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Friday, May 4th


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Good morning and welcome to another edition of living veteran San Diego. Public service presentation of Vienna come San Diego radio stations and Jerry Lee. The San Diego council on literacy is uniting the community to support literacy. Through advocacy partnerships and resources they do this by coordinating county wide regional citywide and community based campaigns. That further improve the availability. And quality of literacy services in the area joining us this morning San Diego council on literacy CEO. Jose Cruz welcome Jose thank you very very very good morning I am doing good and that's great to see a nice to have you on the show this morning. Let's start with a little background information on San Diego council on literacy what is the San Diego council on literacy and win was it founded. Council literacy was formed back in 1986. Were actually the coal assume the banner. The the brand umbrella there's a lot of different names you called where everything but literacy program. We represent the cause and we represent 27. Literacy programs are we serving youth adult and Pam looters who programs spent annually serve a 10279000. Residents of all ages. And at no cost our mission is to unite the community to support literacy. In a busy news literacy for all where he has located or in mission valley bubble but our programs are everywhere there and now all parts of San Diego County. And expanding so that's exciting thing that. When I think back to. Whom my words starting in 1985 we only have five. Literacy programs in San Diego count in our up to 27 so. Things continue to happen so you're more events and information and resource. Organization a referral and information and review research we support the work of affiliate programs. We do professional development so we helped to sponsor of the county right to your conference. That reed San Diego puts on. Our job is also to raise awareness about literacy two to do radio souls like this month. To be an advocate. And and to engage in and initiatives and close service gaps when they exist. Now you've been with the council now yes CEO for quite some time haven't you I I have two careers with the same view counselors who so I have a fourteen year run. That started in 1988. And then now is gone for five years still doing the same same kind of work. And then came back ago about eleven almost twelve years ago as the seal have you always worked in the in the literacy field. Hurting us so many view go back to 1985 I started with project creed in national city. And then went to work for the Sanyo council literacy. California of literacy Southern California library literacy network. And again Sanyo council literacy that's when you do the math here 33 years. Doesn't seem like it. Also did assume so more in teaching. But those really brief and really transitioned into literacy and got caught up into them the national literacy campaign that was taking place. This is where. And AB CTV and PBS. Combined together to produce something called plus project we receive US and this was a national literacy awareness campaign featured. Adult literacy. Pretty muscle wells like to say exposing America's best kept secret. Had you heard about the San Diego council on literacy before you started working there actually was part of a group of people that former counselors the ball so to working in a literacy program in 85 the council's form an 86. And we were all meeting together with community leaders. Helen Copley who's a publisher of the union Tribune back and I was one of our founders of any county supervisor Brian Bilbray in district one. Lot of people don't know they knew is very dyslexic so this was the cause it was very dear to him. They got together and with other people and worth the other literacy programs in San Diego County to form a council literacy and I got to be part of that. The birth of a of the council literacy is the most out of rewarding aspect of your job. Do you know if you really get to see. And sometimes though the word gets so ministry of but you miss it so I enjoy it whenever I have the opportunity to hear. Do you Lerner testimonials especially adults. Many of them who who who struggle in school. Who learn early on too high a very inability to read. We never got the help that they want it. Who always on dream that one day they'd be able to pick up a book and read it and read a book to their child and take that job promotion or. You know get a college degree or such him for a lot of them it just seems something to be something that was distant. Something they couldn't do this because of maybe there's some magic to reading where there was something wrong to them and so here are people after you know months of being tutored. Their dreams come true and they're doing the things that fails wanted to do. There review their both their renewed kids there. There and that world he we know how much we enjoy reading. And and so they get to be a part of that and and enjoys the story of the very we've I think everybody else this has got to be it's got to make feel good. I to see the improvements these people are making you bet and you know it's it's like changing. When you look at why people ask for help the bottom line is we're really comes down to is they wanna feel better about themselves. But they also want to do better and they want them a sure that the children. Don't go through the same things that they went through and so so much of what we see is cycles of illiteracy your mom's. Or dads don't reach for the kids and that's not a good way to get started word. You know you want to create a home environment where it's stimulating. The home as a child through school. The parents first or the mom is the child's first teacher. And so are a lot of our children sought to school not quite ready pour it because they didn't give. They he get the kinds of things their kids who emerges readers here who were no books and homer people now reading to them. The language used exchange wasn't quite way electricity. And language you're. Rivera things are very stimulating. There's questions are songs are stories there's things of that children do the some children don't get to experience that. And it shows that reading is fundamental reading is fundamental and read you three don't and MS group of folks in a literacy programs and I'll tell you about that. Now I have passed such a staggering statistic. As far as San Diego County goes the other day that. There are more than 520000. Adults in San Diego County with below standard literacy skills. First full house that number determined. There have been a feud and in my term and would receive the been a couple of national studies of adult literacy the national assessment of literacy skills. And the national assessment of adult literacy which who has completed at about ten. Ten or so years ago maybe a little bit further I'd like this to have more of these. We extrapolate the information from those national. Adult literacy surveys and then we used information from local senses we have to do some computations. Pretty much the numbers over the last thirty years have been consistent but the form we're using. Contingent so this thing comes in numbers. More people are being served but you're still gonna have those those percentages that are gonna affect. Certain. Some communities and families there's a correlation with. But be low income for example. All right here we see them more than than anything else slowed just in terms of ethnicity. Income. Lack of access to resources. The very you'll see a low income communities that are are grieving. Of these patterns and recycles. That we're trying to break tackle we change and end and bring that number down. Well that's a that's a tough one you know I think we have answers for a and again it tends to be a resource issues impact I like hearing from folks Hussein bit it's not a the achievement gap it's a resource gap it's a gap. And access to opportunities and the and the kinds of things is every every child should have. So that the emerges readers so one of the things that we do because the best way to prepare a child to be a reader is surreal that's out. It's at least the books and home and so last year we gave away 171000. Votes bring your books to children in low income communities. We have to do a lot more of that and we have we have to as as a a community. And raise literacy to a higher level. Oh prominence that we can solve a lot of problems. We can see. Our. The achievement rates of children and low come slowly come communities go up. By investing more. In them and also which tends to get lost some things is the power of adult literacy so we have 500000. Of gulf south there who are reading. Between zero and fourth grade level. How one they don't feel real good about it too. Affects your ability to parent. And also to be the head of household and and the wage earner. And and again the cycle continues. And so so the more that we're that we response to. The needs of adults out there who. Who. We need to improve their basic skills and who are parents the more we're gonna see changes and no lasting changes and so it it continues to be resource issue. But the numbers are staggering. And at the same time we feel like if we continue to focus on communities where you see how I need. Do that in a very concentrated way where diverse interventions that it's not just literacy interventions its interventions that response to damage stability issues. Because she changes happen now and now people refer to you. There will usually refer to themselves OK and so and and we like it that way. That people call us we do have CEO referral line 888850. 7323. So they can Paulus although we also have a website and what we found out over the last ten years or maybe that's. That's just the way the world now a lot of people going in and and the pilot they're looking for so we've seen. Our numbers drop but we haven't seen the numbers drop in terms of the people are getting help. Those numbers are going up so people are navigating. Apparently navigating the the Internet. And finding the help that they need because. We don't get we'll get the phone calls the way that we used to. I don't think anybody does not know if you don't like to talk anymore drive exactly does that but I may be can remember the days when you walked into your office and was like hey I got twenty phone messages right but it doesn't happen in our and so so we've we've all just add to that. Socialist some of the calls you. What's the process then what happens after they make that first initial steps we you know it's an important call you know and and we've done as so many times that we know. We have to we know we have to do our best because this is that the one sometimes for some people it's the hardest phone call it they've ever made. And and to. Anything could scare them off and so we we ask them questions about where they live. What how they want and now and we're kind of help so you know they wanna be through they want we want something in the classroom wanting to learn English. And wall have a literacy program that we can refer them to. So there's there's there's four basic formats and so. One of them used he works for personal whether it's on the one tutoring small group computer assisted instruction. Or the classroom setting. They have a months and as you mentioned earlier about affiliated programs is funny 72727. Different affiliated programs achieved. That she then send these people to depending on what they're at their knees are good and and there there working with different populations anywhere from moms who are. Getting ready have a baby we have a program that's operated through American. The academy of pediatrics has called reach out and read the solar pediatricians all over San Diego County. When mothers come in for the healthy care visit pediatrician gives them a book to read through child and they coats them on this as part. Of parenting. Reach for your children. And so we started there all the way to folks you know 105 result and armory. And have a tutor and they're getting help. Another one of your programs affiliated programs is how words alive tells about that one was alive is a program bad. Is very much engaged in reading enrichment what they try to do. Whether when the areas of focus is to give families and children excited about reading so they'd be working on things from. A motivation and bases those destroy exposing children and moms and dads sued. Just the adventures you can go on and reading really just bringing bringing literature from literature. And a reading opportunities for families another program is you're International Rescue Committee they serve. Are are refugees and immigrants from various countries. Across all love folks coming to view us from other countries are still learning English. The ones who were they wanna learn the language and their wanna be able to rewrite. And so International Rescue Committee has a illiteracy. Component. And another. Is San Diego oasis tells stuff that always deserved their arm amazing organizations. These are seniors. Folks who are retired a lot of them where trained. Tutor trained to provide. Literacy instruction to children so they're working with a lot of a lot of young people. And the region who are struggling with screening in those those first. First second third grade levels so they're there are no income. Level restrictions and right no no not a dog and and you know we make sure we unify with literacy programs we're not asking that question because there will be people who who are the higher income level. Can you help with reading and writing. And so on so we don't arrest. Now you have a couple of other a couple of new programs affiliated programs that are going to be starting since his own death so much fun because. When these come along and and sometimes you have to be brought attention who were kind of a distance from break we'll springs but there's a program out there called. Basic and there it's community members in the break goes springs community. Who have created illiteracy programs for the children out there. Who are struggling with reading so they are providing instruction to them. And so we're gonna you know a bit more about basic in the future looking forward to them joining our network of affiliate programs. And then the children's initiative has a new project and I think it's called the experience court. And again you're looking and re older population of of residents who are engaged in instruction too through young people who need help. So there's somebody said to about. They're using using though all our resources. People are very talented who are retired. And who who wanna give back who wanna be involved in in solutions community solutions and how how young people I'll move. Tend to respond really well to two votes on what we liked column types. Now these these two new programs they haven't started yet. They have started they have they've just haven't gone through our our process. We have eligibility guidelines and so there's some of cooperative guidelines on. Our literacy program partners agreed to. And so it's not just a list of programs you know we don't say that they're working together when they're not BR. And and they agreed to two sharing information. Data and Andy Kaufman in terms of marketing. Public relations. And fund raising so it's you think valley girl competing with each other and and probably from time to time they do. But they try not to longer than folks who are very dedicated to this cause. They love their work. And they may see how it how it changes lives Andy do any any follows with the folks that go for these programs we don't so much but the programs of do that's their job that they'll they'll have an orientation for the students. Do preliminary assessment of their skills and do an interest inventory. Upon what their goals are and bill provides them with a teacher or tutor. And answer you know folks drop on programs. And depending on the program and I can tell you everyone doesn't spoke quite often we wanna find out why why did you style. You know and sometimes is this an adjustment then that passed me me. Maybe the person wasn't compatible with their tutor war on the news that bit the schedule got busy any number of things. You know we've we don't like to see folks take the first step. And then leave us so we do wanna find out you know what we can do attitude to keep them programs and make it better yes. So so earlier on we believe the test done. The rewarding aspects. Of your job about the most challenging part of your job the hardest par would love to spend more time on awareness and advocates see here and and doing our health literacy initiative. Working on that a bit more. And getting more books for kids in such. Users and in just talked to anybody in the nonprofit world raising the funds to do work. Who's as a challenge and you know word where nonprofit organizations were not for profits we worked or profits we would have a product to sell. You know you have things that week period used to generate revenue. What we're dealing with is the human condition where you know providing services counseling resources. Where you're giving things then vs selling them and and we're solving and that's a dollar non profit organizations were. Were our our charge is to solve a problem and to address a community challenge and to hear other people join us in and doing that. I wish own week period spend less time fundraising. And and doing more of the work that's. That's keeping me in a lot of the people doing the work that we're doing well speaking of fund raising you do have an event coming up. How soon it's here eat drink read a culinary event for literacy. Alison date for this this is may seventeenth at 6 PM it's a Thursday and it's at the air and space museum. Indelible part and we would love for people to join us it's. Ships creating the issues. Inspired by their favorite books to a favorite characters. And that's just go away for us to. To sell brave literacy would also to raise funds Torres and to celebrate. Food you know so the chefs who love this event because you get to be creative with it and get this off we you know what they do. They love it though the folks who. Content is of him. Over the last eight years this is our ninth here. Are really do enjoy it and and it's generally it's for a good cause and look to see more people there. And I are you going to be handing out awards for best dishes or anything I thank you for asking that you actually yes we have a best savory dish I see how this some of best as her. And a best display. We're also going to have a people's choice award tears so warlords. And it's so much fun. You to do things in all I think fifth degree you to do that restaurants. One of our our restaurants is not a restaurant in San Diego continuing education culinary school last year they were there. And they want a couple of awards and they're coming back and they're coming back big. And so through the steps out of the veterans have so. Have their work cut out they're gonna have been your take on these guys because it's they they have this is there a third year being with us. And and each year that it just is bigger better more interesting and more more delicious now what about the money raised where does that go. Well we you know are I like to say there are armed services are people and so and so does help to keep the San Diego council literacy going. And shoes. Good deal with the of the expenses that come with the running a nonprofit organization. But it also allows us to buy those folks that we've been talking about. And gave him out to the children in and doing a different programs. So what we've been doing since 1986. Every other month we have convened. The literacy programs in San Diego County for for gatherings. And that's again part of the work and when you ask our partners. Who are actually providing the services. What they like about the council literacy there are a lot of things but they realize getting together with each other. And sharing notes and am benching him. I don't know of therapy every two months in and Bushehr and what they do and and learning more about how each other's is running their programs. And so it's it's it's really nice to have that that kind of cooperation between. The service providers so where can people get the tickets for eat drink read if you go to WWW. Literacy San Diego dot org you'll see our or on each increased information. And that's how you can you can purchase tickets for the event. What about volunteers. I say this a lot on this show volunteers are the backbone of most any nonprofit. Look kind of volunteer opportunities do you offer we have oh chorus on plenty of opportunities for people to tutor. To tutor children and two adults and everybody knew who volunteers do you have. They are put through training. And they're also supported by staff and supported by some really good instructional materials. The Escambia county office of education has their own literacy program. It's called everyone a reader they have 3000 volunteers who are tutoring. In elementary schools round San Diego County. So that's the rule were what rewarding Simon for folks and again you don't have to have ties this hopefully like kids. And you like reading and you have somewhat of a talent for teaching. But we goes like this say you know you're in the team and not the future you're working with another person. Skewed to discover things discover. To be told. The letters and in early two. To help each other out in in what we like call partnership. Leo there's certainly in need for for tutors though there. And then. Either reading to kids or tutoring kids or tutoring adults and they can get information anybody interesting yeah can get information to share should go to our website or call us call us at 888850. 7323. And we'll get to two program nursery area. And the mixer really easy for folks who have there's some near your job or near where you live. We we do wanna make this commute it's possible book just use of tutors and off through they're not they're not alone got a lot of help and they are on their key through to them. To change happening in families the US Department of Labor haven't checked the numbers and and a couple years I think the last I looked. The value of the literacy tutor volunteer. With something like 21 dollars an hour as you look at those 3000 volunteers just true. The county office of education that's loving kind support lot of really good people who are. Who are making things happen for for young readers through. Who are struggling that's great. And as somebody let's say somebody can't. Make it two years and coming up and they wanna help you with your mission can they make a donation at your website Fisher king and this there's a doting now by the mirror and we really relieved to know about you. At any level whatever donations. On contributions people make to this cause. Every every bit of accounts. All right so eat drink read a culinary event for literacy may seventeenth death and where is being held again at the air and space museum indelible part and a you know last year was our first year at that venue and people are there are so excited because there out front haven't even gone in yet. And if you've ever been to the air and space museum and I hope you have. There is bigger plays out there as I don't know this is exciting as a guy you having gone anyway I think they'll wait to see this place. And sister a great place through an event we're gonna have live music it's the deal. Probably aero. All of the RE court headed to. Latin jazz and so that'll be our life music there popular. And the community and so we're looking forward to them providing. Music for this event and to seeing everyone there sounds like it's going to be a lot of fun to get tickets can be purchased at your website is illiteracy San Diego about or are you a social media. This rearm this that's right FaceBook page and Twitter and such and domestically handles all the tests. For the survivors to a search for those for a guy. A say thanks for being on the Saturday and for all you do raise the level of literacy and help. Further the lives of so many here in San Diego Kankakee Gary thank you so much for for having I mean our cause own future ownership. That concludes another addition all living better in San Diego the opinions expressed on living better San Diego do not necessarily reflect the opinions and views. Of the staff and management at the end of com San Diego radio stations episodes of living veteran San Diego are available on the station's website. Join me next week when my guess will be from promises to kids until them I'm Gary late have a great week.