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Tuesday, May 29th


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Good morning and welcome to another edition of living veteran San Diego public service presentation of the and it comes San Diego radio stations I'm Carrie Lee. This month is national bike month with that in mind as San Diego County bicycle coalition advocates for and protects the rights of all buys list here in the San Diego area. They believe bicycling should be safe and attractive to all the wanna ride. Joining us this morning as San Diego County bicycle coalition executive director Andy hand job of commanding the morning. Nice to see you against a couple of years in Cuba and on the shelf good to be here this month is national bike month and we're gonna talk about events the bicycle coalition has planned. But first have a little background information on the San Diego County. Bicycle collection shore. We are our region's. Bicycle advocacy organization. In brief terms we do three things we abdicate we educate we celebrate. We advocating for as safer and better more accessible bicycling for all ages and abilities for people. To ride oh win they want right where they wanna ride. We provide a lot of community outreach education and to encourage people right by X in their everyday lives. More people going more places. On bikes and having it as safe transportation options to do so so. And me we celebrate the joy of bicycling. In our in our daily lives and one of what it means to enhance their quality flights are really early about. Getting more people on bites encouraging more people than half London and really make it safer better for people the right. And and can be in a better place for the ID we we we have a pretty. Pretty great place to write your round please cancer and it's getting better all the time as far as. Accessibility safety building up the network and those are all things that we were passionate about it. What is the mission then it at San Diego County bicycle collection so our mission is to advocate for protect their rights of all people who ride bikes for recreation and transportation in and to promote bicycling is that mainstream. Safe and enjoyable form of transportation so. Really it's just. It's about like those three things is affix the education and celebration for bicycling. How long you've been with them the coalition just about seven years now. Besides that a few years since you've been on Sunday evening for awhile yeah stills though there are still enjoy eleven it's it's really great to see. Sorted things that are moving forward in projects that we've been advocating for for many many years on time's starting to sort of take shape then and it's really an accelerator I think in the next few years to be even better than it is now. Now you a big Mike right yourself. Yes I am an event it was and always the case immunized. My background as a big writer for many years in you know gotten is through the obsessive. Running thing in the senate and on average below that. Stock during marathon started beating them by Aiken. It started in joint antsy to see things and to get around and to and they release of Anderson. Some water I mean in some charity ride to some other things and then. Really just got involved through locally was right in the racial right question which is beautiful by square on the San Diego today. Started to get involved with the by coalition who was working on building that likely now dubious if separated paraffin. That is what it's becoming and I got involved with my coach and I wanted to do a community right around that pain was called by the name back and and it's been ten years since he started rides though after you came to be on to be next Pickett director of the by coalition with. That's very excited about it and have been there seven years so that's right now. As you mentioned your ball that advocacy and education or just about halfway through. Funny eighteen what goals that you set forth for the year have you accomplished in what he's still hope to get done this year well word today you know we've got some. In big time parity projects and were were celebrating some recent successes. That if sort of just happened and we look forward to more that are gonna happen. I'll start with two things you know and and and the lifespan of an embassy here or bicycle project is is tends to run over several years and many people get behind these projects go to many meetings. He sheltered community forums workshops is it it takes a lot of community input. And and have seen her really were always looking for more who get behind those projects so. To say you know and ruled that the two big things that happen in most recent times. I would be the downtown mobility plan which is that a by queen network that's going to be built out. In the urban core of downtown. Downtown population's gonna triple in the next fifteen years it's gonna double employment population. And sue the city was was forward thinking and and in with their climate action plan. Wanna tune to provide a network of bicycle lanes pedestrian pass Irving green eyes and those are all going to be built out the next 34 years. So that was a hugely successful project that we got behind it's now. Where is in the pipeline to be built out. And what we're talking about here a new generation of bike lanes as we call them cycle tracks they are safe they're separated. Have a physical server Barea between traffic and the bike lane. So there on street but they arm connected they're protected. By some sort of physical barrier or parked car even moving on the outside of the lane. And you're gonna start seeing that happen in a couple of couple next couple years and that's going to be a nine mile network. I'm downtown EU EU. Sort of connects that downtown network to what's. Already sort of in process and and moving forward from our regional standpoint those sand dagger in San Diego association of governments. In charge of they are our match pulse complaining area station release charges Laney is transportation. And issues have kind of growth. They have a fight network that they're building down and they've allocated 200 million dollars. Over the next eight to ten years. To be specifically funded and implement team by quaint now. Works that will connect to that downtown network and beyond so. That's really about building better bike ways to give people the state the choice to ride. And so so you know it's sort of like I said the next generation of by claims what what we've typically seen. Over Nina many many decades system that wide strip if I ain't right on the road. With a five foot likely you know with high speed traffic next to it. Not real inviting now reeling her jeans and you know we've we've gone and taken the next steps in the city in the region. Now we're pain offered by queens now and actually have a three foot buffer on some of those by claims war. And then take a step further organ these protective barriers. Pile on parked cars would every whatever the methodology is it to build. Safer or connected by networks and that's happening at the regional level and like it's underfunded. A lot of people of a lot of rumor plan in various there in various phases of the design or. Outreach process that that in the next again next Q3 years those are all gonna start to be illegal now. From. From pershing drive down pounds view that they sure by quit which it talked about it too. You know uptown north park and it's the some bike projects along university avenue. And so really put all the pieces together and some say in a lot of cities around the around the region are doing their own bite play so. They're all doing it for the right reasons. For growing as a region but we have to be you know be mindful over climate have to mindful of as congestion. We need to provide transportation choices. That are safe and convenient and accessible for our residents and visitors and so. That's what we're starting to see. That's gonna steal opera that's the future. It's giving people a mix of transportation choices. That will hopefully. You know help or our climate. Change. Union. Be better and and and hope growth and in condition and all those things though. But this happened those are some key things that climate action plan the city of San Diego has has a mandate for. Mode chair to shift. Let's keep more people out of their cars and onto biking walking transit as modes of transportation. That's important to build out of a safe transit network to that you were focused on the fight network in and we have a lot of a lot of projects a lot of funding a lot of things that are happening and now we just needed to build amount. Couple that were in this past year we've now seen these bikes here explosion if you go for it. Not traditional dock us by X they're not the ones that means we've had for many years that are sort of in a specific location darkness that now they can be. As flexible for people to use any remaining ago. For a very reasonable rate. And their very accessible and convenient so. You know now it's about building safer places for all those spikes and people that is used by X. As a choice to Europe. This past year we celebrated the opening of SR fifteen commuter bike way. As a great example of something that's a barrier protected. Coming up from Kensington out. The mission valley. And you know that's that's that's just one piece of the building network. It's truly safe and separated and a lot of a lot of community members got behind that project for many many years 3040 years leader and for that project alone. From community advocates though we are happy to be a part of that that celebration and and evolution of that bike lane and we're gonna get behind. Our transit projects moving forward. And and you mentioned at all these projects that you work and on and in the progress that's being made. I'm here in the San Diego area I just saw the other day an article. In which the coalition. Happy about the progress that at San Diego's making and people for bikes ranked sandy of the ninth best city. From Iceland that's that's great now we're critics. I had it about. This is a brand you sort of ranking and rating system. That was put together by the leading. The largest bicycle at exceed national organization in the country people for bikes. In the air they're promoting more people there ride everywhere but is is a very data driven approach to lift it. Five key factors with a lot of data behind them at safety ridership. Network connect to murder call you an hour acceleration which is something where he scored very high so that basically means. How much is your bike. And network increased over the last few years and that's where we've really John we've really done a lot to add bike lanes. Throughout the city so. We were happy to see ourselves in the top ten for best places few by. In the country and and as far as large cities go we were top five we were number five does though. Even better but we know we have a lot of work to do we know we can be a top three city we know once we have the type of network. And I've been talking about it's just gonna get better and better. We've done largely most of that through just encouragement and actually changing a lot of our roadways because there wide to include bike lanes now. So so. You know it's exciting that we have a lot more work to do in that regard and we can be a top city. Anywhere there's no reason we can't we have about whether anywhere we have that diversity of writing. From if you know they hills to some Irvin recreational type Brad Maynard is communion is getting better all the time so. Excited to think about what what's what's in our future to our U educating another. Another big part of Michael Christian education how you educating the public. About bicycle safety and the importance or benefits of of writing by well it's always been of the core part of our mission this is education you know we've done it. For so many years and I think last year alone it was nearly 101000. Adults and children that we reached through our education classes and and. By and large as a free. Thanks to our partnerships with cities in the region and then. Some grant funding that we had from the counting and some other places but it. And donations that. We want to provide education we wanna make people more confident their abilities to ride we wanted to teach kids to get excited about right in when they're young. Does the continued right throughout their lives. So. More in the schools review by gray areas we view. Community bike rides with. Which cities. Been that this is maimed you know national bike month has given us. A platform to do so many classes this month alone but we do have me around and weaker. Always up or you know in the projects you classes. We teach sort of everything from traffic skills to get people were confident. In the wrote it in the bike lanes Mina you know it just period just riding on the roadway. And then there's you know kids and schools like offense though. We do quite a bit and and you go on to business is too don't you ask that we liked it. We you know as we see more likely come around. That we notice connection with people wanting to get around neighborhoods then and and we wanna work with a lot of businesses and businesses. Want to accommodate people who wanna come to their businesses by bike and it makes perfect sense. There's parking constraints pretty much in a lot of business districts than. This is that's you know a great way to get people moving get him active and healthy. And get him you know to your neighborhood and your to your community for for bicycling. And access to your business. They mentioned. Schools and in and bicycle rodeos that's that's part of a flurry education programs in schools right now yeah so we've been doing. We call micro aliens. You know there's just the that there are for the little kids. To mostly through elementary and you know. And middle school level but they're really about getting kids you know excited confident. Safer on their own by X we do little skills courses. You know on there on their playground basketball accords were teaching them right safely. How to use hand signals how to safely picture helmet on. All those things we teach in the schools. And and year brown band presentations are those who the ones that use. Do it in businesses yes so really those are employment base. We have a nice partnership but I commute. Who does bike to work every year and who does. A lot of employer alternative transportation. Promotion and outreach. We've sort of handle the bike component of that you know it's you know as we have large and it's on me or employers are. Really any size employers that wants to get their employees. You know to work by by a by bus by a trolley. There's programs for that that's standing in helpless but we wanna be. A part of and we've been a part of their employer brown bag program for years we we go into just the casual. Presentation on you know with the what to look for when you're when your bike commuting what's your route. How should you prepare what you know what are sort of this situation you might encounter on the roadway. When your ranked who works though. All those things we we have licensed certified instructors. From the league of American by cyclists though. Anything we teach. We have certified instructors to do that. And we use you know to cramp partnerships and through. And clear hours to a standing but were really you know. We really get more people commuting by bike in the city has mandates to do well. Some of the benefits aside from aside from health benefits through for an individual award of some of the benefits of a bike riding. For a city like San Diego I mean obviously the health benefits are huge a personal level that also wanna an employer level. You're gonna have happier healthier employees. Your insurance rates might be better you will. More productivity. These are things that have been document. In other countries as well meaning go to European countries. For ever and rise. And the Netherlands are in Denmark and in places that. You know have that belt out networks and get everyone moving right by here there all the productivity everything is much higher in those countries. Largely because people people are active and healthy and and them and ride bikes but aside from that there's just feeling good about yourself. You know obviously you're doing a good thing freer environment you're. There's cost savings the average cost season. It's about 101000 dollars a year if you're not driving a car in your communion by bank. So that's any factor in insurance and gas and maintenance and parking and all of those things that that come with owning a car. You know we're not saying it was just after iron and bike every day but we certainly encourage people try it. You know and and get more people on bikes you know. 23 times whatever build up you know in combine which trains and buses are accommodating bikes are trolleys accommodate by. There's that there's a good thing we teach also about through that. That by train connections and so. Lots of great benefits come ready to buy. It's very fun thing to do you do when you write books and it's getting easier easier to be able to do and city this size. And and safer. Yeah I mean that's what it's about rates and no one's really gonna choose to do it until they feel comfortable doing it snows that's what we work on the safer we make it the more attractive we make it for people to ride in the choose to do it once they have a route that they know that they're safer. So a lot of these networks there are happening. With projects everywhere. Everything from you know bike lanes to round abouts in new traffic calming measures. You know those that it's the type of thing that makes neighborhoods that are. Now this month is national bike month something that happens every year in San Diego. Takes part in every year the other day was bike to work Dayton and and that's something that happens every year as well yeah we love bike to work day I mean you know it gives us. The one day here over you know there's a heightened awareness. From commuters employers. To. To promote by Kean is as a career option if it works though. I commute with a degree program together every year they've pretty organized with the community businesses. Over a hundred pit stops around the entire company. From six to 9 AM. People were out there. You know stopping at pit stops all long awaited word game refreshments. Getting a free teacher which Iran a lot of people look forward to entry here. And going bye bye so one day of the year we gifted to have a lot of fun about it and it's at national sort of movement as well if that happens and named it that I I think that we do probably one of the best jobs anywhere. In the country from our former regional standpoint from right to work and that's that's the encourage him peace there Irwin and that we need it's. You know did the infrastructure piece is very very important Galina the bike ways this is hugely important that the Eckerd and pieces remotely also important though. Bike work is a great a great thing to do. You know and and hopefully get more people riding bikes not system bike to work day but beyond. In what other events do you have that is taking place this month well. In May there there are so many events and we encourage people to look at our website of the by coalition ST by coalition org. Or go to go bye bye dot com which is I commutes in the actually. Partner with. Thirty different organizations and they provide many grants. For events all throughout may and June. From you know pike in movies. In the communities are like can any view. You know by cries community rides. And all kinds of fun things though. I encourage you look at those but. We have a lot of events from. Like month and beyond so please check out the coalition's website as. Now what some of the big events that you got. Beyond the Arabs so got a couple he so we this is you by month's verdict kicks off are our. Are busy season for by crane you know we we have by cried that we put together but will do. One big thing we were doing this year as a regional bike summit on June 21 of the third. We're gonna get in Houston. Sort of the state of bicycling in the region. With keynote speakers workshops. Everything you wanted to know from commuting Q. Advanced. Fundraising to. How to make your community better for bicycling. So it'll be a lot of engineers planners elected officials by creditors advocates. We'll have some rides in there. It'll be really phenomenal woman focus summit as well so affairs of the as we mentioned. It. Getting on the brighter or. Speaking with the Netherlands. And we're gonna agree form for a and that's June 21 the 23 regional like summit the hostess double park. We're gonna throw the sort of a summer solstice writing kick off the summer also with. Celebration at the bell at the velodrome and you velodrome jam and our community for a bike. At my party there to celebrate the bike summit and then them kick off the summer and then in August we view our eleventh annual bike today community by grade this year. This of course is that one timing right to write code court on average and you of the bridge. And around the CA today through the picture by quakes though. It's it's a fun non competitive ride lots of families lots of kids get over 3000 people to do every year. And it's a great view on top of the average the funds raised their benefit the scene you can buy coalition in an Arab peace efforts in education programs. After that we will have an open streets and this year October. Are very excited about and it's looking like we haven't had an ocean beach this year it's. What we do is we take an area of the city every year we closed off the cars and we make it a car free care free Sunday for people to bike walk skate. Mark their dogs just any sort of and movement and activity in the league games and events and all of our free environment her a Sunday though. We love that event open streets answer hugely popular in them this will be your sixth then. We're pretty excited to be coming to ocean between that and then. Just it just keeps go on and so those are remain big events for having a woman dry and again our second a woman's right in September. On the 23 I believe and it's going to be at the by equivalency in an Imperial Beach which haven't CNET that's. A gem of a new development right on the nature banquet and elements rental Villa. A fun. Fun event very popular its first year last year and that continued growth excited about. Everything we do in the ski Odom sounds like some great great events of the Wanda. The car for one yeah see as the defendants. Really a great time people kids get out there families get out there. Just news in it in house fund I mean you support local businesses. Now all all of these events and I info to web site yes ST by coalition dot org. Got a pretty preloaded on FaceBook page so. Check this out. And if somebody wants to help you with your mission make a donation can they do that a US yes they can and we certainly appreciate that. We have sponsorships that we can we rely on our members view. To support our work again and donations and you know it takes. It takes it takes you know a lot it to do the work that we do we have a great team doing it and we appreciate elsewhere yet. And volunteers of somebody wants to volunteer they can I get imports whips yes lots of volunteer needs especially with our events coming up. And we need we mean that sin and people can. Get involved with us tool. Of these training in and just failed a Mormon mission that we we love our volunteers that that would be very. Great thing Andy great seeing you again and a great having him show again thanks for all you're doing at San Diego County bicycle coalition it's great work you're doing. And it's appreciated thank you so much and get out there at your biker. That includes another addition of living veteran San Diego the opinions expressed are living veteran San Diego do not necessarily reflect the opinions and views. Of the staff and management of the income San Diego radio stations. Episodes of living that San Diego are available on the station's website. Join me next wait Glenn my guest will be from heat your home California. Until that I'm Gary they have a great week.