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Good morning and welcome to another additional living veteran sandy. Public service presentation of the and it got San Diego radio stations and Garry lake. The San Diego planning partnership it's a new nonprofit collaborative of trusted community organizations. Dedicated to removing the mystery of estate planning and long term care options. For everyone regardless of income or situation. The collaborative consists of organizations who often. Help seniors in need. Joining us this morning as San Diego planning partnership founder and board chair coupon Tamarine. And Saint Paul senior services director major gifts and plane hitting Leon's done. Welcome Levon welcome Leo thank you Gary for having us thanks Gary. I want let's start with you a little background information on the San Diego planning partnership now you're of the fairly. New organization Archie. Yes we just received our 501 C three designation. In march of this year. A San Diego planning partnership. Is a nonprofit collaborative. Trusted community organizations. And we're dedicated to removing them mystery of a state planning. And long term care options for sandy against what is the mission or the goal of of your organization. But all of our organization is to really make sure that we increase the number of San Diego and that are thinking about that next chapter of life. And making sure that they their wishes are known to their loved ones make sure they have the right plans in place so that they don't end up in a crisis moment. And having to go to the court to be able to make. Personal family decisions. Now I understand one of one of the goals at the city planning partnership. I if I'm not mistaken is to change that perception about planning and helping adults create stability for their future how are you doing that. Well we've got a series of workshops we've got two mornings 3 hours each morning. Two days in a row so it's a class you actually go show up I'll tell everybody now there's a pop quiz the first morning. And what we're trying to do is really. Brings the barriers. Of the lack of knowledge around the state planning what is an exact you are vs what is a trustee. This is the type of thing that might keep you from getting your playing done because you don't understand the language of the state planning. What does it cost for long term care here. In our San Diego area. All of those things are going to make it possible for you to work through. The answers. For you and your loved ones to make sure that you have a plan in place should get the worst happen. A diagnosis of alzheimer's or parkinson's. Or may be a stroke or something that. That leaves you debilitated but still here with us 70% of this will be in that category before we know what. Prompted you you are the founder who. Of this organization what prompted you understand there's a back story to this very often due to start or motivated to start an organization like this. Well you know it came from years of dealing with the mother. Helping her through the process of living with alzheimer's for fifteen years. Also at that time. The worst month of my life was October of 2003. My mother was diagnosed with alzheimer's and my daughter was diagnosed with leukemia at age nineteen. So I was dealing with it now on on two fronts there. And realizing that we all need to have good documentation in place so that others can make these decisions for us that's really started. After my two year Odyssey of I'm dealing with a bone marrow transplant from my daughter and making sure that my mom was okay my parents didn't really good job and my parents have a good plan in place. So. I needed to get back to work. And to do that I I didn't want to go back to marketing software for. A large corporation I wanted to do something meant something so. Decided to move to San Diego in get a lot of tree. When I didn't act I ended up. Doing volunteer work for the conservative ship clinic at the match Bradley. Probate court it's now over on union street the brand new building there that conservatives should clinic is still there they give a very good service to. Parents who have a developmentally disabled children when they turn eighteen detainee someone who can make those decisions that their parent is always made right. A lot of what we saw work adult children coming and saying. You know my mom's lobster checkbook for the third time having to close the account. Or she's been to the ATM and she doesn't remember getting this money out. The bank is telling them you either need to have a power of attorney can talk to you or you need to how to conserve readership in place. That's inexpensive process it's bringing the court system into personal family decisions. And they're going to be there for the rest of parents life. That's really motivated me. Some simple documents that don't cost a lot of money can keep you from happy to go through so that's why I decided to go into the state planning an elder law. And then coming to this community of San Diego and meeting people like Leon. With saint Paul's senior services. We all want to protect that. That clientele we want to note that they're going to be okay. Lee and you can speak to it to the number of people that come to your. Organization and don't have. For planning yeah I certainly can before IE I got into the world of fundraising at saint Paul's that was our admissions director for three and a half years. And many times at saint Paul's since we have so many levels of care. I would get phone calls. About people that there weren't crisis and they needed a place for their loved one to two either live. Or to get short term care. And our our skilled nursing community. And many times and we would have to ask do you have certain documents in place such as a physician order of life sustaining treatment. Do you have. Powers of attorney for health care and and financial decisions. Some of those things are are regulated. This senior care at least in the living area of senior care is highly regulated. And in these types of documents. Need to be in place for adult children to be able to steer a discussion or or some type of care. Further for their loved one to go forward and it and it's not just telling your loved ones this is what I want it needs to be documented in yet to be illegal document. Absolutely. He he you know everybody probably remembers the Terri Schiavo case maybe maybe not I'm dating myself now sounds familiar. Well. That was a situation where act a young couple I think they might even get on their honeymoon but they were in a car accident she ended up in a coma her parents thought that she would want to to stay alive. At all cost her husband thought something different. They didn't have anything written down and that's that lasted in the courts for over two years before they took her off life support. When you don't wanna be in that crisis it's difficult enough to go through a crisis like that he don't need to be dealing with the court system and the high cost. Getting those that court to allow someone to make that decision. For another human being you're taking constitutional rights away when you doing now so it's not fast it's not easy and it's not cheap. Now according to a recent survey from caring dot com only 42% of US adults currently have the state planning documents such as who will or living trust. On that this is this is a national survey right. Correct yes and and you know I think that number drops a little bit when you look at the younger. Group. Thirty somethings I think that have children. It drops to about 30% of those that have the correct documents in place meant why do you why do you think this is the case why why are people not planning for the future about you know if you ask me I think their three barriers to planning. A one is just lack of knowledge there's a fear of the unknown. If you don't understand something you tend to put off doing anything about it. And that's just I don't need it I'm gonna live forever right we all think back. And and that's just not the case in fact I'll share with you. A personal story for me I knew my mother was passing after fifteen years of alzheimer's and we're all prepared for that. What we work prepare for a ink and Lee and knows this he was there when I was going through this I lost two Brothers that same year. You'd you don't know and I saw how good planning work in that situation and you know with a couple of my Brothers. The plan wasn't there. And it made it really difficult on the family to deal with things at the moment so it's important that's putting it off the third thing is. He don't think you need is you don't own a lot of asset she don't have an estate. Guess what if you have a toothbrush you have an estate right he had a personal body you have. Things that you need to make decisions about and you know maybe it's just a Social Security check but you definitely need to have some. One you'd trust that can make decisions for you. It's all about creating a stability for the future event. It really it's and making sure that you know what your options are. We've got a lot of adults that don't have children so who're they going to name. A lot of times they see they want to name their sibling while mr. sibling going to be around maybe we should think about a private professional fiduciary. That is it designation here in sandy in in California actually. So there are a lot of them here in San Diego. Maybe it's trust company made you do have enough assets that you're going to have a professionally run. Portfolio by trust company but the closer options you need to think about ahead of time and understand who is going to make that decision for you. So you you mentioned as one of the barriers to people. Not planning for the future. The fact that many people think they don't need it so do you recommend then for younger people 20s30s even forties to it to start planning for the future. You know I talked with at least a lot and when they have children that are turning eighteen going off to college I always recommend that they get these documents in place for their children as well. At any age you need power of attorney for health care. And for finance there are plenty of places you can get them on line but in need to kind of work through. Your end of life wishes and some of these other things and that's what our free classes we'll help you do. And I and I assume with with a plan in place of course. Financial costs will be reduced and emotional stress yes well. Absolutely. You know it like I say when you're crisis the one thing you don't wanna have to go through is. Trying to do these things. And not knowing what you love one wanted to. And spending a lot of money may be spending your own money because there really wasn't a plan in place. And an in this kind of planning seems. Even more important and more crucial now because the government has recently. Said that he had the Medicare trust fund will be depleted in 20/20 six Social Security trust fund could be depleted in 2034 so it seems even more. Pressing that that you get this done. Yes it it really is all of those things into it. You know there's a statistic. That. I quoted her firm the last few years. On long term care dot gov and it's 70% of us will need the long term care. Before we passed so. That's actually industry standard that is Genworth in insurance company actually did that study. And so if you think about that. Are we really prepared for that long term care Medicare isn't going to pay for them. And a lot of people don't really understand that will be talking about what Medicare pays for what it doesn't. Will be talking about a little bit about medic how little bit about a veterans' benefit. But mostly really about what the cost is and how you start looking at what are your options. And a state and long term care planning involves. Planning for Hal on individual's assets will be managed preserved and in time of course distributed right. Correct yes Kelly in your with. Saint Paul's senior services tells little bit about your organization sure saint Paul's was founded in 1960. We. Currently serve over a thousand seniors many of them now are actually in their own homes through. Unique health and social services program called the saint Paul's pace program. But we also provide traditional housing for seniors and the independent assisted. Memory care skilled nursing. And and were were proud to be leaders and senior care here in San Diego how long you've been with them about nine years now and I warn a couple of different hats. As I mentioned it was our admissions director I oversee our senior day program for seniors that have. Beginning to moderate memory loss I've worked in our foundation for the last few years helping to. Make sure that if people that wanna leave a legacy is seen polls have that opportunity for for those that. Want to make it charitable gift to saint Paul's that they know how to do that. Because we we have so many different services at saint Paul's and in our donors our stakeholders and people in the community. No dead were trusted organization in this and that they believe in our mission in it will steer their philanthropy in the right direction and having this partnership. But the sandy planning partnership had this come about this is a natural fit of mine and I have known one another for almost three and a half years. We were in another. Organization another nonprofit. That that actually meets at saint Paul's once a month with the state planning group network where we get. Trusted people in the community that will common. We talk about our different disciplines and we have a case study where we can really navigate the different disciplines financial planning long term care. Legacy giving estate planning and we come together we try to understand the different viewpoints and that's Yvonne and I met we met through that a state. Hunger network that's had networking group that was started by Lawrence judiciary and actually I'm glad you brought that aptly him. A state planning group network is. It professional organization. That Marguerite Lawrence who is a private professional fiduciary by trade started so that we ticket together and talk about. The issues that the older adults are facing in our community. And make sure that we know. Who to refer them to that we know is going to do well by them right so work. Were helping to bring that community around a ball liberal population. But Mercury and also did something else she predecessor to this workshop. And it was very in depth study it was four days very in depth she's taken out on line. And you can pay for that online course. But Marguerite. I really want to give my thanks to her also another founding person in this group. Is out wrong Greenwald he's a senior real estate specialists he and his partner patty Gerke. Do a lot of work in the senior community around financial abuse of the elderly as well. So we are all up trusted volunteer professionals that are coming together to do these workshops. SD dash PP dot org go there and find out what her schedule is. We're doing classes. August we've got August 15 and sixteenth in so control. San Diego County we've got let's see I'm not remembering the dates and in September necessarily. But go to our website you'll find it there that's an Oceanside. And then lean on the is doing that that Chula Vista group and that's. The tenth and eleventh about two. Over that is correct at saint Paul's plaza our our new. A retirement community you know Ty Nash now all these these workshops that your your holding different topics at each want ours are going to be the same. They are all going to be the same so you can choose a location that's right for you she you know not to drive all the way across town to sentence listened to a different topic. I'm recovering. You know I tell you. You can teach you. How to tell time in a different language not to how to build the clock so. It's going to give you enough information. That you will be able to think through the issues so that you can then take that information to your professional and get a plan in place. If you are in that category that may be would be a means test did type program. We've got the legal aid society there that we will be referring folks to. And there are couple of incubator lob programs here in town triple for the law schools and I'm working with them right now to find some resources for those folks. That maybe just need to put their house and trust and don't really have any. Any assets beyond that so he'll be a number of different things you can learn. With in that two day class and it's gonna be jam packed. We're going to have alzheimer's San Diego speaking on dementia. We're going to have another trust attorney. Courtney Poland Nash talking about what documents belong in a good estate plan. We've got a lot of information about long term care what the true cost is whether it's independent living or assisted living. They'll be able to tour their great campus there at saint Paul's in Chula Vista they have a wonderful campus there. And learn it after paced programs well. And what what time to restart. They start at 9 AM there three hours they go to news. And I like to say you know there's a lot of the state planning classes out there. I that gives you free lunch we're not giving you lunch we are given you unbiased information. Just the facts. We're not selling anything. There's no solicitation allowed. These professionals are coming together and giving that information it's going to be so important to keep these families out of our court system. And keep families together. And there cost that is no cost commercial concentrate completely free we do require that you sign up online register online. Four you can call 6195001902. And you can register that way. ST PP dot org is SD dash PP dot ORG. And there is no age limit eat anybody can come to these anybody can come to these spoken and I think it's also important point out that these so workshops. Not just for people that are are starting the process that people can come in with their documents and have them checked over right. That's a very good point Kerry you know what's really important to know is that when you get an estate planned on. I hear it's changed you have children and they go off to college he don't have that document just sitting in a drawer somewhere gathering dust. He need to take it out and take a look at it for one thing the laws have changed dramatically over the years. So you might have the old eighty split trust. For a couple that's been married for many many years they don't need to do that they did that to avoid estate taxes. Will talk a little bit about why that's not necessarily needed anymore there are states that do need that. But he'll be able to take a look at your plan and understand. You know. What you need to do you have the right language in their to be able to use an advance planning for long term care. It may be you don't I think that your money's gonna last for your lifetime. There are some things in there that that can help to make sure you got the right language. Aside from the workshops it to do what else does sandy planning partnership do for people that are planning for the future. Well our workshops this is we were brand new this is our first year. So the workshops are the heart of what we do. We will be taking referrals for those folks that. Need to get plans Stan that our means tested that would fit into the legal aid society. We really are looking for donations. Of time. The lawyers don't have to be and I'm speaking now of legally society looking for these folks and I love to it to hand them a bevy of attorneys. That just wanna do something good outside of the work they do everyday. You know something a little more. Helping those folks to get into one of these workshops to do the powers of attorney. So they'll be those workshops and information about that that will come after this workshop so we're not creating a plan for not teaching you how to build a clock. We're teaching you how to talk to your own professional it's. Anne and William what what does a partnership like this. Mean for your organization I'm glad you brought that up scary because this is really important when I talked to. Many stakeholders over at Saint Paul senior services donors board members volunteers. This will come up often. When you think about cleaning for the future and you think about legacy giving. They can sometimes be taboo topics. And they shouldn't be. Every once you have a plan and it saint Paul's we had a plan it very early on our from our origination in the 1950s. We had a vision. And I share our our vision with with a lot of our stakeholders just because it's important. This is this the same type of a vision people need to really think through. The girl changing life situation. What's important to them. Whenever there's a major life change in someone's life. They should really be revisiting their state plan. What are their values what's important to them. What did they need to protect. What type a message to they wanna send to their children to their grandchildren. About how they set up their state plan. That's why the simple senior services is partners with cynical planning partnership. We want to make sure the people in the county have the resources they need in an unbiased way. To make sure that the information they're receiving is timely and effective. And since I've known of on the last three and a half years I know that. She is already made a big difference with with getting some key nonprofits here in San Diego to partner with her on this important project. So that people out there in the community no matter their wealth status. They can have access to this information that is why Saint Paul senior services is partnering missing neo planning partnership Yvonne are you looking for more partners like saint Paul's. Absolutely. If there are other charities out there that would like to be a part of this and next year maybe we can have. Six venues throughout the county that would be absolutely wonderful. We could have one of these every month at a different area of San Diego County that be fabulous and it really just takes the commitment of offering got venue if you've got the space please give us a call. 6195001902. And to let the snow that you wanna help we'd be happy to take that call. And again the first workshop coming up in August and. Fifteenth and sixteenth in the central area. Odds San Diego. Oceanside as in September and Chula Vista in October and all the information regarding those and any other information people might need about your organization is that you website right correct ST PP SSD. Dashed PP dot board and Ari on social media. How we need. Are creating your FaceBook page right now are three charity organizations are very active on social media. And you will be hearing from us there as well so yes. And gallium. Your website. Our website is ST hall seniors dot org seem hall's seniors dot org. And then our saint Paul's pace website is ST Paul's pace got York. Okay and are you once a meteor there we most definitely our social media we've been around for quite some time we have almost a thousand followers. This is something that we will be promoting on our social media channels we think it's an important for each one of these different. Venues and in August September and act October. England and were excited this is something where I hope many people from the saint Paul's community will come to these workshops. Understand. Their own estate plans revisit their state plans. And and think of some ways that they really need to get changed if it's time. Great you've on the million thanks beyond Saturday. Thanks for. Sharing this info with us is very important and and thank you for all you do it San Diego planning partnership in Saint Paul senior services thank you Gary thanks so much gang. It includes another addition of living veteran San Diego the opinions expressed are living better San Diego do not necessarily. Reflect the opinions and views of the staff and management. Of the and a bouncy and with a radio stations. Episodes of living veteran San Diego are available on the station's website join me next week when my guests will be from the Gary and Mary west senior Democrat. Until then I'm Gary they have a great week.