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Good morning and happy Mother's Day welcome to another edition of living veteran San Diego public service presentation of the and it comes San Diego radio station. And apparently the San Diego workforce partnership funds job training programs for job seekers out San Diego County. Help adults our youth and they also serve as a vital source of information on the areas labor market. Joining us this morning to San Diego workforce partnerships COO Andy hall. And English language learning program participants sloppy cook welcome Mandy welcome rusty I Gary thinks madness this morning thank you Gary for having us this morning. Let's talk a little bit about your organization for anybody who may not know anything about the San Diego workforce partnership tell us a little bit about. If you win and yet think scary so the San Diego workforce partnership has been around since 1976. And our mission justice are the basic is to empower job seekers to meet the current and future workforce needs of employers and seeing you count me. And we do that in a couple of ways on the one is through the programs that we fund. We actually pass through almost thirty million dollars of revenue each year to different organizations across the community. On to fund and run different job training program than we serve actually 7000 folks each year who are looking to either get a job or did a better job. On the second area that that we really focus on as our research so we really talk about the idea that folks can't aspire to a job that they don't know exists. And so we do a lot of racers to help people understand what jobs are growing insane you counting. And learn the skills that they need to get those jobs. The third area that we really drive. Value and our community is through our business services that we work correctly with hundreds of businesses all across the counting. To understand their business needs. And and come back to fund and run different programs to help build the talent that those businesses needs to grow and compete in the global economy and finally. The fourth way that we add value and our community is the way that we connect in convened different stakeholder groups to solve big workforce challenges in our community. And one example and I always get so passionate about talking about. Is our work with opportunity youth or 624 year olds were not in school and not working and so. That is who we are and that's what we do and that's why we exist where you guys located so our corporate office what we call our corporate offices in than ever heard of city heights in San Diego on university avenue assists 3910 university avenue. And were up on the fourth floor and there's about fifty or so staff. Who were on that floor and then we have a network of jobs senators that we actually have staff that either funded or aren't wrecks out. Or working all across the Colonia different jobs sinners across the community to serve the public. And those a year Europe career centers that's right yeah we've read they've been re branded about six years ago in actually more now. Almost ten years ago the American jobs in California and you know you might hear. The acronym AJ's he sees. I'm like a lot of people and I'm nonprofit governments were kind of acronym soup so that on important agency sees American jobs and as of California. Manners jobs that are in Oceanside there's a job senator in Escondido. There's a job senator. In three Johnson city of San Diego one and the downtown library. One in often curable lard in southeast San Diego. And then we have another job senator in Chula Vista and we also have two jobs senators in on county jails. And that's actually a new project of part of Alaska we're we're open jobs senators at las colinas you know tens under and then. He's mace the reentry centered on an anti mesa and the whole concept with those two job sinners is actually. Instead of waiting for individuals. To. We've incarceration and find our community jobs sinners but actually bring the services to them. To some of the folks who need it most and so we've just in the last couple years you open to more jobs and in this two county jails. I liked that idea so you have what then six main career centers outside of those two in the in the jails that's right now you also and I noticed that you have several. Core values at the San Diego workforce partnership can we talk about those yes so our three core values our stewardship. Collaboration and excellence. And. I'll just put some definition around each of those and talk a little about what that means so an organization so one. A stewardship the majority of our funds we have about 35 vs oh million dollars of annual revenue fluctuates up and down. And the majority of those funds actually come originate from the federal government. And a big chunk also come from state and local governments and we're dealing with taxpayer dollars to provide these services. And so we take that value of stewardship incredibly serious so that means not only in the way that we've. For peer and purchase and run our internal processes have to be incredibly tight. But that every dollar that we can save as a dollar less that we have to raise. To make the impact that we want in our community and so that's stewardship means not only doing well with the dollars that we have. But I actually. Leveraging some of our dollars in name masses that we get from the government and combining those with private investments and corporate investments. I'm an icon leads to their cooperation with the second value which. The issues that were working on. Workforce justice economic development global competitiveness for businesses. Economic mobility in our country and are in accounting. No one person and no one organization. Has even close the amount of resources. Expertise or knowledge. To move the needle on any of those issues and so were not working with other organizations and school districts and the government. The federal government at the state government. And county government for now working with businesses. And collaborating to move the needle on these issues were not gonna get anywhere. And so it's so important that not only our staff really internalize this. But the partners that we work with really value cooperation because if we don't it does take a village to move the deal on some of these big issues that were working on. An and third excellence we. I think there's the way that I. I think about our work is that we were looking for staff who have a social worker's heart. And a business mind because the world nonprofits has dramatically changed over the last. I'm 1520 years and caring. Is really really important. On the what we've done our work at least is that it's it's. Just caring is not enough there is an incredible I'm pressure from different funding groups and other partners around outcomes. Data analysis. Forecasting. Efficient operations. And our core funding over the last fifteen years have been cut by about 60%. And which came from the federal government. But we filled the gap with. With just excellence in service delivery which has allowed us to to actually generate revenue. That went about ten years ago we only had about six or seven different lines of funding and now we have forty different I'm funding streams and so we've. Rapidly diversified. And that's required level of excellence for everything that we do to can you say now only financially viable. But able to continue to exist in and provide the services to our community that they're expecting him. So is there a a cost through your services. Now our services are free to the public. Our services anyone can walk into the doors at any of our job senators. And receive a level services like group workshops and resume training in networking. And some some essential skill other essential skills workshops like how to manage conflict in the workplace. And then there's a whole set of online services through linked in and a partnership those credit Microsoft. That is actually free of the public once you get into some deeper services and we'll talk about those and a little bit live raw feed. There is an eligibility mostly based on income war veteran status or neighborhood or city and that kind of thing and those are program by program basis but. I'm were really proud to say that to this point we've never charged job seeker. A dollar for near the services that we offer a scorer and you have to be but at least sixteen. Two to take part in any services yes so yes and no so a lot of traditionally the answer that question is is a hard yes all of our programs have to be over sixteen but actually. We've been doing more and more work with school districts with teachers although it actually down to kindergarten and because. There's a lot of research out of it shows a child's career choices. In many cases in their mind. And they actually closed doors for themselves for the parents closed source for them. At a very early ages from kindergarten first and second grade. And it turns out that if a young woman for example in second grade. Kind of makes up her mind either consciously or subconsciously that being in this stem fields are being a scientist is not for her. It turns out of those decisions actually stick from really early on and so we've actually done a lot of work with teachers and school districts. Around with our researcher around exposing young people at a really young age to some of these amazing jobs that are insane you coming driving our innovation economy. So that they don't intentionally or unintentionally close up or from insults because of the classes that they take. The summer camps that they taker don't take the relationships that they make. On and we find that to be really powerful so so four traditionally yes all of our really intensive services. Where we have case management and were paying training dollars or sixteen and over but we're still doing a lot of work more more actually down school districts because we think. The workforce pipeline actually starts much earlier than ice team. Now that you do have a program for a sixteen to 24 year old stature that connect to career program tells now that. Yes so I wanna talk about the program. But I wanna put in context with the problem that we're trying to solve. So in this particular there with connect to careers. We're actually working on a youth disconnection crisis that's happening not only in our country but else but an accounting. Our latest research that we just put out you can find an opportunity ST dot award. Is that there are 41016. To 24 girls not working. And nine schools so these are young people coming of age at a really critical time and they're not giving skills or experience or education. To do the jobs of the future in this critical coming of age period and that that's about 10% of all young people all sixty girls are you counting. And it turns out that this connection during that critical age. Actually has a huge impact on young person's lifelong earnings potential. And their ability to get a good job and so of one of our interventions for that is our connectors program originally from the by the city of San Diego a couple of years ago. I'm with a small grant about 2000 dollars we've actually grown to over two million dollars of revenue from public and private investors. And we've built on the city's investments and pulled and other investments and we've actually. In 2016. We actually placed 2000 young people in jobs and we did that through kind of three different services that we offer one is a business services unit. Who is actually act actively calling business saying hey give jobs an age yet go Austrian people because we can help America. And then we have a group of trainers or going out into the community working with the other non profit and and and education partners. And doing work readiness workshops rulers and Mikhail like here's a good job yours you tell your story your you applied and then we have a network of pure job coaches who are. Sitting in her office texting young people saying hey did you see that job from GAAP or hated you see that insidious and others internship open. We think you'd be perfect working on the Reza amazing is that year appeared. Coming coaching in communication that we actually Cingular secret sauce for the program and they actually send. I think last year they sent over 150000. Text messages to and from. To and from these young people say you think your kids text a lot. Like these kids are taxing all day and its effect and it's texting for purpose is how I talk about it and so one of the ways we talk about texting Hudson texting. And but so what we think about connectors is I don't know about you but I got my first job through my mom she was a teacher mere value of its soldiers still is actually. And I needed jobs and I was a junior high school and she took me up with a substitute janitors job where in the janitors call in sick at the school district oh common places on wall Ali and we're working where. Don't benefit from some that those networks that I have the benefit. And so our peer job coaches or conflict than the network or you could think of it as the country club for kids who don't have country clubs in America we say. These jobs are open here's how you get them talked to John like he's gonna he's you know major economies expecting a call that kind of thing that's that. Interaction that ours are fact checkers program I think is really the secret sauce you guys like one San Diego's best kept secrets. You happen to program for those with disabilities yeah where I grew worse thing is best receivers left Franck is now on your show tonight at our commit list and a never got on with the that's help happen. And actually let me just several fassel we he. For your listeners are instead we've actually gone like I said we've shifted in diversified revenue. But inaction to actually change the nature or works of for a long time. We strictly world funding agencies we would receive money from the federal government. And we turnaround. To and fund other organizations to the working we make sure they are doing it properly. For all kinds of different reasons some of which have talked about. Were rapidly diversifying in changing the way that we approach workforce development and economic development and on with those some of the direct service were doing in some of the things I'm talking on now. Actually requires a marketing communications budget and so we've actually done we're doing things like this much more often Margolis four. In a year from now we're no longer and it is best kept secret in or continue to do good work so. With that said our program for folks with disabilities. We have a program using what's called the independent placement and support model. That's run through our jobs and and so it's actually. One of the lean evidence based models where there's been many rigorous randomized control trials. Four people who have gone through this type of services. Where there's time and time again all across country for. And different environments on this particular model has proven how much better outcomes for people with disabilities looking for a job and some of the key tenants of this program. It is small case closed sizes so the case managers that a case both sides of thirty clients to one career coach for case manager. On the second comment key Tenet of this approach is that. Like doing something for real is actually the best practice I get so frustrated in solar public workforce programs. When we have this concept of all that person's not job Heredia oh diverse needs more training that person needs to go to this class of that class. What that person actually canvas for the job. And so yes there are things that we need to do to help that person did education opinion reckoning but that person's calmness thing Ono work. Wire we've being a barriers that one of the other chances is actually rapid implements charged and so you and how that what that looks like practically as anyone in this program. Will be in front of an employer and it might be an informal setting him might be as simple as going into Starbucks and asking for resonate. An and applying within thirty days of program entries was rapid re employment rapid practice. In a break so a lot of people who might not talk to employers have been an interview for a long time. Or ever get nervous naturally. Around interacting with employers and so the best way to runners is just talked to some of these employers. Wonder one in formal or informal settings and an actual realized that businesses and employers while they might be scary when you're looking for a job and you're you're counting on him for rent. Army of the budget people. And it's really about connecting with those people quickly. That is how that helps this program in the third tenant is coming integrated case management that's more Milwaukee term for your listeners but. What that means is that our employment services aren't happening in and knock him. We're not saying. Person and in this program. Uncle pretenders and Diego. Like hey I I'm not sure what your other case manager saying for. If an individual has severe mental illness I'm not and I'm not sure what you're mineral services saying. Phone get your job so we're gonna do like this actually every week those those two groups are talking and sharing data and sharing information and making kind of an organized plan. For this person to be successful in the job market so. There's some more than likely going to Vito and folks can find more information on workforce so org if and get in touch with us that they have questions but. The results are in on that program as well and the outcomes for people with disabilities. For those in the program are significantly higher. For employment and a we'd standpoint and those who are not. You have other. Other programs and training programs but we are running short on time already we act we probably don't ever. So I might have to have you actually can touch on some of those other programs but I do wanna talk about the English language learner programs that we get raw feed before we run out of time here and tell us about that program. So we a couple of years ago we got a grant for folks coming in to San Diego. Four English language learners were looking into the job market and not government noses but San Diego county's actual largest refugee resettlement sites. And all of the country and so. We have a lot of folks who are coming in on who have amazing skills from other countries like graffiti from Iraq hear about your from. Who have been engineers and doctors and scientists and have amazing skills and our economy needs and our businesses need. But the language burials as created challenges for getting access to this labor markets over the next year and a half. Ran and 400 individuals who have these skills who need help with. Overcoming different language barriers and to help them get jobs and career not just jobs but careers in the American labor market. And the initial results we have a few we haven't dozens of folks I'm enrolled. And we're working very close with our partners in the International Rescue Committee or the IRC to help provide some of these services in the east county part of San Diego. On and one of the individuals that is in the program has brought feed so that turn over rough feed in say a little bit about has his own story and talk about what it's like in the program. You know while my name's rocketed of course I'm are free you from. Iraq I came to the united Steve to have full use. I've been here four years. It's along the story buckeye I would tell you that itself. It's difficult to trust their four more from awoke with the a special you know it's different it took on different the culture is different and the job book market these different. The tradition is it's totally different so when I came here ten I found its. It's a big issue to deal with it. So don't dinners and no place to go but what with the IRC. At the international rescue on the T. This is immigrant organization IE. When I came to the United States. This is the person organization that I met. And actually it's been. How postpone the because. Then there's the issue of language you know. I couldn't communicate. I have to know. As many things here. So he's the police we'll their instructors. And one of them is his cabinet actually I want to mention his name he's was so wonderful my closes for and you become. And to a piece of the IRC. Are you enrolled in a program quote. English as a second language and plus helpful for me. But you know getting that job it's also difficult I used to work as an engineer there at the commission advocate but. You know there's media Mecca says that language how to communicate. It's you know the financial matters it's. It's it's totally different and one of these shoes when I want to communicate with with with someone that potentially. Everything in York. And your mind your own language to the new language so it's an issue believe me yeah I experienced it. So as it was it through the IRC to achieve that I heard about San Diego workforce partnership yes yes this is corrective to a VI RC and and also my friend that I mentioned he what he now he's working in the jokers and well yes so it ties there from his job so. I hit from the east two. I mean he's so I. I rope would this program and it's very important to grow and grow for me to crawled and this program. Because he needs me to. Two to you know learn more about. Which by studying. Did it's easy though actually the commotion recognize he's I'd like to. Get from this program in order to get a job bus driver. So I have to stick anymore. And you know and now and this time an English language did about peace. You know all the or about the bus ride you know sort. It will improve improve my language and you can see and he looks excuse me five missed. Not apply your idea you buy it but it's been hopeful for me because it opens now. Dollars for job. Because you know driving it well give you the import of the opportunity to communicate with peoples. Peoples to know them. That era to concave put them. Through these language to ship of the community through this. This is jobs so I'd like these jobs actually. It's of people. Many caught many many things in my mind and now we can be settled and I I now. Can't cede the way. In my career in the united state that's right he. It's been Betty how will these programs its video for. And most hopeful it's a free of charge for me I didn't do anything. And it's you know be. Like someone guide you would nothing it's very very. The city have for problems not for me for. The refugees can I can tell at Maggie many refugees of my prime. Find a job through these programs like the CD though like via. Becoming you know. Child care not and teachers and so when when you came to the United States did you speak any English. Well I owe it to a bit how to be honest with you however. Education back there my country. They taught us how to they do the ground modes that can handle what communication is so hot pink. You know you'd be don't head used to joke that language there. Don't see you know we don't have to right so it's just know the basics but here you have to no the culture. Not just what's not the meaning of the words. Got to. Who's to know the concepts what did the the people here how big pink and cultures you have to respect it. You have to understand did you have to. Mixed with the getting involved with that. Have to it's so different it's believe me believe me itself I experiences and guys to experience it. It's difficult yeah. That's great story and I wish you continued success and we are just bad time. I do wanna get your your web site. Yes just it's easy workforce dot org okay and are you social media I am and are. Twitter hash tag is as the workforce so easy as well and myself is Andy hall underscore ST. And among linked in so doing good looking up then to send a note and we'll get back you know our our website as a generic contact us and we get we get on naral fast as the new opportunities to get one for us. Okay an end com is is there a a way for people if they wanna help you with your mission in your vision is there a way to help you make a donation actual website yeah and if you wanna make a donation go and do the contact us and more hook that up and look at that all squared away if your business looking for talent. We can help you and we're we're not we're not running a charity were running an organization that's helping growth the next generation in the current generation of talent. To keep our businesses competitive so. Before you call us staffing firm garrison tried. And then if you are a partner who are is doing work in this base or wants a volunteer. You can go on what's how to contact us at work for solar and non will get you plugged in there so many were servants 70000 people a year or so many different areas that people can play into. Great day and Ian ralphie thanks for being on the Saturday again Rafik continued success to you and yet candy thanks for all you do San Diego workforce partnership. It's great service you're providing and it's appreciated thanks Kerry and scary. It includes another addition of living veteran San Diego the opinions expressed on living veteran San Diego do not necessarily reflect the opinions and views. I'm the staff and management of the NFL San Diego radio stations. Episodes of living veteran San Diego are available on the station's website. This month is national bike month with that in mind join me next week and my guess will be from the San Diego County bicycle coalition. Until then I'm Carrie Lee. Have a great week.