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Monday, April 2nd


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The morning and welcome to another edition of living better and sandy. Public service presentation via account San Diego radio I'm Gerri great. Right above disability is a local therapeutic riding center. And right about disability they teach recreational riding to children and adults with special needs. They're dedicated staff strives to make a difference in the lives of their writers as well as the community of San Diego. Joining us this morning is right about disability executive director Wayne Jackson and program and volunteer director Allie solitaire and welcome Wayne welcome now. Morning Gary. Good morning thanks for having. Great to have the bogey on the show let's start a little background information if we could about your organization your relatively new large. We are we've been around for about four years now our first try was in 2014. Although. Katie and Allen who are Q most experienced instructors have been doing this for about seventeen years so we do you have a lot of experience you know we're fairly new organization. Who who founded the organization. Well this was kind of a dream for K now we they were both worked at several different there we senate before and they knew they want to start their says they knew they had ideas they if they want to do things a little differently and about time that they decided to actually form their own sooner. I was retiring from the Marines. And decides they the economy and a come on board with them to. Help him out with this and it's like takeovers a director and together we just sort of an amazing program and you save it as Katie Katie yes in his Katie. Kitty cram is are quite director. She is the third line in our group we all three of us are that co founders together okay yeah they. Now what was the mission at right about disability I'm our mission is to you create her. Celebrate ability and right about talent. And weak as located were located in Paoli. I'm down sycamore canyon wrote the opens features are right there right across from. Bowen hills boarding stables and is that where your forces are you all your lessons have done everything that area. Now you're a path. Professional association of therapeutic horse and ship members gather what what does that mean to you to your organization. And you students. So. Path press association and they're due course matchup. They set up standards they said safety standards and education stance that we have to adhere to. What that means is that. We follow very strict guidelines for safety for types of horses for curriculum for activities that we do. And now since you open your doors Hal has is ride above disability how has it changed over the years. While only first start at an April 2014. We have one staff members and we started with about thirteen students. Currently four years later we have about six or seven fat. And 51 students writing in our program every week. We've grown we've grown to let it. Absolutely. And we. We started off as a kind of a boutique little senator and now we're growing we're getting much we're getting bigger obviously which is because that's exposed. But as we grow were refining methods and were able to bring in new talent and a lot of talented people. I'm William Branyan circus starting next month he's extremely. She scrape in at this and we're so excited for her onboard what what's what the background what's the background some here. They trainers they do you call them trainers or instructors yeah. You on the structures what we call in okay yeah they are on all of our searchers are the certified in the process of becoming certified through path again which is a safety standards and education Sanders. The background a lot of or some porn searchers are or senate some of them are. Senator working with special needs children and adults and someone like me you're just. All bull headed Marines that needs something to do it didn't feel. You get in trouble on you sit there. And a lot of our inspectors will come and train with that as well I'm myself and he meteors are trying mentors through pap. And we would go through the training process with that. In the instructional information on how to conduct as they're being asked them. And that's one of the things actually allowed us to attract some really great talent is that the key now the Hume mentor. For pacification and that means we have people content this morning though. If they can work with us and and where it will again some great people coming in. Now there are. Other organizations like yours here in San Diego County that do the work did you do calm and I've had several of them on the show in the past. And all of you doing great work that way it's that thing yeah what. What are you thinking it is that sets you apart from the others well a couple things. First off most senators started by one person. We have three people the start of the senate and we divide up. Our roles and our work pretty evenly so that we none of this can become overwhelmed or burned out. Which there's a thing called compassion fatigue and if you work in a nonprofit therapy industry you give so much of yourself. Two people that day they needed that you actually start to burn out. Over time a lot of a lot of therapy writings as I'm not telling mrs. Hard fast rule book most their your writing senator cradle to grave and three to five years from the time they start the time they close. They closed within 35 years meth nationwide. Since we have three people. That run the organization. We divide are working we don't burnout deal kind of check each and make sure we're all doing things right and accordance with. Our mission statement. Your your your students. They're all with special needs right not all of them the most of that. And and certain disabilities. So what what kind of disabilities or do you work with. I'm really worked with him any tidbit disability they do need medical clearance from their doctor in order to join us. But some of that more common disabilities that we service would be. Children and adults on the odd to them Specter and serial apology half collapse. The ADHD. ADD. The social interaction and disordered developmental delay so the list goes on them. Not and I've talked about this with the other organizations I've had on the show before and and there's a there's a thing about horses. What is in vowed courses that make them such great. Therapy animals. I think is the power that the writer field. The horses develop to mimic the human walk. So when they're sitting on top of the course they actually get that impact. If they Wear walking themselves. Plus the fact that just. Where did an equine name in general have that it kind healing nature about them you know they are going to judge you or they're just gonna come to go after him. Ready to go out and went out and me after Pinochet. And there's there's evidence. Research this is far from angle that says that shows that just. Brushing a horse lowers blood pressure and lowers polls. It just helps relax people. And a lot of times if you know if you are. Someone who's on the spectrum there's times and you just feel you're at war with your body and the century and puts everything that's happening all ones. Just being around a horse chest. Riding horses heading overseas can be so calming and just for brief moment. Just absolutely. Makes everything in the world. Better there's a picture one of the pictures I have of as part monitor pictures it's one of my my writers that she's. And that's I guess the best way to put it she is a war with her body. All the time just meeting. Sensory input are getting over stimulated just back and with and there's this moment where she just leans down from the back of the horse. And put her arm around the horse's neck and laser head on horses mean. For about two minutes she was at peace and that made it all works I'm always it's awesome it's amazing. So so Wayne you have worked with a nonprofit before you came straight out of the Marines into right about dissident well yeah I a yes I did not I had no experience with nonprofits other than. I volunteer at a couple therapy centers that's how I met Katie analogy. And then when I was in the Marines idea what my tumors are assigned to trivial. In Iraq and while I was there there was a group refugee children or group of refugees period. And I'd be in working with. Organizations from my home and Oklahoma and here in San Diego. To bring them coats and hats and and things like that for the winner. And then I. Work with the local school in the mesa to get some the surplus. An outdated textbooks. I'm specifically English textbooks and we shipped it to. These kids salute parents and the kids just learning English. So aside from Valiante and Katie roping you into. And hit it. To hopefully helping it ride about disability now what was it what else was at that that made you make the decision. All right so I I renderings of Miramar for for several years I volunteered every Thursday with another senator quirky Alley worked. And I had to stop volunteer for about three months because my work just kind of crazy so. It was a volunteering I got a call from key inches as listen we're so short on people today can you please come out. And I said okay RI will come out. And so I came you know made arrangements got out this one day did this lesson and I headed home but how I got home iPhone was blowing up. Ends it was like oh my god have you seen FaceBook and he seemed whatever but now I don't have FaceBook or any of that stuff what re talking about. And so they show me this post and there's this mother. Who her son is on the spectrum and he has trouble. Showing emotions he has trouble understanding his emotions and yes trouble conveying. What those emotions are well after this lesson I was in the mom noticed he was smiling on the way home and she asked him. Little Johnny for so I don't want uses name little Johnny why are you smiling. And he looked at her and said mom today was the best day and she said why and he sick as Wayne was back. And that was it I was I was so for this young man to be able that you just never thought I was unimportant to you in this stuff that. All the sudden you of this one young man who. He was able to have an emotion I understand the emotion. And express what that emotion was and why he had and that was I was done I was in this is Roman you forever and then had to make us feel real good yesterday. I'm so so I would take them that they had the feedback you get from from parents from the kids very positive yes. That's an understatement. How did horses do you have currently. We have a lack therapy horses and our program. Okay and and if I'm not mistaken I was at your website and I and I saw that you also have a therapy donkey yes and we're not happening here is one of the eleven okay I guess we haven't got our therapy many don't keep. Okay and I've never heard of therapy donkey so that it does does nugget do the same. That that the horses do. I mean it is not a good benefits the same well OK yes but not yet. Now has a different role so the horses. We we you know the kids ride the horses in the adult trying to courses. Would now get she's a mini donkeys she's only about waist high. And so you can't writer she weighs maybe 300 pounds. But she's a great introductory. Animal if someone parents or or the kids feel overwhelmed. By this massive horse comes walking over what numbering over. Three and a pound nugget of human down and she's a lot less intimidating some kids can start getting used to her a little bit plus we're teaching her to drive. Which means she's gonna pull cart. And the idea is if we have someone that's not able to. Ride for whatever reason we can put them in the cart and they can still get some of the movement and the interaction with the nugget and and get. Kind of the feel a running horse. So she's kind of like he had an icebreaker. That's yeah its users and now but how many how many yes students DM again right now we have fifty Latin OK is there a waiting list. There is yes we currently have about six student honor we have with paperwork ready that down. In the first of next month numbering in a brand new instructor and I got two new horses that are on trial right now so I anticipate by April weren't able to clear that waiting list. I don't like having awaiting us as director if I am waiting list went to any views clear that. Because I wanna get if you are waiting list you know the benefits of this program you know benefits writing you wanna start writing so I'm gonna find a way. Tenet to get you off that waiting lists as soon as possible into the program. And have a happy determine for sure where you get your horses and then how do you. Determine. Whether the horse is going to be good therapy horse sore horses come from a myriad of places. So a lot of his word of mouth sometimes advertising we're looking for a horse. Or will just go out there and look for people there trying to seller regional bourses. There's no magic formula for what courses will take. But every horse has to be evaluated by myself or Katie. To make sure they have the right temperament and make sure that. Z. React appropriately when something unexpected happens. And then once we bring in a horse we start to desensitize them to. You know bean bags flying in maybe. Someone screaming on their back in who loops and all this other kind of stuff and about two months is what it takes for us really evaluate or before him put him unless and and say yeah okay this horse can make it this course won't make an oval horse. If a horse for whatever reason house an erection we can't justify or we can't train the way the course is gone. On the net every single worst every day before lessons every horses are evaluated by one of our instructors to make sure that they are happening today just like people we have bad days and times. And we make sure horses raw feeling good having you Dana that not we don't put them lessons. What's what's the age range of of your students. I'm anywhere from four. Very act guests and that and seeing right now our oldest is seventy that we were go all the way up to from forge a one out for. OK and no Internet no. And and death aside from a letter or documentation from their doctor or any other requirements. For a person to. Take a lesson there or other violence. And and they private lessons dirty deed to a group lessons we have Beth. Actually give pat I think as well as group what are the benefits of doing the group lesson. So very grip I think you'd typically look at a longer writing. And then there ought to be more interaction with the horse because you'll be able to ride for longer and spend more time with them on the ground. You often get back social interaction between instructor and other students as wow and then how how long double x.s and India have to you are you signing up for a a bunch of lessons at a time how does that work. The ticket is just mind to mind you can sign up for the mile and most people will continue. For years to cat and so we've. Had people with us from the beginning from where we started out there still apparently went that's. A prize less than thirty meant long and that we do author pride things other than a bit longer 45 minutes or an hour. And in the group black and there fourteen. And is there an application or. Enrollment form and that someone needs to fill out. Yes they the parent or the student would need to fill out all of our enrollment forms in order to join him. I don't I know it it. It depends on the individual that out loud maybe take us through what lesson looks like so typically around you know principal and two more. Our senator and then we'll meet. The student and the parents along with the horse the instructor we'll meet him right there violent buyer parent there's little viewing area where the president said. There's a nine blocking amount Graham. The writer. You know gets on a horse and use you start off in an arena we have hundred foot like 150 by 75 foot. Writing arena that the parents can watch and we tend to spend the first fifteen to twenty minutes of our lesson. Working on a skill of some typewriter writing skill a skill as part of the IEP. Communication just kind of depends on the on the with a writer needs and how they're feeling that day. And you know what the goals are long term and short term goals of the instructor. So we spent about. About twenty minutes in their fifteen point that's the last ten minutes ago I don't recall trail. And we will writer on the ranch and look at. I'm horses look at who is the race rat has probably about a hundred horses sore right over and look at courses. We will. Right out on what really is an old fire road. He's kind of right on the road that looks like we're doing show rights and say one of the reasons we've been so successful. At getting. Results is because of this last fifteen minutes the kids will do a whole lot of things. To get yelling did you find three letters in the arena boy in the final three letters force because they wanna go launcher. Also workers into that as well our volunteers that are typically for her. It therapy I think we need about two to three volunteers for each writer and supporting them in assisting them either. Aside locker blocking them aside or leading the horse and a frat. Tell us about your you sibling program. I'm through urged to program its current writers that may have a special O'Neal who's. Sibling want to join them as well so they ride together at Petit the same time flat or shared activity. That they might not necessarily be able to do. Elsewhere like soccer baseball typically there on separate team but here they can do it joining activity together. It's an extra little little bonding time that's a good thing and you also have leadership camps. We are gonna start doing that probably this summer and he's been here for. Me it's important that we get to a man that taught them actually I. So. We had seen it could call I'm on things. Well as a retired marine it's been quite a bit of leadership training. Plus I'm and a man master's program for organizational leaders appoint a ministry. So. Because of that I'm a fool really coughing teaching some of our younger writers about leadership and yeah embrace some of the challenges that go along with. You know being. Child. You know in today's society and also. Aren't being a child with special needs are with the sibling. Especially how that can impact your life and just different strategies and ways to so work through some difficulties however. Didn't get short on time don't make sure that we. Touched on yet a couple of fund raising events coming up don't you. Yes track iron that's why it's going to be April 2 running back it's going to be a winery in remote that Kolb. Laughing keep laughing keep an M one look at them and does this. And still it's going to be super low key pretty much you anyone in the community is welcome to cat. And all of the proceeds that you would buy from are at the drink coupons we go towards benefiting our program. Basically show up drink whining give us money pit scenario that the big word yeah. Very good cause the worst road yeah. Honesty is the programs expensive we charge about 50%. Of lessen costs. Because they don't want. A lot of times parents like to getting tax. Because if there's something helps your kid in the press keeps going up you're gonna pay it matter what we always try to keep costs as low as possible. We have the fund raise for the rest of programs like this. Help us bring in more riders. In and yet another event but coming up later in the year. Cracked letting GM it's going to be at our location and Rolling Hills porting it. And it's going to be a barn dance we don't have an exact. Yes absolutely we will post information about balancing everything sorted out website you're faced. Okay and and out volunteers he talked about volunteers a little bit. Volunteers. The backbone of many many nonprofits if not all yes it's kind of volunteer opportunities do you offer. And so right now we have volunteers coming out about every day of the week no experience necessary will train you on whatever you need to know. A lot of our volunteers will assist with the lessons and stuff that's the main vote. I'm neither side rocking our leading with their writers. And now we author of some chores around the ranch rather that be being stopped helping with the horse is. And feeding. Just things like that and and how can someone then become a volunteer when they need to do. So they can go to our website and fill out our information form they can email me directly and I content on the information as well as our volunteer packet. Okay and and you mentioned that of course it's not not cheap to do what you do and and you try to keep the cost down is as much as possible yes do you get any state or federal funding. So at this. Are we don't have we have no state or federal funding. I don't off. And any non profits in the east they're your reasons I should say. That have funny I would love the people of Sacramento to change. The insurance laws of the insurance covers this don't be so beneficial. Four. Everyone but that hasn't happened on this one of the only states where it hasn't happened immediate political. But. In the meantime we we rely a lot of private donations. And people with big big hearts. Now and if somebody wants so somebody does want to make a donation to help you with your mission can they do that that you website absolutely do website FaceBook page. And and what about in kind donations. Absolutely we always are were always looking for help with building things or. Attack if quit your tech equipment fat old. And we just recently built the classroom and we're looking for donations for that as well bet that shelved any educational materials that we're. We always glad kick them getting kinder nation CNN. And another thing I noticed on your website you offer partial or full scholarships of horse or client talks about that. So most every lessons kind of a partial scholarships is really charged 50% of lessons are of lesser cost so we have to have. Income within donations to make up for that we also offer Porsche sponsorships. And so someone to sponsor a horse that's a huge thing for us forces are because each horse cost us four dollars a month. On as far as the starship programs we work with other nonprofits in the area. That. Z the tab for songwriters to. You know if and we just can't afford is matter of fact when you were as nations called Bianca be involved act now cure autism. And they sponsor. One of our response to one of our writers mines where in the process of working with them to do get a couple more sponsorships. And in another way that people can help you aside from monetary donations in kind donations. Is also the ever an Amazon wishlists don't you. Yes that began and they just item that we currently need for our program whether it be writing helmets for the skewed and where some sensory I am that we might use in my things. My greens are sat down a mall of white boards you can drive through that the wish list has all of our current needs as well. So this kind of like you're in kind donations are very much so you don't speak to the Amazon. So people purchase on Amazon they can perch on Amazon smile which is smile but First time you go to it. In the Laurie hand corner the via both things is big future I can write about disability. Will pop up in the everytime you purchase something on Amazon ons smiled We get a tiny portion of that purchase doesn't cost you anything extra. And Amazon makes a small donation to us with those small donations at a at a really important to us what's mild Anything else you want people know about right about disability before we wrap up. Again how how can people volunteer. If somebody wants to take part and these student and take lessons there again what do they need to short. You know we can be contacted through our FaceBook page right about disability or website our aid DE GRC dot org. Where you can just honesty my phone number eight fight me. 34916198583491690. Color text if you're interested in. Volunteering and donating her writing you know so when that might benefit from a ride give me call will do we can't help. What about somebody who who has a horse that might be a good fit. But yes in thing absolutely for free umi call. Or countries view are our website or FaceBook you find that. Allow the kids and and adults are coming into us take lessons. Are they people that already have ridden horses that like courses or they newbies. Sometimes we get an idea about some candidate in a new studio look at how that never even been on a horse and we have to start that whole introduction process. Or sometimes they've been on the board may beam. Once or twice into the birthday party your local of that and they've done a pony ride. And then sometimes they've been writing for years whether they relocated to San Diego where they wanted to thriving ventures. So it suddenly get Mac that Steve and. That's the story for the ones that haven't done this before what the story get Moses. Either you know my therapist recommended this my doctor recommended this we're friends with so and so and they write with you word things like that. Mom what's on the website and in face and social media FaceBook is is right above disability. On the press on FaceBook and then our website are DD. TE RC dot org we're basically it's right above disability therapeutic riding center it's our initials dot or. Wayne and Alley. Thank you for being on Saturday I appreciated appreciated all the to do. And right above disability keep on doing what you do thanks so much Julius I met. 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