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Good morning and welcome to another edition of living veteran San Diego public service presentation of the and a count San Diego radio stations I'm Carrie Lee. How way onstage is the nonprofit organization responsible for booking professional artists into the Alexander. We're the performing arts each year tally on stage samples an incredible and very line up of talent from the worlds of drama. Dance music comedy and more Alley onstage also provides performing arts programs to introduce and educate our local youth. About the arts joining us this morning is Cali on state president and CEO Michael ran welcome Michael thanks so much for having me. I did see you again I think the last time I saw you was done not too long ago and that was that the young Roger Gwynn concert at palace senate so that's performing artists right how do a show on all of that now houses a great show and and you view on this show. Two maybe three years been too long it's into long glad to be back well good to have you back let's cover some background information about how way on state short. I'm so tally on stage. Is a relatively new name foray 27 year old organization how weigh on stage is the to deviate of the power wade center for the performing arts foundation. Some folks don't know says the Powell foundation. But for 27 years we are the not for profits. That was created by the city of power way. With a mission to. Entertain educates and enriched through powerful live performances. So what we do is we present nationally and internationally touring talents. At these city owned how we center for the performing arts and obsessive such a beautiful place we'll talk a little bit more about. The center for the performing arts how secure performing arts in a few minutes beautiful venue. Tally onstage she is a nonprofit organization right yeah we were we are created back in 1990 right when the city of power he was building the power center for the performing arts people around. People who are new to the area or in you know perhaps don't live in north island county may not recall that. In a back in the late eighties early ninety's there was there were no performing arts centers in north and accounting. There was no 56 connecting that area to the coast so the the residents of power Irish open mosquitoes stretch of Bernard of you know they were having to drive downtown or to the coast to get their arts and culture of the theater and dance and live music. So about 27 years ago the city tally had this vision. To build a performing arts center a place that could be a virtual town hall. Where residents could come and sit shoulder to shoulder and have a shared experience NC again nationally and internationally touring talent. And they wouldn't have to drive 253045. Minutes downtown and fight for parking it was close to home we have free and ample parking and we hear time and time again what people really value about the power center for the performing arts and the Paoli on stage series is that a they can get the same caliber of entertainment. That and you get downtown are on the coasts but they get close to home. And you don't have to deal with traffic and you don't have to do with traffic and I have to say to you mentioned parking the parking is Chris. Plenty plenty of parking that's right never never an issue yes they greet. Now I know I noticed that you Howard onstage. Named the Californian non profit of the year for 2070 applications with thank you I really appreciate you learning you noting that we were very honored Brian Maine China is our own assemblyman from district 77. As designated tally on stage as a not for profit of the year. And recognition of the services that we provide to the communities in north Finland. I'm not only via the professional performance series but also via our arts and education initiative. Which an organ talk about a little bit but to it was very humbling I had a chance to travel to the capital and stand on the assembly floor and get a photo with the assemblyman niacin and in Maine China and attend a luncheon so it was really it was really humbling and and and an honor to be recognized. So what what does that recognition of this of this type what does that mean for an organization like yours well it's presented in conjunction with the California states. On the butcher this names apology me my apologies to the end to the powers that be that I believe it's a California. State's commission. For not nonprofits. On and there are hundreds have been designated each year each assemblyman it's to pick any a standout not for profit in their district. And again we all get to go to a Sacramento for a luncheon and a recognition opportunity. I'm and we were alongside. Organizations that provide health and human services organizations that provide. We programs for needy children for animals for the environment so it was really. I really an honor for an arts organization to get recognized alongside such deserving organizations. As a non for profits you know we are often. In the company of organizations that do some incredible humanitarian work work for vets work for you know again children in the environment and an animal's. And this was real surprise to us frankly to be recognized for our work in the community and you know it's just I can't I can't say how how. Inspiring and humbling it was to be recognized by by assemblyman in China and again congratulations. On that project that on that recognition that you that you received. I now again added the power center for the performing arts owned by the city. How add that the building itself and should pusher for your viewers if you if you've never been to the power center for the performing arts is a gorgeous building itself. It's not on a main road it's it's on a smaller road which is a bucolic back rude on the eastern edge of power way. It actually shares a campus with power in high school and if you're not paying attention you might actually mistake at the heart of high school. But it's this beautiful 800 C theater with these huge seventy foot plate glass windows facing east. Very welcoming lobby. Now the feed herself as I mentioned is 800 seats which are performing our Sanders is considered an intimate room Vietnam uninterrupted sight lines there. And you know everybody says there's not a bad seat in the house but there really isn't a bad seat in the house side sat in the back row of our balcony and you still feel like you're sitting and in your living room with the performers. State of the art sound as I mentioned the building is impeccably maintained by the city's community services department so there's never a creek PC to your. Torn beautiful street really isn't top notch condition and some end and tremendously well used facility I mentioned that piling on stage was created for the purpose of presenting. Nationally and internationally pouring in tax but when we are not on stage and the city manages a calendar that includes a number of local school groups. A community groups so. For instance dance academies in the north England area will use this for their annual presentations at how we symphony orchestra operates out of the space. On the school district as I mentioned has there. Musicals and cheer offs and banned competitions. And then 1213 fourteen. Rarefied nights out of the year. Now we host piling on stages professional performance series where you get to see. You know you know Roger who in an Art Garfunkel the temptations or some integrators that we're gonna talk about that are coming up in in the next few months. Yeah I have to say that this is one of my favorite places nice deceit concert I've been their for as I've seen several shows there are so. Charlie muscle light yeah I was it was definitely very definite. Route from win and then Berkeley heart with east Ellison Jack tension down. So and there really isn't a bad seat in the house sat anywhere from second road to almost the back of the mean and mean so again there really isn't a bad. A bad seat at least as far as I'm concerned from where I sat in the back row on our floor would still be a premium seat and it's you know some bigger venues downtown Hoffman and yes so it's and again the parking. But I have to say as far as where it's located yeah I mean. Great place but I think and that Roger's going to show I think capacity a couple of better put into your phone and aperture let your phone guide you to us what you have you have no trouble spotting it again but you know it's true or not in the middle of an urban center you can see is from the highway you you kind of got to know where we are but it's but well worth it yeah I like to think were worth the hunt yeah definitely I thought I knew exactly where. It's been awhile since I've been there and you know guys don't like to ask for directions so. I I waited while I was gone you know this thing's gonna start a few minutes and the club that has picked the battle of ideas itself. Let let's talk about again and again not only do you do. Both these shows student and that was center for the performing arts but. But Howard onstage. A big part of who you are all. Who is education the strength he had definitely. Come again our our our organization was created primarily in two book internationally and and and nationally touring talent but so. About twenty years ago. There was a trend in local school districts to cut arts program. Finances were tight. And as is so often the case many of our local schools were slashing theater music dance on the arts programs in their schools. And so our board of directors at the time took a very very progressive viewpoints and they said that you know what this may not be. Part of our mission as it's currently written. There is nonetheless AM a stewardship role in what our organization does we are. The stewards of the artistic health of our community. And they took very seriously these cutbacks in the school arts programs and so they started a series of programs designed to. Shore up some of those losses I'm very proud of what that program has grown into as as it stands now our arts and education initiative includes. An annual one week feeder camp not for local youth some kids aged five through eighteen cannot come to the center and participate in a weeklong theater camp. They auditioned on a Monday. We usually have about a 120 kids show up for the additions. That night roughly sixty or seventy of those children are chosen to outperform in the in the theater camp. They go to rehearsals that night they rehearsed Tuesday through Friday. And then that Saturday they put on a full scale musical production. I'm this year auditions are going to be on March 5 at 4 PM at the power center for the performing arts it's tea. It's an open audition it's also a group audition meaning all of the kids love onstage at one time and participate. In to our selection process or you don't have to. You know you don't have to learn a monologue you don't have to learn a big. The featured song we will handle everything just get your kids there before four. And as I said the kids that will be cast that night the rehearsed right away and the whole process is provided free of charge to the participants it's supported by piling on stage and our supporters. And that is in a nutshell our or when we theater camp. We also have a let's let us what is the the age group that a so aged kindergarten through through our schools are roughly 53 team golf thing it happens after school so it doesn't if you would interfere with school work and as it only for the palace school district any any child who can get to the center at 4 o'clock. Monday march 5 the through through Friday in his march 9 and then all day Saturday march 10 is welcome so. You know that's a good that's a good question actually because we do have a lot of home schooled kids in the area and if they're available we invite them. Children who for whatever reason aren't in the school district proper can still participate like I said it happens after school so it works around. Around school schedules are. All right and another. Program in your arts and education initiative. Is your introduction to instruments at this is a fun program that we've been doing for the better part of the last twenty years. Basically it's designed is to introduce fourth graders to the various types of musical instruments and this really was born. Directly out of cuts to the fourth grade band program back in the ninety's. At present children in the valley unified school district can take up an instrument in fifth grade. So what we're trying to do is just educate them and create a spark of interest in these schools and programs so what we do is we bus. Every fourth greater in the district. Into one of four locations where they will watch and assembly. Designed to feature on the different musical instruments. And what really works about this assembly is that so we have high school students put on the show. So high school students will create this showed. Around us for instance a Star Wars the game or maybe to be around a theme of music from video games but the idea is that. In a fourth graders high school students and rock stars and those of the kids that they look up to hide so when they're sitting in an performing arts center or high school auditorium. Watching high school students play. You know the theme from pirates of the Caribbean on a trumpet that's really cool that's await cooler than if I were standing on stage played trumpet for fourth graders. And what we found in our music teachers tell us this year after years that the level of engagement with these fourth graders is so much higher. Because they're seeing kids that they recognizes their peers and they're seeing them do something cool. But what kind of a reaction. Or feedback you get from the students and parents as far as you musical theater camp. I'm available. You know again it's it's free of charge. And for many kids it's their only exposure to any sort of theater or arts education in schools. I'm a couple of standout stories I mean we've we've been doing this for him for nineteen years and we've seen kids go from toddlers to teens and off to college. Who have participated in this program. I I remember in particular when your a mother coming to me and saying that's her son and he is three or four sisters have all auditioned. And the sisters action didn't make the cut so bears are but the Sundance. And the mother came to Saddam midweek and seeing you know my son is one boy in a house of you know three sisters and he is just punching bag for those poor girls. And shoot the mother said that after going through this process he has developed. You know so much for confidence and ability to assert himself around the house he said it was like having a whole new son at home. I'm so that was kind of an exciting story here we have seen some kids go on to do. Theater in college. There were a pair of twins who came up through our youth theater camp who. Where the stars of me. Web a web series designed for children again in the name escapes me bits on. But yet we we've seen now reaching kids really take this to heart and do things with it. That's great tell us about your your master classes this is another programming your arts and education and chief. Kind Iran rounding out the initiative. Again our primary mission is to bring artists from around the world and around the country to power way. So whenever we can whenever they're pouring schedules will allow it. We try to create what we call up close and personal experiences between the artists and and students. For instance years ago we had you can news ukulele phenomenon not objectionable Cora come to town. And he was willing to host a master class so we had fifty people would you believe these come into the theater and get pointers from a you know from the star. Max Weinberg of Bruce Springsteen's. Sat in with the Cali I jazz ensemble and gave them some pointers on the things that they were working on. And in fact coming up in February we have tea. A really exciting charismatic young classical organist who's coming to town and he's going to be hosting a master class with students from a 39 which is kind of a progressive school in the empower unified school district. At Q further your goal of introducing the arts to our youth power onstage also offers youth tickets added discounted price. I have two that tip our hat here to our cor response or Geico for five years now they have been under rating and a half price. Youth tickets for children twelve and under so yes if you aria. If you assuming the most of the listeners are adults here but if you know a young person in your life that you would like to introduce to the arts. Geico has made it easier for you to do so and you can purchase half price tickets that are website. And we have with us the beginning of a lifelong. Relationship for the arts for a for kids in your world and great great way to introduce them to it agreed. So let's let's talk about your your professional performance series is still have more shows. We have were up ami yet we hear about midway through our 1718. Professional performance series com. As for those of you following along at home I invite you to go to our website which is how weigh on the stage dot org. And you will see information not only on none of the arts and education programs that I just mentioned but our upcoming shows. I am party sort of gave it away but our our our next it was February 17 and is a charismatic young organist named Cameron carpenter. Cameron is AM he's quite a sight to see he's got this funky no Hawkins really shiny shoes and dresses like a rock star. But for more more substantially. What interest to us about tone about Cameron. Is that he is a pipe organ player and if you are a fan of the pipe for me and then you know that if you wanna hear pipe organ music you usually have to go to where the pipe organist. Which means Jewish limping down to double park or your chopping down to the end. You know the Methodist Church in their mission valley here are some other place where somebody's gotta pipe organ install. So Cameron has actually invented. A digital pipe organ that can power the world. It's if torched the country and eighteen purple velvet lined road cases. He he puts it together himself every time he travels to a new city. And basically it allows us to bring pipe organ music to the people it's a lot of fun and as I mentioned he is set. He is quite the show men and a very charismatic guy as fun to watch as he has to listen to so. If you're in north and when counting or your fan of organ music and willing to travel a little bits definitely mark your calendar for February 17. He'll be onstage at 8 PM and as mentioned earlier he will be doing a master class with some students in our district the day before and it another show sounds of the Big Easy. I've talked a lot about you know our mission to bring nationally and internationally touring artist but we've also been very committed to over the past 56 years. And a showcasing our very rich local music scene. So sounds of the Big Easy is the latest installment in our in our local music showcase series and I features the music of New Orleans. And perhaps more importantly. Indy cavalcade of local musicians it's hosted by Gregory page. Very famous local musician and a dear friend to our organization. Also features the euphoria brass band blues singer Casey Hensley. Pianists in Palmer. Via the by U Brothers blues musician. Nathan James. I'm fearful that I'm gonna forget a name so once again I encourage people to go to our website and check out the complete list of artists piling on stage dot org. Again this is a Chancery to take a trip to the Big Easy without leaving your seats in north in Linn County. And from what you've mentioned already is an incredible lineup down I'll go there's so much funded the local music showcases just have an energy like no other no no knock on our nationally touring artists but there's just something about. And beginning our our our local music partners into this space this beautiful 800 C fear. I'm giving them state of the art sound huge stage to work with that just elevates the whole experience on and on on every level. But about Gulliver travels let's face of that is the end that is the culmination of our youth theater camp this orchid. And that's happening in March and Zambia Angola first Gulliver travel is a story that many of us are familiar with the frankly I'm not sure what it means that they're putting Gulliver travels in space but I'm very eager to find out. And it's it's an absolute joy to watch these kids again and go from. From auditions on Monday to a full production on Saturday. As I mentioned earlier that age ranges are from 52 to eighteen so. You know you would durable youngsters who may or may not remember exactly what their lines and movement are supposed to be. And it's it's it in tremendous fun it's also a great opportunity again if you're interested in introducing a young person to the arts. If you have a 5678 year old in your life this is a really fun way to introduce them to the performing arts was there to see kids their age. Doing something that they may or may not have done yet in their life and we often find that the kids who participate in this you theater camp. Saw the show a previous year. That took away some of the intimidation factor on its and they were real eager to try out the next and and I am sure some get hooked up the path or definitely. I'm now a couple of other shows coming up touch on those real quickly here we've got most locals. You know in my job you have a couple of vanity projects that are always floating around in the back your head shows that you really want to presents Roger would win was one of mine for years and I'm proud to say that we presented to him for four times now. And Los Lobos is another one I'm long wanted to present those slogans in the space of a big fan of the pant. I'm and very excited about this show because it is an acoustic show. I'm an acoustic music in particular I think really resonates in our space in it's again an intimate room acoustic music fills a very nicely. I'm sitting here this dance catalog and the media for your listeners who may be unfamiliar in the slogans are probably most famous. For the Grammy winning soundtrack to the film Obama even where they played all those Richie Havens hits but they're Cadillac is is tremendously rich I encourage anybody to dive into their catalog. I keep going eleven to lose one of my favorites. As just a tremendous Latino rock band that's as he does everything Moroccan rule on teen who rocked text an accident. Tejano music and just I mean danger of gushing here because I'm a huge fan of the van. We did have to their principles. David Hidalgo and Weaver as a during an acoustic show gosh it's funny about seven years ago. And ever since then I've wanted to bring them back is they're just the consummate showman and tremendous musicians and they always put on spectacular show. This sounds like a good one too and and of course you've got. Locals for the hearts Dudley Hart who were word huge Berkeley are fans the first local music showcase that I ever did at the center. Was at the encouragement of Jeff Berkeley who called me up and center. You know we've got this little show called the Berkeley where heartfelt which I know you're familiar with Perry which is alive re creation of the O brother where art thou soundtrack. And Jeff Berkeley in common heart anchor that show and they bring a bunch of friends to to to play the other rules in the yeah in the show. We have presented over they were heartfelt twice we've also presented Jeff Berkeley's vision the last Waltz before. I'm so this year and I we're giving Jeff and Cameron a chance to shine on their own this is a Berkeley art show. Plain and simple it's actually the culmination. Of a year long. Series of shoes that Berkeley hard have been doing they have been doing. A retrospective of their recording catalog. From their newest album back to their debut. And so on April what does it April 14 when we present them they'll be presenting. Their debut album reckon so. Live in concert at the power center we're calling it reckon show. And so as I mentioned as do the entirety of that album and then some of their hits that fans love yet where we're huge fans of of of of the duo. I'm like listen this is our first opportunity to present them in their own right. In showed that isn't built around you know re creation of a soundtrack. So yeah big fun really looking forward to that one. Anywhere I saw them in its first ones I've seen it this palace after performing arts already city so that the Berkeley are Seles trying to show yeah it was great yeah. Yet they had recorded an album with these Seles and her guitarist mark twang and performed as Berkeley ourselves playing bad that was a terrific show we've seen some good looks yeah and inject tension Jack tension sort of I guess that's terrific yeah absolutely reject emption. Are now just just few minutes ago we get the wanna touch on in and make sure we mentioned. Your upcoming fund raiser it's not for awhile yet not till June 16 did you do this every year this is your taste of our town fund raiser how many years of good news now. This is our seventh year and Germany against your listeners who don't you know who don't spend much time in north island county this is a great way to get to know us it happens. Roughly the first day of summer. June 16 2018. And it happens on the plaza outdoors in front of the Paoli center we'd invite. About a dozen local restaurants a dozen local wineries and a handful of local breweries. They're all they're serving their wares now we also have a live bans dancing. Live and silent auctions some prizes and games you can play. It is a fund raiser to support the professional performance series and our arts and education initiative. It's a tremendous amount of fun people people come back year after year. And some of the things that people want include African safaris and theater trips to New York's that we. We a lot of really fun prizes that you can win Vietnam and again it's coming up in June of 2018 and all the details are on our web site pass away on stage dot org. And can people get their tickets at eight and tickets are available now they are they are okay great aunt. And they can get into the box office they can listen in the box office as well. If there any left will they be available at the door. Lou. And around them believe that you know why risk it exactly. Fifth and chances are there won't be that's right to death zones get them now except toward get them before it's too late. Again you are nonprofit and and this is a big fund raising event for you how can people help you out your mission can make a donation its website you know yes. It's the answer is yes and we do have a donate button on our website and if you. You know if you ever wanted to know what it's like to be a producer of the professional performances this is your big chance you know we accept donations of any amount. We recognize our on donors and are played little on our website and obviously there's some perks that some of the higher levels all of this information again as it piling on stage and work. I'm and again portion of your and your gift does also help provide arts programs for the neutral learned of north inland counties and your helping create. In the arts lovers in the artists of the next generation. But if somebody listening this morning or school may be listening that. Has instruments they'd like to donate for your intro to I introduction to instruments can they do that. I would probably in a directing them to somebody if the school district you know we work with the local high school bands to put on the news assemblies that sort of area. You know it's sort of a a friend raiser for the band program itself but certainly if if anybody up there has instruments they're looking to donate I'm sure I could put them in touch with the right people. Right so again that taste our town June 16. But times is that start 5 PM okay and dad couldn't get tickets at two website at Callaway onstage got to work. At the box office at the box office which is located at 15498. Tests below road. Which is where India. Which now as a center is that's where Lawrence. And you are social media Andrea faced like any other were on FaceBook we are on Twitter I believe that is it right now but sound that seems to get the word out. I'm definitely follow us on FaceBook and a because we do sometimes makes special offers or announce you know for instance from receipts that may have been released last minute. I'm we outs I have an email list that you can sign up foreigner web site I can almost hear your. Listeners at home rolling their eyes right now over the last and he just got another email list trust me it's worth it. And we only email you couple three times a month tops and that is where we announced. Some of the added shows and the special special. Special offers. And we are going to be having a show to the 2018 season it's going to be on May 25. I can't tell you about yet but it is a celebration of the works of one of the world's most famous rock and roll bands. And it's presented in any fashion unlike any you have a intercede before and people who join our email club will get the first opportunity to purchase tickets to that show. Now entities. That. As I'm here for FS FX. And any information anybody that that needs information or wants information about any of here. Your upcoming shows or. Programs senior arts and education initiative and get that that you went to. Yeah tally onstage dot org is the website there's a tab labels about us you can find my email address there I'm always happy to answer any questions people have would love to hear from listeners Aaron Michael always a pleasure seeing you and having you on the show excellent friendly. Thanks for all you do and I LE onstage and for helping to keep the arts live in San Diego County. Thank you back from. Includes another addition of living veteran San Diego the opinions expressed on living veteran San Diego do not necessarily reflect the opinions and views of the staff and management. Of the an account San Diego radio stations episodes of living better and San Diego are available on the station's website. Join me next week when my guest will be from cruise for kids until then. I'm Gary late. Have a great week.