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Good morning and welcome to another edition of living veteran San Diego public service presentation of the and it comes San Diego radio stations and Jerry Lee. The San Diego blood bank is a nonprofit organizations serving our local hospitals they are the safety net for our regional blood needs. The San Diego blood bank continues to grow to meet the changing needs of our healthcare community. Joining us this morning to San Diego blood bank vice president of marketing Michelle Corbett welcome Michelle. I quest to have you on Saturday. Thank you so great to be here the San Diego blood bank loans have been around. Thin blood bank was founded in 1950s so we've been a staple of their community for a long time keeping people. Safeway safe blood products now you're you're located on the allowed gateway center and you used to be on you the street wider move. So if you imagine if your remember you've been street there was four or five stories and we need to. Take the blood up and down in order to to process that everything and so we really needed a bigger facility and so we're looking on gateway center avenue and a lot of people say where's that and I always say it's down the fifteen off of market by the Costco and then people say yeah I know exactly where I could actually really close to downtown. It's only a mile or so east of downtown and so we're not we're not far at all from but people really usually don't know exactly where it is. Now that you said it's an of their locations so so no more running up and down flights is definitely enough and good parking there's plenty of parking and I know that you know how Hillcrest could get a little bit of feedback we have a lot of really great parking it's really easy access right off the freeway. And the facilities enable us to do more. And so the hour really happy to be there. What's what's the mission of the at the San Diego blood bank so the mission is to save lives with quality blood products in partnership with our community and we really couldn't do without that community. We are sort of that conduit to be there for those people who want to give back and help people in need. And we are really grateful for those donors. Now again years your main office is gave me senator avenue out but you have a bunch of donors understood it our all overseeing accounting actually so. Carmel Valley Oceanside Escondido Alka and and then we have blood mobiles out there. Every day of the year except for Christmas and and New Year's and Thanksgiving Day essentially so we're we're out there you can find us if you want to you know so blood mobiles they go out every day absolutely and and more than line so we have ten my blood mobiles. So we're we do about 2000 blood drives a year and we work with about 600 companies and so. We need a lot of blood to to serve the local hospitals we collect. Over a 100000 pints of blood in a year and so we need all of those Le models out there doing the job for us. And and you serve hospitals not just here to San Diego right. Right so we serve some hospitals up in the Los Angeles area as well and where collecting up there so we have blood mobiles that are running up in the Los Angeles area. Children's hospital of Los Angeles for example uses that the blood that we collapse now and I've heard of before that. Now when talking about blood that you that you collect and process you've seen in terms of units what does he unit. So a unit is a pint and it's pretty cool when you give up pint of blood you can actually save up to three lives so. You give up blood and it goes to to the labs and what happens if if I made. The blood goes into a centrifuge and it spins and out of that bag can be plasma. Andy platelets can be the red blood cells and about one pint of blood that you're donating can save up to three lives. And can be used in in many different ways and yes yes so plasma is that kind of rejuvenation of someone someone needs to have that to be re energized with some some good juices are good vitamins men like that. Platelets are for audience a lot of cancer patients the use platelets so. They the chemotherapy destroys the platelets and their blood is no longer able to clot and so. Cancer patients need need platelets most of the time. None of somebody wants to donate blood what are the requirements eligibility requirements that. So you have to be in general good health. On people ask oh what about if I am diabetic as long as things under control your if you're sixteen years of age. At least a 114 pounds if you're sixteen Eugenia parental consent seventeen without. And then just general good health I always encourage people to comment and try it. We will let you know if you're not able to but sometimes people think like oh my iron was slowed last time I tried to donate and so. I'm not able to donate and I can tell you my own personal story I thought my iron with low I tried in college and ever since college I thought I can't donate blood. Like come to Sanyo blood bankers are working there about seven months ago and I meet Allen's mom and Ella is a little girl a ten year old girl who needs blood every two weeks to survives in the rare form of Anemia called self emea. And Ellis mom told me her story and how grateful to her blood donors and I kept thinking I can't donate I have low iron. I kid you not I arrive at a Costco Iowa and I bought two pounds of hamburger a giant thing as spinach orange juice cash is on and get my dad and my iron level Ella and we do have a lot we know a lot of blood donors to. You do you know take a iron supplement things like that so that they can donate more frequently sought able to get my iron out and and do that donation for Allah. So a lot people think like I don't think I can donate but I just encouraging to try it because things that may have been at restriction in the path. May launch no longer be another example people think like oh I got a tattoo and I can't donate actually if it was and California regulated facility and not your garage and your find to donate and that's news and so in the past yeah you couldn't donate for a year but now he can't. But I remember that didn't know some people that that wanted to but they couldn't exactly at a tattoo exactly so I don't. So come and come into 1% of the blood not build something might have changed and we need we need people to come and then and done it especially during the holiday season. They said today year here with the F San Diego blood thing that seven months. So a newbie. Yes I am and what's so glad to be there what drew you chooses at first what you've been in the nonprofit sector though I would throw our Ivan higher education for twenty years before her let me think yeah blood bank and wasn't even necessarily looking for a job IA I guess with pop and on line and this. Opportunity and and the job description fed be apartments in a couple of banked 2.0. And I said oh my goodness what does two point on the enough sounds super cool to be able to grow with something and so. You know working in higher education and I always thought like oh I'm transforming lives then this is so the such amazing powerful work and now working up and you blood bank and like on saving lives like the food. This is crazy it's so cool and that 2.0. Is that really inspiring mission so are just quickly our CEO David Wallace it's been about four years now. He saw the opportunity to. Have the blood bank be more than just the blood banks so he brought in a lot of research opportunities. So if you're donating blood with the blood bank you might also be. Helping with some of the stuff that would've been considered waste in the past some of the little parts of the blood products that might have been considered waste in the past. We now you are taking for example that some of that waste and working on cancer treatments. And so there's a lot of really cool things going on to better. More than what you would think about of the blood bank and so that was it's been really exciting to be there and again seven months and I'm learning a lot and I'm inspired every dated on and and meet those patients. Meet the donors and donors inspiring. As well it's it's a great job as somebody lost to make a donation. And donate blood committee just. Do you do you accept walk ins are really ethnic employment we definitely picked up the lock and and we do encourage you to make an appointment though. You can go to San Diego blood bank dot org and make an appointment you can see there where the mobile drives are you might see a company that's near where you work into it's he can pop over the accompanying duplicate that at bat mobile drive. Nate you mentioned that at what you do with blood bank. More than what most people would think new do you just don't collect a lot of process blood that you. And a variety of blood banking services at blood bank is well what's what's the cord blood program. So the cord blood program so in in the umbilical cord there are stem cells and so we collect from mothers right after birth. There and vocal chords and in their stem cells and I'm not the scientists that when you hear the scientists speak about it it's pretty cool. One dose of those cord blood unit coded that goes onto a registry like a bone marrow registry and it can. Help. Symptoms of different illnesses. That. That don't have a cure is stem cells can help rejuvenate the body hidden so someone who maybe what wasn't able to stand can now stand. And so it's really exciting. The self therapy work that's going on up and I think that this Korda blood program is this something new. You know it. It has started a while back and then it went on a bit of a hiatus and now it's back again and I can't remember exactly how long we've been doing it that we have we have several chords in our bank right now and it's on a registry so people can look. It doctors hospitals can look for matches essentially and then if we have a match we can we infinite Oliver anywhere in the world actually. Sprinkled them not that another program you've got it's it's via all of us program. Yes so it does National Institutes of Health is doing its largest study. In history a million person study. And this annual blood banks that part of it and our super excited or part with Scripps Research Institute other collection site. We're looking for people to come and and allow us to take a little sample of blood and learn about their health history and if you participate in this program you could be a part of impact in the future of health so proficient medicine. Essentially says we should be able to. Give you the treatment that you need based on year genetic make up based on your health history and things like that so. If you have a certain type of cancer you have a certain illness. In the future we want to be able to say this is the right treatment for you right now a lot of treatments are. Given to people that only work on a certain type of person especially oftentimes that type of person the white male because those are the people that are sign up for studies that were really trying to get. A diverse population so that medicine can be created to. To help everyone and a program called all of us you can. Google it and sign up you can find out more information on any of blood bank website as well and we invite people to come and participate in the program. Another thing that I've read on your your website that. And San Diego blood bank is the California Emergency Medical Services authority designated Southern California regional operations center. So mouthful there for the distribution of flood the Southern California in the event of a major disaster or an act of terrorism kind of recognition or designations as this. But what does this mean from organizations like yours. Well it means that we're trusted. Member of that community write it we activate out of that command center and got emergency situation to make sure that blood supply gets to where it needs to be. We're also part of a national network of blood suppliers so if for example. Enough hurt when the hurricanes were happening and folks are going out to donate blood out the national network. We are able to to provide almost 8000 units of blood to taxes and Florida because we came together in nature blood went to where it needed to be. Another kind of interesting story on 9/11 sandy go blood bank blood was the very first flight to arrive on the scene because our relationship with the navy and so. You think like a local blood bank in yes that's our primary mission and local. Supply of blood for our community we also activate go to something much bigger when needed and we we can make sure that the blood gets to where it needs to be in. In a crisis and I will I'll add that. That means it's critical that we have donors who come and on a regular basis and make sure that blood supply is there wind. There's catastrophe and people come into donate blood. The value of thought is that it's replenish seen bad blood that is on the shelves or that was used up and that crisis but. What happened and in an emergency is. That we need that blood on the shelf and say you think of like oh woman go donate blood because of an emergency. It's really the people who donated blood on a regular basis you know two weeks prior week prior. That is being used and then of course we appreciate the people who are pending and help replenish the blood really is Kurt encourage. That active sort of regular donation because there are. People who I am not only in those emergency situations that there's people who need blood on a regular basis like Allah who needs like every two weeks. And that we often don't think those patients that need that need blood regularly land in addition to those emergencies. So the need is their all time neither is there all the time absolutely. And and we are moving into a period of war time of year that. Blood supplies that are critical exactly and into the holidays so and it's understandable right schools are out caught high schools are out colleges are out which is where we do with some of our blood drives and so those blood drives are happening. People are having fun with their family and they're on vacation it's not top of mind and that's totally understandable. At the same time people are having elective surgeries they need for blood car accidents in things like don't go down and so we do rely on folks to. Come in during this kind of really busy season and be that person that's there can meet the needs of our neighbors of our family members of our friends over co workers. These are all individual people and we cannot do we cannot meet that need without those community members stepping up and saying hate. We just had our Thanksgiving meal. Yesterday and now it's you know Sunday you let's let we've we've had our break time let's go to the blood bank this Sunday and and and hang out and and he has been a little bit of time getting back we need those people. To make that top of mind for community and a. Acting people who have who have seen it work for them or their family member of a family member. Will be more likely to do something make an Indian you have of a personal debt obsolete situation yourself. Absolutely so I was driving into work the other day and it did a tears started coming them I am not a crier says it's odd that it's here was starting to form but. It dawned on me that my mom would not have met her grandchildren. Had it not been. For a blood donor my mom how to health history. Health issue for five years ago and she was buying presents for grandkids. Four or five years before grand kids were ever and it seems it was superb goal in life was to be a grandma. And she had some pretty severe health issues and needed blood. And now has two adorable granddaughters. That she gets the spoil. And if it hadn't been for about blood being Marron there's no substitute for blood. There's not another option if someone needs blood so if there had not been not blood donor there tend to meet that need. My mom wouldn't have mattered grandkids and I know that a lot of people out there have those stories. And we may not when I remember when it when it was happening I was like oh look there's blood count you kind of think of it like oh Madison. Until I worked at the scene a blood bank and realized like no other people behind every single pint of blood. Who came in and and with were passionate about. Giving back and making a difference for our community and so think you do you blood donors out there who made it possible for my mom to meet her grandkids. He had it goes it goes a lot deeper yeah armed and then people would think it really does it really does and what to do with at San Diego blood thing. Now now for 38 years the San Diego blood bank partnered. How would the San Diego Chargers because it's a insignia sore spot for many folks in in San Diego and and the chargers but. You partner for 38 years with them for a an annual blood drive with it's a few years. Huge. In all those years in those 38 years how much blood was collected at those chargers blood drives so and. 38 years we collected about 77000. Pints of blood. And if you think about it if blood can a unit of blood can save three lives. Got up to 222000. People saved out and NAFTA filled formally known Qualcomm now within a few any credit union. Stadium three times. So it's a lot of lives saved with this one blood drive. And and you know I mean let's let's face it being eight chargers blood drive that was a big big pull and I mean absolutely go out to that event. Sometimes you just need a little incentive yeah yeah to I could have made the now that the chargers are gone they're up and LA. It's it's a new era for the the San Diego blood banking and in their annual blood drive. It is so the day that the chargers announced that they relieve pain the Padres called and said what do you need. And immediately after the the goals called on the Holiday Bowl called and and all of these sports related organizations. And community leaders. Stepped in to say we cannot let this blood drives and the impact it's made in our community go away it's an iconic blood drive. Let's make it something different let's make it something. Bigger and batter and so sports teams are coming together the one thing to mention and and also the soccer is that told Lowe's we have a new basketball team in town called that teens I mean there are. There are so many sports and groups in town that are stepping up to make sure there's fun activities down there for the day of the of that we're gonna have. Panels. Sports players of the 1998. The last. Padres group to go to the World Series we're gonna have folks from now we're gonna have folks from. A famous game in the eighties and called epic in Miami rougher and Hersh go will be involved in that so we're gonna have. Panel on with their goals and and the soccer's around arena sports so this may be panels that can be autograph lines it's going to be fun family friendly activities. Some Kurt I'm encouraging people to go give blood now between now on the event or come and give blood at the event that's often two and a great experience. Ago downing give an advance get your voucher bill you're really cool free T shirt. The events called seen NATO cares within our blood and they'll get a really cool thing and you cares T shirt. And then come down and bring your family bring your kids get the autographs and have have a really fun time. So again another sports themed big valley blood drive and and then your openness this is the way it's going to be from now on and yeah this is the new. The new loan anywhere and it's really. It's really theme Diego coming together to meet a need the chargers blood drive was. Such an iconic drive with the chargers name and what I think will happen with this new era is that. The sports teams will be there as part of the fabric of the event. But dad. The forefront of the event will be about the need it will be about the patients it will be about seeing yea go. Community members coming together during a busy season to give back and to have some fun and celebrate. Our community. It's in our blood right right. Senate so that's the focus and the focuses San Diego in the people and then saving lives and right and the sports. Aspect and it just decide things. It's there it the sports aspect is there to fail like let's create a great event let's have some fine. But let's keep our focus on the they need and the that Padres like I said. And other groups have been heavily involved with us for the last six months to bring a full life and make sure that happens it's been a really great clock. An end San Diego cares it's in our blood the blood drive that that's going to be a December 16 ranked yet 3 December 16 at the town and country which is where the chargers play drive was punishing them out in mission valley. From eight to five so people can go to eye care clean Diego dot com. And pledged to donate so you can sign up to say that your coming. And find out a little bit more about the event or like I said go and donate an advance that I care Scania dot com it's where you can find out the details and people can still walk in though absolutely yep yep if you're just Phelan Phelan at that day come on down and and donate. Another thing you have going uses San Diego cares mania yet. Two to lead up. Exactly the blood drive tells about that so. The need for. Blood becomes really critical Bret between Thanksgiving team and New Year's and so we couldn't just have the blood. Be collected on not one day it only blood only lasts for 42 days of night you can collected one and it lasts for months and month and though. In order to spread it out and meet the needs between the Hulk the whole holiday season between Thanksgiving and Christmas. We're saying hey come in now. And you'll get a voucher for the teacher. For the autograph line. And that's also everyone who donates during mania gets a ticket. Intrigue to win a Honda CRV fifteen eagle Honda dealers. All came together to donate a Honda CRV for this event. And that anyone who donate between now and the event and on the day of the event get put into this raffle for this car. So we are encouraging people to comment in advance so that we have that full blood supply needed mat for a for this thief and how how long is while less again 42 days and it really needs to be used that much but much sooner than that because it starts its interior and so it it's used it takes about a day of test scene. And then we get it out really quickly into the hospitals from hair. I would think that you you probably very rarely or hardly ever. Run out we have to discard yeah we don't really run out did not do not our problem that unfortunately unfortunately the reality is and I get reports every day. Showing a blood supply and there are days when where a day or less away from not having enough for example. And on themselves and so. It's not usually it's really never an issue oh we have too much blood that we really are usually night we need a little bit more of bill comparable. Ray now right and so we really appreciative of the community coming together especially during the season because of its windows does like hey we really hope people come and starts to those feelings hurt creep up. I remembered several years back hearing about. And that's just during this time of year where it was critical but there are other times over the past several years in which she was here where you were in critical need yep one bank was in critical need of. What exactly so summer we also have a lot of ash I am critical need in the summer as well because of my fat. We do large blood drives high schools and colleges will those are out during the summer and so our supply shop critically low during the summer as well and people are on vacation and their travel lane. So that those the holidays in the summer are. Sort of debt crisis. Nearing crisis times that we we've done really well this year that the people have the Padres hit a drive for us from the summer. No actually that was really helpful comic mind so we've had a lot of does coming out to meet those needs in the summer and we are really grateful and and I'm sure that it'll be the same for the holidays. Now they yen. The blood drive again is December 16. In town and country hotel in mission valley and what what's the time again they took five. And if somebody wants to sign up ahead of time they got I care San Diego dot com and pledged to donate OK and again what. After after them the blood leaves. The blood bond deal or no orbit after an event like the blood drive and it makes it back to the blood bank. What's the next step what. The process yeah so it's really cool and you should come down for a tour because I had no idea I went before or were the blood bank I thought. Well you just take blood out of a person and you put it and another person and before blood banking got her blood transfusions got more sophisticated that is actually how it happened and in fact. It wasn't it was fairly somewhat everything that we realize there was even blood typing and so you had kind of this does statistical chance of surviving without transfusion but it. But these days it's much more sophisticated and incredibly safe so the blood come then and these coolers and they're put Donald conveyor belt. And the basket placed in the death machine that looks like kind of like a washing machine from a distance. And it's been really facets of centrifuge and it separates the blood. Into plasma and then and then there's the middle layer called about the code I think that white blood cells and platelets and it. And then the red blood cells and then they go through this fairly an annual process to separate out the plat map and the red blood cells and then and it stays in this room. For not one for hours wild tooth it sent to Arizona for caffeine is no blood is a lottery to leave this room until we make sure that it's very very safe and ready to be transfused. Then it goes into our distribution ram and pretty quickly gets sent out into that hospitals and hospitals then. Stewart the blood for their needs and then we have and we have. Display up on our ball that shows how much blood is that each of our hospitals that we can start to see when they begin to get low and we can make sure that we transport. More blood to hospital with a blue blood could go pretty quickly for a hospital if someone comes and in an emergency situation and they need a lot of blood. All of a sudden they thought they had plenty of blood and out there that are down low and so we can see it really quickly on our screens. And and make sure that that they have a safe supply immediately so you're keeping track of where keeping track of it and I've got pharma hospitals well yes and I mean that we created got technology that's in a blood bank specifically though we. It's our technology that we created and the hospitals. Implement and integrate with their systems and they love it do being able to not have to be like hey I have an emergency I. Were able to have eyes on there on the supply you can jump on it right and we can jump on it right away if I straighten them that's. Right on out now again if if people want to find out about blood drive in their area thing go to your website. Yup and so San Diego blood bank dot org. You can go and you can search by date you can search by location and that mood you can find a blood drive to. To meet your needs something convenient in your neighborhood something by your work. And also encourage people to get involved and volunteering so we have. We use. Just even at this Annika cares event they'll be about 400 volunteers down and making sure that everything runs natively. We have great volunteers who come out and and sit at the mobile drives are in our in our donor center. And hand out the nutter butters that's kind of the best part of donating blood you get that are actually in the hotter and so volunteers are there to make sure that. Give or comfortable after they donate so there's a lot of ways to get involved. Financial donations obviously were a nonprofit that end of the year Gideon is important for us is while so people can find not on our website and you blood bank got a word to make a financial donation and help us raise money for a blood mobile things like that. And and if the business or organization wants to. I have their own blood drive how to go about doing that so again go to thinning the blood bank dot org and there's a phone number there give us a call. We will work with it and make sure you have everything you need so. Will say here's how many people we encourage you to have registered in advance so that you can meet this particular number it's we can't send out blood mobiles. That are really don't that are ailing and collect two units that would be cost effective so we say. Let's try to meter gold based on your company of 25 years what will take to get to 25 people on and we give you the resource to help build up blood drive and we really we could not do it without our. Are recalled and chair people. Who run those strides in the company's. We have about 600 companies that we partner with and more than half of our blood is collected on those novels and so. We are always. Looking for companies that want to do they drive and we're really appreciative of those long term partners. One more time on the web site. Andy to blood bank dot org and then at the website for the Libya Yemen to the event yet I care San Diego dot com and you are on social media of course yet. I'm Michelle pleasure having you on the show thank you to be here and thank you for all the to do with San Diego blood bank is seen in last everyday and we appreciate it thank you we appreciate you. That concludes another addition of living veteran San Diego the opinions expressed on living veteran San Diego do not necessarily reflect the opinions and views of the staff and management. On the and it comes San Diego radio stations. Episodes of living veteran San Diego are available on the station's website join me next week when my guest will be from the grid alternatives a local nonprofit. Bringing solar energy to low income families Matilda and I'm Gary late have a great week.