't wanna become a docent. We have sort of gallery monitoring things like that. We also do monthly cleanup son in the community where we actually host. Cleanup events and and so Ra I was looking for groups to come and participate in that. You know somebody wants to become a volunteer how they go about doing that is there any kind of training like the wannabe docent or world tour guide there's definitely training to be a dosing you have to learn a lot about her animals and the facility but. You can go to our website a living coast at Oregon we have a lot of information there about how to how to register to become a volunteer and attend an orientation. Okay so again farm today happening this Saturday August 4 at times again its from four to 730. Okay and it's at the living coast discovery center what what's the actual address so people know where to go so our ability to us is located on gunpowder point drive in Chula Vista. And if you're using a GPS that's the best way to find this is just as entered the street name is gunpowder point drive because a lot of wildlife refuge so sometimes GPS can find us. Right end and there is that. The shuttle CA and I get to the settle this for exactly well yeah yeah so it's OK just like that gunpowder point drive that'll take you to our parking lot and emotionally and it's right off the. Rising though location via you just forget that you know in the middle of the city there's this refuge that is. Just just a beautiful preserve America all the other. He's talking how high you. We have trails that go out to see any Kobe where you can actually see downtown and you know so it is that you're in little urban oasis man and a. You website against. If Philippine coast dot board. And are you on social media of course we can Wear on not feeds back instant Graham we post a lot of really fine. Is to grant photos and different. Animal facts and things like that rust on Twitter and will shameless plug for your business. What's your eyes Raza. Eclipse chocolate dot com or in South Park. Come visit us for brunch and dinner chocolate confections even shock when making workshops and are you on social media of course via area since you ran on FaceBook on a lot but I'm gonna have to come to visit this sounds like. My type of place. As so Jeff skin well thanks very much for being on Saturday thanks for all you do it politicos discovery center. And good luck with the farm today Saturday I think we're in for a good second. Good another addition of living veteran San Diego the opinions expressed on living. San Diego do not necessarily reflect the opinions and views of the staff and management of the and a count San Diego radio stations. Episodes of living veteran San Diego are available on the station's website. Join me next week when my guest will be from wide perspective until then I'm very late have a great week.