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Monday, June 11th


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Good morning and welcome to another edition of living veteran San Diego public service presentation at the end of count San Diego radio stations. I'm definitely. December 05 funding is a local nonprofit organization dedicated to providing financial assistance and lifetime support. To combat wounded and catastrophically injured service members. And their families they provide the resources they need during recovery and help them transition back to their communities. Joining us this morning is ever five fund community outreach and events manager. Murtha young and retired United States marine and recipients of grants from the simplified fund. Corporal Chianti story also on the show today is Elizabeth Kellogg founding member of the separate buy open golf tournament. Up America Elizabeth and Chianti. Gary thanks for having thank you so much for heaven as the morning Elizabeth good to see you again good to see you here on the show I haven't I believe last year and around this time you're on the show. And mercker and Chianti pleasure meeting both view and having you on the show as well. Let's start a little background information on simplify fund if we could if I recall. Others a great story behind the beginnings of simplify fine. Yes so we were founded approximately fourteen years ago in 2004. Aboard Camp Pendleton marine base Camp Pendleton. By marrying spouses. Our founder carried on pair was eight. As a nurse at the naval hospital. I can't Alcan and she saw firsthand what the service members were going through as they were returning home injured from the complex. And she saw with their families are going through it she saw how difficult it was for them to get there and once they got there they were just staying hours and hours and days spent side and she and some friends. Got together and they said we've got to do something. And they've literally started filling zip Loc bags with travel sized toiletries and stuff of that nature and gift cards are they can go get some food. And just getting them to families and bad side in any group from there of course and eventually they started assisting with getting family members to bedside. And fourteen years later here we are you know they're all still with us Karen is still our president fourteen years in. And still leading us beautifully and we are now at about. 170 million dollars in assistance in fourteen years over 20000 service members have been helped that includes family members of course. And we're doing good stuff. Fourteen years and and going strong and going strong. And not going anywhere it's for lifetime what what is the mission at that simplify fund so that mission is immediate financial assistance and lifetime support to post 9/11 combat wounded critically ill and catastrophically injured members of all branches of the UN US armed forces and their okay so it's not just Marines it is not just rains when we were founded it was Marines. And sailors primarily if they injured while station serving with the Marine Corps. In 2012 we did expand to include all branches of service in originally started under the name America's find we started assisting the other registers with the Tony and we have since incorporated it all together and temper fife and assessed all branches of service including Coast Guard. Including reservists so if you're injured post 9/11 in uniform you qualify for arsonists. Okay and and of course shoot you San Diego based but we are that you're not just helping sandy against no absolutely not we are seeing Italy we were found it here at this is our home. But we do assist around the globe. We have people in just about every military hospital on we have case managers and that can be a bedside assisting people in within days of injury practically. None Fonda has been awarded charity ratings among veteran nonprofits including an eight plus rating from charity watch dot org what does recognition like this mean for an organization like yours. Everything it really does because we are very very proud of the fact that since we were founded. On average week gave away approximately 94 cents of every dollar we take. And that's what those two ratings tell people if you go to feel the kind of person who likes to do research before you give your money to charity and you go to those sites. That's what they're saying is that we are good stewards of our donor dollars. We take what we see very seriously we're very proud of weekday and we'd give it back I mean that's. That's why we're here that's why we're going on that's why we're out of 170 million dollar is weak U contrasts with your. So this this this kind of recognition is as important for its very important for us very. And and it's year after year after year we've had it since they started grating as we've had those ratings so really yes. And so wasn't just a onetime thing no it wasn't just want to I think we've never dropped to a B and then backed up we've had it since they've created a that's great. Not now now you have several different services. Let's talk about those in the way that you help. And service member's house the first dumb a program that that I wanted to talk about us the service member and family support program tell us about that. Sure so in our service number of family support program we do a variety of things from bedside financial report support which I mentioned earlier helping people get to that tight family members. Get to that night. We do caregiver retreats and support for caregivers and their job is 20%. It could be the mom with the sister of the uncle the brother whoever takes on the responsibility of caring for them injured service member. On we do housing assistance from helped with retrofitting a home for a wheelchair or putting the bars in the show hours you know widening doorways that kind of thing. On we do do what kids camp we do one on the East Coast one on the West Coast for the children of injured service members. We do transportation assistance whether it's getting the lips put on cars are you know anything of that nature. We do have a canine program we do assist with. On service dogs from training a service not to getting the service dog to vet bills for the dog. That kind of thing we do specialize in adaptive equipment. And we do have aren't jinx McCain endorsement chip program and there. The kids can't be said there's one on the East Coast and one here on earth one on the East Coast and they take them on say it's Pennsylvania but they go north. Men and and the one here is in California but it's few hours north. Not here it's and it's a weeklong. For the children of injured service members. And there are signed mentors so they get a mentor per child and it's a weeklong of everything it can't should be you know sleep away camp. We agreed outdoors. And is is that the same time every years in the summer can get this summer camp evidently it is summer camp the wind here in California is. End of July I am not sure exactly the date of the one on the East Coast but it'll be same the same similar types of the summer pro yet this summer camp in the summer. Another one of your programs is your transition program how does this work. Well we provide education and career assistance for people getting out of the service. We do veteran and unit reunions. So we we actually just had a couple re very recently. Will get a unit back together somewhere in the country they do a reunion Andy stage usually a few nights or weekend or so. On just getting back together with those you served with whom we serve we do the beat what we call them beaten the programme at the veteran to veteran support. So we have service members who work for us but they work forests in the capacity of helping other other. Helping them to get to that. To the point that there. We do. The thus sacrifice on apprenticeship program which is different you do apprenticeship learning different trades so that's some of them some of the stuff we do under the transition part. Alcan and the other program that you have is your integrative wellness program again like your service member and camera support program there are several services. Within this program I. Many yes so we do PT ST NT BI supports a post traumatic stress and traumatic brain injury support falls under that. Com we do in Europe they swim with with neural feedback training. On so it's it's really up and coming right out throw high end up in the recovery world. And it helps a lot with teens and wind on stressed. We do high tech medical devices we we provide grants for high technical advice is maybe to VA cover. We do pros traumatic. Growth video resource is when they're all on our website at their wonderful there's a whole series of post traumatic growth videos on there. We do holistic solution we do. We provide grants for the cost of counseling that is maybe outside of what the current system can provide for the service members. And then we of course you Martina and sacrifice sports program and recovery in export. Which is essentially getting service members back out in a lot of cases doing an activity they already loved and helping them achieve a way to do it again and post injury. On the in some cases they don't have a physical disability but the agent since injury haven't really gotten out like sneaking to rediscover something out. And then a lot of instances they take the sport they never played even before their injury they had no idea they liked it we take a lot to a clinic. And the next thing you know they're golfers when Eckstein other triathletes you know whatever is snowboarding skeen. Stone recovery through sports agree per. Sounds the sounds almost like a mica a therapy program yes physical as well rights emotional correct. Let's face it service members are active. Yeah they're young active people. And then they find themselves. Regardless of the degree of their injury in the nature of their injury and maybe not getting out as much and they miss it and they don't really know how to get out there and we take them on Staten and we take them on trips and they love re connecting with. People who've been in I'll something as simple as six hours it golf on and turn him. The air with a bunch of others are members whereas maybe not think conflict but. Six months before six months later arguable you know. That they have been there they're not just talking to people who don't its people that they can relate to they relate to exactly and they love and there's there's recovery in the definitely definitely that Nelson and a service member let's say service members listening this morning. That has been injured. How they get to into these programs how can they get help from the simplified funds so. They call our 800 number two on our website easy to find and see. They speak to somebody and they get connected usually within 48 hours 48 semi to our again connected with the case. And it goes from. In case manager you know they once they they they figure out what it is the person needs how we can assist you know me picture that C. Qualify in post 9/11 all those things. And then it just goes from. So it's got to be post 9/11 percent Dresser with the SE percent eleven. That's not Chianti. You have benefited from the simplify fund you've received grants from them. Mind telling us a little bit about the story yes so I was with their tennis of Marines. Serve two Taurus when an Iraq and one in Afghanistan. In 2010 Afghanistan. Helmand Province. We were during a morning patrol and fired unit was that clan compound where there was an idea in the doorway. And as well my Marines went over along with Afghan National Army. I was providing our secure do my Jay marine as a team leader in this time and it. It was very quiet and so beating their the banister I want to know what was going on inside. So I read this Nigerian marine and when inside the building and again. Nice reminder that this is kind of like holy entrance so there was really no where else anyone else can go left to right for a first you know ten feet. Others idea that ever walked over and I just happened Richard that I eighties have merit leg below the knee. And remain conscious. Calm myself down and was able to communicate as their laws they cancel our corpsman now is there. And try to keep everyone as. Folks as possible without creating. Bigger since situation for anyone stress level lies. I'm so they way they can folks and we were able to get out safely and efficiently. How did you hear about the simplify fund our matters about since I find to double hospital where I did all my recovery. And I believe during. During some moments have for myself I was going to this hardship where I was. And he's my pain mad and find myself just very low just not myself and I decide to you know kick all that to the curb and just you know it is really just get out of this far that I've been in for a very long time and slowly noticing. And wanted to get more out there and I came across him five fun and they were able to assist me in getting me into these apparel camps. And these camps where. Deep best things for me and I found my sense is really join them because I was you know integrated with military Marines. Army navy. And found myself. Doing almost the same experience that while I was in was that Marjorie Fuller word folks on one goal. And one mission whatever sport we're doing and having a good time doing it. And from there it kind of just took off for me where I continue to train for the paralympics in the simplify fun. Provided a lot of support for me over the last 45 years training for the paralympics sprinter in the hundred meter intermediate sprint. Commons cable to get meets you might competitions. Hotels. And yeah I just couldn't I couldn't have done it any other way without them. So you you take part in the paralympics. I train for the paralympics I'm not a talent gap to but I trained to be paralympic athlete Aaron apparel Olympian at one point. Is is that what you wanna do yes taste. Working towards that yes. My slowed down a little bit of the last eight year. But you know it's still a gold mine site still. But. Last you know few months that site slowed down folks will be more schooling in. I've back in the school again because of senator feinstein's. Was able to assist in getting me into classes so the last four months have been me. Pulling my hair out as. College student here at San Diego. So what what was the the recovery process like that you all the recovery was done at Kabul hospital yes on my recovery was that a Bible hostile so from my entry eyes flew in to launch stool. And then from launched I was Bethesda Maryland where I stayed for maybe about a month just to stabilize and then. Once I stabilized they flew me and my mom out to hear about the hospital where I was able to recovery physical therapy. Mental therapy and all of sorts that with him. Where you area a Camp Pendleton marine I was not I was trample on holes it's still Southern California yeah. So so will all that dead December 5 fund has done for you. Since your injury what do you think he would be without them hello I honestly don't know where I would be. Because if you know if you if you go to the team is that events. When I have been able to find her politics as smoothly as I did know where. Five that we connection with sports which is they admire her every every sense and it's assist needs you'd better myself. And so honestly I I don't know I would be a guy you know be. Prices to stick to be honest with you. I really would have been. Panel elaborate too much for that the acting a lot of people grass that that word and so. IA I think them you know from the bottom my heart they help me. What if you know it's who ran today even messrs. and so it's it's a blessing that I'm in with two. Not only be a part of this organization and it but as well were with the organization as well. You probably would be in school and an obvious goal never have. So that's a good thing yeah few woody what are you studying school Denise geology. South take my degree get my bash is Anthony's theology and move forward to become a physical therapist and it's certain. How are you doing today. I mean everything looks positive for you things going well for you yet how do you feel I feel great from outside and not training the last from a thing I want to beef but hey hey yeah. You know I'm I'm happy where am I alive and they would go to school I am lining a lot and I find myself slowly. I'm costly challenging myself. Some analysts on myself growing whether it be mentally physically spiritually I'm still growing and I find that to. This evidence that I'm still. Getting better and I'm not regressing continuation of reform. So for me that's very important that's that's great it sounds like simplified fund has done wonders where oh yes. Yes I mean IDs speaking I've and I find myself being more passionate about what I do when. I'm fine. Paramount personal mission of us sharing my story and reconnect with patterns and hopefully that my story connects with veterans and gives them that. Positive affirmation that there is mortal life then you know just or injury and the Dioner and injury. You have a big event coming up simplify fund has the annual simplify open golf tournament. And Elizabeth you're you're one of the founding members of this event right. Yes scary and sorry and this year is hugely fit Monday June 25 at the shattered golf club opened this. And they post this every year. And since our inception back in 2012. OK so it's six years now this will be the sixtieth OV or 77 yet seventh year so. Back in late. 2011 and my ancestors. Went to golf turn on my dad and illness. Not the benefits number five and another veteran's organization. And my dad is very into and message that now why don't why don't we do something we've our company works that the military. Are passionate about it like and we do something. And he'd. And show what what it might and it. Silly like golf started off turn it so. And find you and he dollar and it's really different shot Overton is and I want what you separately. To go off and research for some charities and come back to me a couple weeks and we'll see what we can do. And surprisingly enough number one on their list listen for five and they want to security option award and looked at all the ratings and they had an a plus so. Might add those are all these these people seem great and my sister and I took the rains then went off running in contact December 5 fund and we threw it together in a few months and one portion my sister she had a heart condition I should the heart transplant patient and passed away a few weeks before the idea that the first few that he never got to see. And her baby get off and go I let. The committee asked media come on to Condit take her place so. Citizens for the veterans it's personally for meal that cater my sister memory alive but are proud to be here seven years later and see what it's become. So so a plus rating came in handy yet that this part of Syria. As far as the other golf tournament goes you know another reason why this recognition helps you absolutely. So so tell us about the event again what's the date Monday June 20 Monday June 25. Where's he gonna take place shattered golf club happiness and at the time registrations are igniting and the golf kicks off at noon but we have a very nice opening ceremony which is open to the public. No charge it's. Anxious. One at practice greens. Trying to write up the clubhouse and it's very. Wonderful opening ceremony. Color guard pipe and drum corps. It's pretty special on that kicks off around 1130457. Went in the aryan if Huntsman and I and so speculators are allowed yet for the golf. I don't know if you want to watch you know mattress you know I watch you play golf for a fund a fifth. It's not very entertaining but that affect me but especially for the opening ceremonies come not a check out. As service members participate in the tournament so even if this and die in. And thank them for their service and few internment without pain and all the money that's raised goes back to simplify fund yes every need every dollar donation. That given to provide open is directly to sacrifice. Does go to any one particular service program of their that we give the money to them is there and the professionals they know in a word with Dana we're. Full what does what does what does it mean now Merkel what does it mean for for your organization and to have these people put this this is and I don't think it's it's almost beyond words what it means on she hasn't gotten. To the dollar amount yet but it's. You wanna share how much you've raised over the past six years we've raised 847000. So their goal this year is to pass the million dollar mark. We get away approximately. Now in the neighborhood of a million dollars a month. I mean they they they funds. That that is how we do what we do mean is it somebody trust us and work that hard. To get us that kind of money for us to do what we in turn do you know bird that key counties that we help. And and if analyst as Acosta register. To be be golf or the for an in golf we normally do and force them. And right our actually sold out of phone and felt that and now they know it's great it's it's a tournament where we get people calling us. Before you answer advertisement K Allen and again this year but. For a foursome which is fairly recently you pay 12100 dollars you pre three players and we supply a service member to be your fourth place on the island so we can pair up with number five and get some teams ever fight eyes now. Slightly this year we. 1516. Yeah I think we're were nearing twenty. Well absolutely and that's great history and near instant twenty. The twinkies happy to rat. Recipient from the charity that their track how they can really learn about. The people out there helping meet people and wounding. Now that the big thing for us immediately GSP I bring your friends and Connie brain. And that's great that you you parent mock yes so it is feeling knife border. And we found and it's been in great networking for the service members we at them met Ayers there in the first year. They want them back at year so. It's really built some relationships and community really closed after that is what Ari. OK so but again sold out as far as all of ours office but people can come in and come to the the opening ceremony like that we do you have hole sponsorships open to any. Personal sponsor a whole hour and businesses to sponsor a whole lake and of the ten and promotional stayed on the 500 dollars at least plenty of space is open for. That's their interest and they can go to our website sacrifice open dot com and register on there and then we'll get back to. And mark the heat off cocaine and and once again on America if somebody listening this morning. Could use your assistance and injured. Service member how they get ahold of the simplify fund dot org dot ORG has all of the information they can possibly meet. Okay right now there's a way either to for the the golf tournament isn't yes under the radar event section. Are you on social media we are social media instant ram based Burke. On Twitter. Linked in we are on all of them and we like to saying that we are the best organization you've never heard of as we have never spent a dime on an advertising and we never will. So everything we push out is on social media that is how we get our name. All right Erica Elizabeth and Chianti thanks for being on the show Saturday being killed as Smith and America. Thanks for all you do act and for the simplify fund and Chianti thanks for sharing your. Your story with us it's appreciated thank you very much and caring. That includes another addition of living veteran San Diego the opinions expressed on living veteran San Diego do not necessarily reflect the opinions and views. Of the staff and management of the N com San Diego radio stations. Episodes of living veteran San Diego are available on the station's website. Join me next week when my guest will be for the San Diego center for children. Until then I'm Gary late have a great week.