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Thursday, April 26th


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Good morning and welcome to another additional living veteran San Diego. Public service presentation of the and a count San Diego radio stations and very late. Serenity acres horse rescue is a local nonprofit that rescues rehash and re homes forces. Although they specialize in off the track thorobreds they love all the priests and all animals and that they have been known to rescue other animals besides forces. Joining us this morning is serenity acres forced rescue founder. Lindsey Krause. Welcome Lindsay it's good morning Italian. I am doing good good to see you again have you on the show up about a year ago yes it's so it's nice to have you back on the show again now for anybody who did not catch the show you on last year how about a little background information on serenity acres horse rescue. Larry I currency three located erratic California that mostly focuses on off the track thorough Bryant's. And we rehab them and put them serious surgery after an injured on the racetrack and we are not limited. To just province that we were a lot with honor relinquishes as well what is the the mission and it serenity acres. Answer any acres first rescue focuses on basically every having purses have injuries and and trying to create a not only family environment but a happy place Britney be able to act and on in have a relationship. With course and and as. They say you're you're located in in Ramon right yes how big of a ranch behalf. And right now we actually just moved recently Amy had a it's funny acre ranch a foreign hands back. We have been venturing off to be able to create a better environment for our our horses when there. Either rehab means they can paragraphs pastor it's be able to be and and then once they get dying for rehabbing and they can transfer over to each training facility. And the kingdom did you. Both the new locations still in Ramona then yes we have actually three locations and Ramada and depending on what they need friend Reid have to training. Okay an end to the horses get to roam free. And did ho Nam now very combined stalls are corrales and they get either turned out an arena as. Or they got into the grass pasture. How long has says serenity acres and around we have been around cents at summer of 2060. What is your background if you had experience with forces did you owned horses yeah before yeah most definitely and mostly tiger app you know writing verses swift and family members. And two we wag you know our parents are pretty matched your best course. As minutes saying good luck have fun that you got Alanis herself and they hit it irritates errands and the words like break in that kind of near the bars or never and and the write it and sign ads on backing and then we take turns and there's ten. Eventually Johnson and we had a. Cleaners calls to her and feed and do everything. And it did and learned a lot of responsibility. And dependency and then I ended up showing. Working on the racetracks and freezing horses on the track and treated serenity assumptions from. What was it that motivated you to start an organization like this. And basically. And the relationship that I Dulles horses because as hard times and I was going through throughout my child had. And I created a on it than me as I felt giants or heard you know artists needed somebody to hang out west and horses analyzed and their remains sound. So is kind of like them healing experience that I guarantee and yelling I definitely. Now you do you rescue not only horses you have other animals that you rescued and yeah we talked a little bit about this last year when you're on. You have 88 cal. Cowboy the county yet about how Dallas cowboy keeps rallying. Display mirrors on. Like manner and maybe I don't have much experience out is that. And he is just about a stereotype tonight is just ran the Guinness world record is now well announced he is tied with the in his latest. And his Catalan weighs about 30350. Oh. And he is every 3000 pounds and his back is up to seven feet tall. And so he is the meaning he's banned. D'antoni. Gain mascot our news and yeah and how did you come to that to acquire a cowboy. Interesting story and we acquired cowboys Fran. Basically on the street there's thirteen horses that got confiscated by animal control. And they would not plan. They are not how Eyewitness News out of thing that means basically. And an about a year later. And it and a dinner that raised him passed away from like disease. And these views that are like this are and since they called us. And reach over there with. Your truck in a car but it's really. Attractive. And Tyson Monday and their first time needs Wallace that there going to do. And it's hot hat off and uses eternity and then we are not at bats. We joke back ever apparently and that and they eventually agreed to you mean. Getting him to us now is definitely a case but he. Normally don't take on back. He's doing now and nobody thinks picked in the attic of the day yeah you gotta do yeah. I don't sing and again and on and so what other animals have you rescued now do you we have mr. pickles than hang on to pick a good day from last year through Tauziat. Nissan mister Nichols. And then thereafter courses. OK so get those two yeah. Now you believe that they're that the bond between humans and horses is very special and especially so with with rescues why is that. And let's go to our responsibility. Is to be able to create and it relationship with the horses because a lot of them are neglected hand. And you know never hide like your real life relationship with somebody and ending it's really important for them to have I mean that's just our our job is make you feel lives and build that trust in that relationship back out just like. You know a child you know guys trust issues or anybody Yunnan has stressed issues he need to build up not happen. Build a relationship with not person or animal. His dot I you know anything course is especially in there so. They are very in tune with people's lives than anything it's important that you know rescues establish that because that builds a better future at their next governor. And and you said that you you rescue mainly. What is off the track thoroughbred right yes I have burn out with. Off the charts girlfriends they've always been a passion of mine especially writing on the racetrack. And they're just rather full of energy and people that don't really like they're not nice to see say that they are hot and. So and so that's that's the main focus as far as that the horse is that you rescue it weird they come from what do you get the deal off the track that thoroughbreds. Am a lot of the merger actually off the track or is they are owners I cannot no longer afford and they know that we specialize in off the charts aren't. And so we had a lot of emails or phone calls about injuries that people light in the and that these. Mean to the alien are prospering and the annual also work with owner relinquished courses yet their really prints the relinquishes are whenever specialties. Tell us about those why why other than. Can't care I can't care for the horse anymore what are some of the other reasons that people would we give up their course. Well I mean besides for an inaugural afford it I mean bettors. Mean a lot Davis people saying that they can't afford it buy it you know there's health reasons and it's theirs you know. Situations where maybe they can only afford one horse and the promise of Morissette. You know maybe dating get enough research on a house injury in the on an extra horses are operating or in his place in a good town that they might not be about it. Fines for it because they don't have the contracts and you know the actions in that time to deal awaits them hold up a horse for a year to try to find a perfect. It's that makes. Now how do you decide what course to take in what course to rescue I mean you can't take all of a man. No I cannot it's always a case by case basis. You know the Mars severe injury I am is kind of Cason Alex is again because I've been really exceptional battery having injuries so. And be able to challenge to yeah I had more of the challenge yeah. Highlight the challenges they did you know and it's not just about lately is is skinny or is it makes it feels. You know the injuries to me is the biggest thing is not just like feeding them and it's about getting the proper medical care and getting surgeries. To sounds and it's yet to Deanna and it takes a lot of time. And you know people are not patient enough for the time and I a I feel that there in that time that Hillary outing that I am building a better relationship boards and I get to know what they wanted to and their future after. If that makes sense. Yeah. The worst president wide. Out. Witty take your horses to. Those that come in that are injured or sick. Where do you take them to get. You know to get the care that they need if if you don't have a veterinarian on on your premises. I know and we don't have it never has event that Alex lives on the promises that they can in their mobile. For horses and are that always comes ever at two locations are courses aren't nearly every other back care that it. There's some cases very ID recent horrors that. Honda on site surgery for a club. That is not in the hospital okay yeah. And and and so what does the the intake process and four rescue course what what's the process. What what's involved. When you taken a horse. And when we take into pars. We always evaluate and a mixture. It depends on the situation some horses need quarantine. And there's horses you know obviously on a current team. Followers is that there are some that we get dire retired or older horses sesame wants to town. Now I try sixty campers show iron and that sources we fell a bit more comfortable without and quarantine. And Harry Morris gets an exam upon arrival. And it sometimes can be a couple days. And sometimes muy. And they can't you know make sure their teeth are urging parents or elect and see if they need to be done. A vaccines are usually done on site immediately and scream pictures that their fears and characters a lot of process through the whole thing back. You know we see a noticeable and jury at them Amish area just sounds or accessories on his injuries as well. And end of the relinquished courses. Where do you get those two people just contact you Sam got a horse I can't take care anymore. Yes basically he or some video contact us CNET fares and neglected horse and a certain. Location and can you please check it out and then Morgan researching mixture. We need to do but stand if it's working with that authorities there are not. And so after you taken a horse then there is that the rehab marked. And and again it would be different for each course that you take it but can you give us an idea what that would entail re having a horse. And basically a lot of star asked and raping filings. And a lot of injuries you want to use any ops and then use that polar up over the sometimes it takes I seen. You know Dalian daily rapping in it on top anti icing and sometimes price today and they knew on a lock them up fifteen minutes everyday. For the react depending on the injury. And ands. You know it depends on if it's just a physical injury and mental injury you know like because courses are. You know how behavioral issues to and they need the Tarver for not mean and instead there's not just like the physical injury. I's house members. As well as in and after horses is rehab you then try to find them home. Yes that's definitely. Yeah I and it doesn't matter how long it takes on a mixtures that we put them long term. How impossible. What if so so if you can't find a home the horse just stays there serenity acres Mustapha. And become a permanent resident Ian as a fine places like how my. What do you look for sound from those that are trying to adopt of course but it looks from the the families or people individuals when they come to you. And honestly you know a lot of organizations have them fill out application first and so far as I am right that's very important to us bank. I prefer that people to come and meet the course first and make sure that their spines and they get along well because they're personalities need to be able to fit to be able to work together so that smearing terrorism building a relationship in visiting once or twice first before. They felt the obligation and and you know reduce the whole process I think is very important and a horses you have now that are ready for adopting who. We selection and we have a quality. Players. On them team and sooners to a person's. OK when I. On tells a little bit about it a couple of made that we can help them I'm adopted and volley which I thought last year and on apathy cloud surgery I think it's pretty much. They're not sitting right. Yeah Irish and I whiskey and prior. And if the body came in right about that time he had a severe. While we preventive surgery. His clout for re haven't. Needed for active very Eric and now he is learning how to use his feet and he's completely sound in his credit I knew how he's so young suits it'd take somebody that wants for the time in. And then we also are selection and do is of course very rehabbing in last year. And he Heidi. Front leg injury if there racetrack and he's we have now on his finger in the train here dispersed variety. And he's been doing. To get forces from auctions. We do but not very often there's you know a huge need for donor relinquishes and working directly through the tracks though we try to add beat that processing goes straight to the sources. But since you're on on the show last year. Have things changed much in the rescue world what are what are some red flags people should should look for. Honestly I think a lot of the red flags are just to be you know just be aware of who you're donating to rent. Theories search and make sure that you know their friends are being news where they should be people are posting receipts. People are you know as far as fair care from that care. And so forth as you all that stuff is super important and a lot of people do not do their research is on and places that they donate to or committed to as far as putting your hard earned money and there's organizations that you're trusting them. But you have a new program this it's a therapy program yes is this already has the sort of started or or I'm going to cost certification and yes okay so it tells a little about this therapy program it's starting. This therapy program is basically going to be to that it too wants them certified and so far as. And it's going to be diverted basically to our rescue. Who are coming in and out of the system. And also to Foster children. And what was it why why now start a program like this system. How honestly and I think that the horse is really really need. Action with people and the need that time and also. Coming from workers and I had a hard child read and went through a lot of things in my hand life. I needed somebody that was their main courses grow is there and I L connection they pretty much pulled me as a talks are clearances the whole therapy and it's kind of meditation thing. And I think other kids need as the creator relationship because they don't how Serena there for them so when do you hope to have this sub program up and running. We are hoping it's going to be launched a in full force in 2000 beginning in 20190. Okay so still a ways off. Yeah I want takes along time for the certification and so I asked again as the and hold their feet just like a therapy jogger. You know there's many more says. And like hearts and heads use hand and went right difference in match and she goes hospitals and she brings Maine power says. And she walks and Eleanor therapy for all elderly people are for sick people I can't come out at a hospital. And it's basically the kind of seemed kind of situation and it's her Foster children and so Farsi you have to get the certification. It to train the horses you know so they're safe for those people so it's kind of along processes like going to school club and getting ranked you know. The certification for anything. And then will you have. Additional staff. For that Pretoria program. That's settling and I have to have the same certifications. Or they're going to be basically going through. Each training program through. Yes and you'll have all the information on your website once this gets Ellison is so telling that are interested. Can sign up for how's that work. And we're anywhere a lot directly through. The government agents like sheriff's department of varsity actually and programs and there. They're not his regulars as if you weren't being on veterans that have writing programs. There is a huge need for these kids to be able to get out and do something even if there. Brothers or sisters and other Foster home I'll bring them to adopt program together and against each other and abilities. Which is really. So it'll basically be referred to you through yet another agent Jack and audits are finding for them it's OK not now you have a a big event coming up. This Saturday and April 28. This is your. Beer for my horses music and brew festival this is the second year isn't it yes that is how have last year ago at a turn out. Last series hurry and it is a lot of fine I was really bummed out about the 78 being close which kind of Rihanna help desk and our audience back Indiana is in our supporters bank and its in house. So this one now the second 12 annual I would assume you're going to be doing this every year yeah people ask me tear themselves. This is coming up this Saturday April 28 wears it to be held its anyhow let this biggest and that's in Ramona yes. What time. It's going to be from twelve to sex on all day thing pretty X family oriented and yet a 100% of the senate so tell us what people can expect you've got a whole bunch of bands performing ES. He has six bands that are playing our country music we have rated news tank and heavy Cusick music but the air guard and vendors. It has Barbeque Andrews recently on and KSI news they think they won the competition on. Peanut butter and leasing it just sit up. So don't be there and and you and smoking. Smoking canyon very. And belching beaver and owns another. And reason immunize any fantastic in five games horseshoe turn answers catch released a chain and it's. Superfund and and I think I read that you are also gonna have. Kissing Booth with a mini pony yes they hope that it could did you have that last year married in Austin. And ask that went. So we'll find out this is reality. Sounds like a lot of fun look at what what is the cost how much is that it's twenty dollars again and. And it's five dollars for her children and then it's under is six years for McCain and the money that you raise at this event where does that go second ago and anything in particular at serenity acres 80% is going to serenity acres there 20% is going and team basically a fun for the therapy program that's coming. No okay yeah to help out that it actually be able to sponsor kits. Below are the horses straight yes now we mentioned earlier on in the program that you are AM they volunteer based help organization yes nonprofit. Column what volunteer opportunities to New York for people and a lot of it is. Her main cuisine. Hang out and Boris is I of still a lot of stock cleaning myself and so far it's at rather people entering the horses and the old man leave the ground turn them out and the analysts and interact with the horses love it. More and somebody wants to become a volunteer any special requirements. I just email us we'll send you ever application and somebody's interested in helping you with your mission maybe with a donation how would they do that. As they can do it via pay Apollo they can do day. And they can go on her FaceBook page. If fundraisers and seek in Austin onto our website and we have a tyranny by an asthma. What about in kind donations supplies for the horses yeah definitely I think are directly turn page provider. Page she means. Green and so fourth week in VCR or having some kind of that thing going on you can donate directly toward that barrier or anything like that. Okay do you have other events throughout the year besides your my horses here ferber is is pretty writes the biggest event that we haven't the air otherwise we have small portion sec on. Come again so Saturday this coming Saturday beer for my horses. Music and Bruce festival where again at just because spark and that is in Ramona and as from noon to six yes it is and. Tickets they can go to your website to get tickets are they can go eighteen we've been spray and any purchase okay. And your website address it is or any acres course rescued dot com and you said your FaceBook any other social media. Face back answer man and Adam aren't as it. Always pleasure seeing you thanks for being on show again. Good luck for the event Saturday and thanks for all you do it's manatee acres horse rescue it's appreciated inked him. That includes another addition of living better and San Diego the opinions expressed some living veteran San Diego did not necessarily reflect the opinions and views. Of the staff and management of the and a count San Diego radio stations episodes of living veteran San Diego are available on the station's website. Join me next week when my guest will be from the San Diego council on literacy until then I'm Gary they have a great week.