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Good morning and welcome to another edition of living veteran San Diego public service presentation at the end of com San Diego radio stations. And Jerry Lee. The McAllister institute provides high quality low cost substance abuse treatment. Drug intervention and recovered support services to men women and teens and children throughout San Diego County. Their programs represented a continuum of care which stands prevention outreach intervention. Outpatient treatment residential treatment. And so for joining us this morning is McAllister institute community outreach manager at Foley and counselor and program graduate. Michelle divorced welcome Patrick welcome Michelle. Hello Gary. Hey Gary I secede both view thanks for being on Saturday I usually have Jeanne McAlister out here the founder and CEO. Fun McAllister institute that I'm glad to you can come out and and talk with us today for anyone who may have missed previous shows with gene. At a little background information on your organization. The problem McAllister institute started in 1977. Providing drug and alcohol treatment. For the people in senior accounting. Currently today I'm Jim McAllister has or Tony programs. Working away if family suffer from addiction brokering mental illness and homelessness. And and what is the mission and it enter the counselor institute to provide low costs substance abuse treatment. For people say any accounting. And and where you guys located on our corporate offices looking and alcohol level we have facilities all over San Diego from north counting to the south bay. Obviously out to east Johnny as well and and you services or for those struggling with alcohol and drug addiction right that's correct both. And Coke during disorders. I understand that. McAllister institute recently received the live well San Diego seventeenth annual public health champion award for behavioral health services in the east county and last year. I your founder and CEO Jean was selected as lifetime champion for the fourteenth annual. A National Alliance on Mental Illness in San Diego a mental illness San Diego color ball and inspiration towards. What are these kind of awards of these recognition means to an organization like yours. To an artificial like ours and we get the recognition it reminds us and let us know that we're doing we're reaching our goals. And our mission statements of going out there helping those who suffer from addiction the families. And this individual's. Psychic it's really like a big pat on the back. Nerd organization like as a representative of organization and that's what it means to me. And and definitely some great recognition that that the organization is receiving which has a lot. For what you're doing in the community I agree. I I know our goal is always to help those families that mental illness addiction. To to get the help they need is not always readily available. So I just think it's a great honor currently receive these hordes of recognition that we are keeping articles that at. Patrick how long you've been with the out with the organization is my fifteenth year with McAllister institute and have you always been in this position not always been in this position I'm for nine years I was operator and director of a teen recovery signer which would it is adolescents needs at 1217. Feeling US. Addiction alcoholism mental illness at all McAllister institute's site that Mike by the corporate office overseeing. Those programs for the last three years. Okay an emblem what was it about McAllister institute. The treated them. Third dedication to helping others. Never turning anybody away bumper inability to pay and also always making sure that there's a place to come so never kicking anybody out of group. I'm never taking anybody out of the program also. This undesirable. Love and attention that they show especially Jeanne McAllister any any down. Drug or alcohol addiction and your family. Yes definitely alcoholism. No drugs but deathly alcoholism. I've been sober for a long time by God's grace and I'll call synonymous. This is my eighteenth year or so being a teen that was in recovery. I'm working for facility was helping teens get back on their feet it's been an honor privilege for me. And and that Michelle you are a counselor and program graduate. I wanna I wanna talk about programs here in a minute but I can we get a little background on you as well. And I'm coming I'm upon my eight year recovery IE and that addict that started very young age I come from extremely abusive background. That Nokia parties that would pick up the drinks. And it it I like what case because it helped me get this an as a final step and as my addiction progressed as I got older. I continue to get an abusive relationship out of the repeats of relationship. And pattern is set for me at a young age I was that addicts that could not sakes what she was pregnant which is what got me to do is to the recovery program. I stayed clean like three years I went out and relapse and is back at 2010 when my name my kids were taken again for me. That I got introduced to keep. And I will need to keep and they say that for six months I've been clean since so keep as one of the programs to even find the programs like her head on her privilege of working at. And I believe in everything that genie stands for as a recipient of her goals is to be able to help promote ripples. Is like huge for me she believes in second chances when nobody else would give second chances. He has always kept the door open to the ones that and the programs have closed their doors on key. She's the first to give up her cellphone number and she believes in loyalty love unconditional. And that's something I believe in Aziz were partly the Emmys in his. Now isn't just alcohol or just drugs with you know it was not I was I was heavily into meth. Met became my priority. And I didn't have one at that the other. And and how many years sober now let me ask coming up lieutenant cannot operate well congratulations to both of you thank you last Tuesday. For me. I'm mark my 32 year we'll congratulations congratulations and allow the though he's yeah it's it's it's been an interesting ride in I am my kids still and I joke about having a drink they. It's still get very mad at me it's a combined with the 32 years you think I'm. Where you're pathetic but I guess it's it's possible I dreaded early in my mom quit trying to kill normal 'cause I just I just when I was done I was. And I did everything I wake up every morning that delivered I wanna die in different ways live every ideas that's necessary. Two insurance so and I tried this even joke about relapse packages that kind of film arm and a half the period. An important thing too is that word leading by example for our clients that come in the door they get to see these healthy people showing up to work every day. Promoting this change that were showing being positive. How much I think's important for them to see it gives them somebody that. Cup team I would agree with. Are there are lots of others that work there at McAlister institute that are recovering alcoholics or drug addicts. Absolutely and there's plenty that are not necessary recovery that sells I have been affected again by a family member a civilly for and whatever whatever it may be. That we all have our own reasons we do we'd. How did you get into the counseling and after UN through the program did you have to go through training yourself after that. It was in my original attention but yes I went through attend training program as sandy City College. It took me about three years but is worth every cent they have the best training program that started it I remember calling everyday say hate. President isn't in there and. And I just knew it was where I want it was thinking house. And I was fortunate that that's right start agony but continue working on an amateur here thirty years there yes as counselor at. As a counselor how long did take you get through the program that you rent. And the program as in my eyes yeah covers first collegiate meet at two and half years because of the pattern I say how I was doing in some have done it quicker. But the recovery part at the council institute when you in the program there is I just say there's six months all OK I was and keep up for excellence. And then when I left there was not my attention to become a counselor that this happens like a year and a half later. And then I quit as a support system for a friend whose enrollees school and after school and here I am today. Well that's great. Great success story they keep you too. Let's talk about your program some your programs that can happen counts institute let's start with your adult outpatient treatment program what's offered to the folks entering this program. Cal's or institute has. I'm. Outpatient services for adults. Eighteen and above four locations. From north counting to the south me to east counting these programs are at 9 o'clock in the morning we have a group that runs that starts at 739. Clients can get says drug treatment mental health services. One on ones treatment. So the whole gamut promote Yemen yes and and again they're all over the county yet strength of several different locate on the stand. On north council Oceanside south baiting east counting hands. Sent north central north central that's correct okay what's what's the what's the intake process like for this program and how they are they the same for all your programs. They different from program to program like where I were to keep Beth. We have they have a phone with a colleague and they set up a screening they come in meet with whatever it takes after like fifteen minutes. They get put on the wait list for the call every day did make it kinda have to wait is. It varies depending on availability. And consistency and what ever there issues maybe. Or this situation some neo we'd like they're a hair wind user who's pregnant we're gonna deathly try to get them in as quickly as possible. So that we can try to help them and that ended as quickly as possible. Now to keep the program that that you work with and that was one that you went for yourself yet either yes I've a graduate of the keep the program it's a residential program it is helping women and children. You do not have a child to be there we have plenty of single women. A lot of women are 81 on nine probation. CWS involved. Trying to get their kids back some for some of them is the only the kids keep their kid is become a resident of the program. Nadal outpatient let's go to an assessment then hits a certain order orientation and an assessment. Many Sterger intake process and then you pitchers scheduled for groups okay and and you mentioned something about cost earlier this that you don't turn anybody away so there are. There are options for those that can't afford the services that. We we've how medical services to weaken bill medic now we also have a sliding scale of the system for based off what you make. And we go from there which is scale that the counting sets out. And in print and so they can pay what they can't and if they can't pay them we set up something that works for them is there any kind of waiting list to get into any programs. Well like with keep it there is a waiting list to Italy to the waiting list efforts at all times is always the consistency of your phone calls went to put on the way. Put an end that's not the only residential program that you have right now there's residential program for men as we have detox. But their resident program when we are one of the kind that keep them where we allowed children to be. And detox and the other rents for them she's speaking about there is a weightless. And they have to call and they have to get on the weightless and if the call every day. And they do need to do a screening so intake process the whole nine. And then they get called when their beds available so so somebody who may be listening this morning. Once again and want your programs what's the first step they have to do. Call. That's it call and then from there the video which program it is x.s and have their different process the F the first set this call call call call. On May also have routine outpatient. Now program as well as is this. A lot different than the adult one there's a lot of similarities. Hum there's no weightless for our adult outpatient and our analysts and program so we have four analysts programs were also. Embedded in the schools. And so we have locations depending on which location more also inside I a schools. That it's an umbrella of that TRC. And there's no wait lists. The do an assessment that you're an intake can come to group. Now these low of these teen outpatient. Our senators and day at this in the same area as the as the adult ones. Similar yes so so they're not they're not a saint not not the same building third different locations. But they're in this in the same area. So for instance an ocean side we have an adult facility we also have an outpatient teen facility but they're not a single okay are different capacity. I've inpatient facilities for adolescents we have me. A boy's house and I'm a girl's house in two different locations in scouting this is the thirty day in patient program. Are on your inpatient residential thirty days or or they belong and you were and one for what six months. I chose the safe and six months that is apartment program. It is a former programs for adolescents at it's thirty days. But for dole programs that can very sound and really only be there for thirty days because that's what the need power and others to stay at their four apartments. OK but that you stay longer. At this time with this is also sent in a half years ago. So that the program has changed a lot I certainly have times a lot of programs and changed. So at the time it was just what I was ready to leave at the time and keen interest papadore. And if so what what what does happen that somebody say is. Ready to go hand and they stay longer is there a possibility of that happening is Stephanie based on circumstance and there situation like. It's usually apartments program and we tried to get them connected with outside sources. So that we don't just likes and about to the street there's a lot more resources now in days for that reason it was soft yet. And we also can you wrap. Browsers is still here in Cuba you're one of the Google com facilities you can do it rent groceries and go to outpatient so that. Let's say that you can't stand impatient anymore forever the reason is time while you know you can do it into an assessment and intake for outpatient and attend group. You know and and get on a schedule 34 times a week QB in some kind of group also attending. Other sure sure events they're needing things like that what's. If you have the statistics the figures that your success rate. That's a great question I get that question all the time and I usually enter with a six people are successful who show up who attend and complete the program. Other program itself and the structured treatment plan and the suggestions from the counselors in the director's Europe those programs. Those loans are successes that it that literally show up suit up and show up and take care of business. But he had figures as to how. How successful the McAllister institute news. I don't OK and I have. We have numbers. Like for instance keep you know it's funded programs at the end of the fiscal years being numbers show. How many odd minutes how many completions how many people this church and some people can disturb. Me tyrant Richardson for nine years people would say. I'm done I don't wanna be here anymore and it's not know rivalries like Taylor who smoke parliament drove cautiously on the article and a breath. And I found it. A lot of people were not indicated for treatment have an easier now to do things and hopefully dormant now and our mandate. That's a different yeah and then there's people sure Michelle's men and I've met have a mandate go. With them not ready they're not ready right that's the bottom line when you're ready to get clean. You're going to become willing to do whatever it takes you're gonna utilized to groups and services offered programs like Eva. Where the men's program I outpatient services. And you're gonna take even learn and you than it used in your life and even you'd change your debut when you live you're gonna incorporated into doing things like twelve step programs if that's what works for you know. I think you're great point that she made was is that treatment is for people. Who won at some people for people who need it if it was for people who need it we have a line out the door sinking a twelve step programs you know that we be busting at the seems to be telling people you know I can't command the legs are too many people in the room right. If you're really really want. To change you know and and were there the day that they are ready and I and I think that's that's an important thing to that dead people. You know you can have your family or friends saying you need help or whatever but it's really in until your ready to mean that great point that then move. And that's step yourself. It's not gonna war. Betsy and I can say or do is gonna change because I don't speak for myself it was. I knew I needed help until my kids seeing keep me clean being pregnant they keep me clean it was a moment that light bulb switched for me that I decided okay this is what I want I want to do something different. Debt to groups and the process groups and everything that counselors were teaching me how to effect because it became clear that this is what I want. And I make those choices again every day for the rest of my life. And I think we're talking about addiction that senators in the mine not the body you're looking at people who have this negative mindset they come into our programs that McAllister institute and have this positive. Mental attitude changed where they come out with us this great outlook were they have these great people who want to help. They got the structural wall and it's like okay I'm ready to change but usually has to be huge emotional arrangement and airlines before they're ready to have matching inch and usually that's the initial per front were sent a camera ready. I'm right at the white flag. My weight is the work my him my best thinking got me here McAllister assessment on a Wednesday morning at 10 o'clock what do I have to do. There's no clear defining moment I know we have these mound I've witnessed these moments where these ladies come in a program they're goofy it's a big joke to them. And they're not necessarily following structure of the something changes for them something they hear something they did changes and you see that light switch gets flipped and you see the difference and then those are the moments eyes get really make it an honor. It should be able to witness when them that lightbulb comes on and the change. Yes it for me it was it was a wakeup call from my doctor. Who had pretty much toll fan and change my ways to get in ten years while so that was that was my wake up call but I try to do things on my own and it in works then I went back to him and and asked for some advice and and I was able to. Able to do you know in 32 years now so. And and a big thing about about quitting in and and getting sells over unclean. Is a support group great point where you happen to have that support group with few days to help you through and help you get through the tough times because it's not easy at the beginning for sure. That's are definitely one of the things that works for me was that. Once I complete the key that they were still only a phone call away for me I was silly and costly. I I'll just didn't judge basement you know. I got involved in the twelve step program that works for me. I have an amazing support from my kid is amazing but at the same time is it no more mom or dad. So that keeps me motivated I notify relapse I lose every day. I have a grandson who's never seem be loaded never seen these secretive my hand those are things and it helped me stay clean but they're not what keeps me Klain is the decisions I make the action anti. I worked my set I have a spots right utilized. I have a small support group that I turn to ache and opened up to and tell them what's really going on with the help save Yemeni. Now you have a a big event coming up. Next month. And excited July 8 it is here's sixth annual five K walk for sobriety. Now where will be held this year they sure it's gonna be held at the NTC park at liberty station we check in registration beginning at 8 AM. We want everybody to know that this year is walk. Based off the community request it's an include an additional. Time run. I am and time to runners this year which is extremely exciting so come out. Comes to pork. Even if you if you don't have somebody your family it's a recovery or. You heard stories are the story touched you come out Norwalk support us and not only it's that it's not only a fund raising event and an awareness. It's it's nowhere is for me when I show that walk every year is house break the statement as we're known as his attic for these bad people we're not that people. We're not bad people trying to aided we're sick people trying to get well. And what better way to show up of forces say hey we're not just had excellent not these bad people. Show us even if you can't pay to register to show up be a part of that they had yelled out there we're gonna have a kids out and out there that's not again let's again not forget the time creditors. Is great sign for the fame. That's that's the thing that does the stigma. You know that they had its. It is a disease. Alcoholism drug addiction is a disease and end there's the stigma you know people don't see it always as that they don't think he is a choice we make on a daily basis they don't always get. That it's I incurable disease where for the fighter lives on a daily basis. And figure listening. This morning in your finger about somebody out there that you wanna help or a loved one or family member. The biggest message I have is don't wait communicate with us or other agencies and Sanyo Tony when I mean by us is called cancer institute look at south bottom line. And in don't give up on that person whoever they are you know it's really easy to shut them out shut the door ignore. But it's really vital to be of love and service and I think people forget that that it's easy to be means shut the door and ignore. They're not if they were my real friend they would do a paean seed like you said are ready you're talking about a disease you know senators in the mine not the body you know. They've lost apparent choice injury can drugs you know so they really don't know what they're doing. And it comes in between using or being a service you as a friend lowered I know which one they're gonna think they're they're gonna use in an injury excel. Being a services reaching out the instinct. MM maybe need help and following Apple's some kind of support you know that's driving them to their intake appointment or ask him how they're doing but. Or dialing the number ago. Dial that number 6194420277. Is our number our corporate office they're happy directly to and need the program justice to get your intake process started. Now the walk how much is it to register its state I ballots for her Walker's 45 the time renders OK and again this is Sunday. July 8 and TC park right place yet beautiful out there yeah very and it out of there in July it's going to be hope we have a clear skies that's for sure there's anger out there really early. Right I must say I was and I looked outside and and people can register at your website yet Satan got a lot for sobriety dot com WWW law for sobriety dot com or they can even gone to the McAllister web site. Adobe leaked after the locks for the right now. Can somebody if if somebody wants to help you with your mission and about by the way I want to mention too that all the proceeds from this event go right back in April at a price that's correct that's right back into the program OK so somebody. Listening this morning. Lights which are doing wants to make a donation help you with your cause in your mission can they do that in your website there's a big donate button right there on the website okay so again. A Sunday July 8. Information about the walk of course is that you website as well yes. Once again any advice for somebody that's this morning and nice and of course the first step is to make that phone call any other advice you have somebody this morning listening this morning that might think they have a drug or alcohol problem. Focus on the person. Not the illness and I think that's really important to remember who you're talking to that's a loved one a friend even if it's a neighbor or coworker really look at them as a person. And trying get them to have bridged that gap maybe you'll be that one you know media that if it's it doesn't take mica a huge event for them to change maybe it's going to be coming up saying that he can you help. And here's what I felt you know. No matter how helpless you feel there is help out there and once again to website WWW. McAllister ink dot aboard. And you are on social media right we are social media FaceBook into the ground Witter Twitter and FFF and our rights Greg Patrick and Michelle thanks for being on the thing that you need heat that you have a yes and thank you for all you do antenna McAllister institutes much needed service very much appreciated they had gene for me we'll definitely we'll have a great day. That concludes another addition of living veteran San Diego the opinions expressed are living better San Diego do not necessarily. Reflect the opinions and views of the staff and management. A via com San Diego radio stations episodes of living veteran San Diego are available on the station's website. Join me next week when my guest will be from the San Diego cramming partnership. Until then I'm currently have a great week.