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Wednesday, August 15th


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Good morning and welcome to another edition of living veteran San Diego. Public service presentation of the intercom San Diego radio stations and Jerry Lee. Summer grass San Diego is a bluegrass festival that takes place every year in Vista. The organizers of this event are doing their part keep bluegrass music and the arts alive in San Diego County. They're gonna talk about the upcoming festival including some of the artists who will be performing as well as other things you can expect this year. Joining us this morning is some progress San Diego publicity chair Yvonne catered and festival chair Mike take. Welcome Avon apple welcome Mike. Good morning good morning. Years is it now for summer grass well this is our sixteenth year and we are we're looking forward to another successful festival. We go from year to year so we're just hoping that everything works out well force and so far it has in the past and we expected to continue on doing that. This year the festival promises to be another great one some great music and there's other stuff that takes place. At the festival as well we'll talk about that how I we first start with going back to the beginning when the when this all started how it'll start okay. There's two major bluegrass organizations in San Diego the San Diego bluegrass society. In the North County bluegrass and folk club. And they both meet on a Tuesday night somewhere in the county. And that we always have a great time in their some jamming outside and my wife and I used to live up north. And we came down here we decided we need to talk to somebody about getting a festival going here in San Diego so. We kind of planted the seed. In the two organizations got together and said you know that sounds like a good idea let's go ahead and do that. So. This started in that 2003. As this summer grass bluegrass festival. But we worked a little bit two years prior to that with the fiddle contest open Julian but we decided that we needed a different type of venue. So one of the individuals from the North County bluegrass and folk club by the name of quirky Shelton from the antique gas and steam engine museum. And that we went over there negotiated with them and they were receptive to at least trying for one year. And now once we were successful and they saw who we were and what we are all about. They just continued on and says let's continue this and let's have a lot of fun. So it is that this is at the end antique gas and steam engine museum what's what's the actual address this is investor right it's in Vista it's 2040. North Santa Fe it's behind he would go home the academy. Often nor Santa Fe. 23 you know if you look at sports really can't miss it it's good venue in what it is it's an outdoor museum. With old steam engines in tractors in I think feel this tractor back is is sixteen tractor and goes back to buy 1890. And I think those are really cool because you have to have steam to make a move. That's like a train on and on big big steel wheels in the last I heard the newest tractor was like in 1965. International harvester I'm sure there's something loom over the net. But it's it's a wonderful place if you've never been there even without the best we need to go and kind of proves that check it out. Yeah it's really educational. A lot of schools goes there to take their students learn about that period of American history. And they have educational programs there for all ages really as well as other. Like their civil war reenactment stare in. Farming days and that kind of thing that. It's a great place to go to just to learn about the history of our country and it's. And it's a great place for the the bluegrass stressful for some oh yes oh yes yes they've been good partners with us and and we try to be good partners with Yamon. They've made a number of improvements for forest the first year in 2003 we had a stage that was. Oh probably about. Eight foot wide in about two or three foot deep then you know six foot top. To a small it was really small. And the comment as it bans would be going up to the stage we would say. He knew he got to stick to the right because the left side termites in the new way up but the for a we had such a great time. And they enjoyed it well enough that they built this huge stage. It's bigger then we need for summer grass that they used for a bunch of other things. Is unique appearance at the museum because that particular stage. Is bill without nails. They used wouldn't doused in a more assists and stuff like that so they've you know put to join together in a drive McDowell in there and that takes place is nails. It's a beautiful thing yet it is I've been go to some rest now for several years and plan on going again. Festival is this coming weekend Friday. It's on Sunday August 17 and nineteenth at 1718 and nineteenth that's correct and end again some progress is presented by the San Diego bluegrass society and the San Diego North County bluegrass and folk club. Both that you were board members for the bluegrass society right. Yes we were I was president for about four years from 2002004. And we had some major changes with personnel at that time people were leaving people were. I'm getting off the boards so I when he hadn't was present for that particular time I still keep the membership. But. We're not board members at the moment. The San Diego Lira society as a monthly get together they have. Two monthly get togethers in one of the two on the fourth Tuesday always features a band in one of my jobs still is booking that bans. And we bring in local talent and we bring in talent from LA and plaza. Bluegrass society also features three or four. Major concerts. Around accounting usually in early winter and springtime. And the North County. Bluegrass and folk club they take on the job of doing. Camp outs and that kind of thing these we have a couple of major camp outs for people in. Can come and camp and jammed together because part of bluegrass is jamming. You also have dance at play but there's a lot of people out there that also are pickers. And they like to get together and play. And so both organizations doing their part to keep bluegrass music alive and the arts alliance and it okay. That's true that's true that's right we had a couple of people travel in different parts of the country. And at the end here we come back and say. Case some of the best and he's right here in San Diego. And that's that's pretty true there's there's other places in in the country to have good jam sessions but there's a lot of other places that there's just. It's dry there's nobody playing there's no bluegrass so that makes it kinda tough on people when they move and they have to look replaced some players here music. And and that summer grass there is Jan oh yeah yeah crisis. Ali pretty much all day long and sometimes it goes into the wee hours midnight 1 o'clock something like that. But we're kind of nestled in. A residential area at the bottom of the hill so. We ask that you don't bring any electric instruments because bluegrass is now electric it's O acoustics guitar banjo mandolin fiddle. Don't grow things like that so. Then it doesn't travel quite a span. So when you do play it kinda hangs around and campground I know that I've woken up in the middle of the night you know 1:2 o'clock in the morning and I still here based on pay. And it doesn't bother me at all what else actually helps you fall back asleep. And I have actually I think in between bands I've heard some of the jamming going on month and up there later this year. There's a real phenomenon. With some of our festival attendees not just summer grass but it other festivals. People go to the festivals and never go to the stage they're out in the camping carrier in a parking lot in near just pick and with other people. And they never go to seat main stage in decline kind of missing out because we do have some great talent. But if they're main purpose is to jam guess what they'll have a lot of jamming gear and you have had over the years some pretty big stars that played. Obama grass or ass holes right yet when I had to grass goals we can't flat lonesome we've had lonesome river band. Fire in her mind how yeah I'm mark O'Connor. And laugh about two years ago we had Molly Tuttle and she was just voted guitar player of the year for an international bluegrass music association. It seems like we've been very lucky to have big names and may be up and coming names who have gone on to be really well. Now let's talk about the test pull in more detail. A successful again this coming weekend it's the seventeenth for the nineteenth minute via antique gas and steam engine museum in Vista. How much of the tickets from gate price Friday is 25 dollars sanity is 35 dollars in Sunday's 25 dollars and you can buy tickets for all three days catchy yes you can you know individual tickets as individual days as well as a whole three days that's correct. And that camping is allowed camping is allowed that's that's an extra cost because whatever comes from camping goes right back to the museum that's basically air. Rent for the for the festival part of our rent from festival. But yeah out camping is allowed in and you can keep if you buy your tickets you can actually camp from Wednesday after 4 o'clock. Through Sunday night so he can stay overnight UB mom Monday. OK so they can come in early the sure to just leave it starts a shirt camp if they want yes and a lot of people do that in a lot of people get their pay canyon. Those treaties on Wednesday Thursday and part of the Friday so they can spend more time at the stage on Friday Saturday and Sunday. And what what time's the music start each day on Friday the music starts at three in the last band starts at nine so it's over ten. And on Saturday. As starts ten it goes till ten at night that last band is on nine in on Sunday the music starts at nine and it goes 20. 5 o'clock the last band goes on it for so he plays till 5 o'clock and are there any restrictions. As far as what people can bring into. The festival. We don't allow alcohol in our audience Syria and there's no smoking in the audience Syria in reality it's a county parks and there's no smoking anywhere. But no no drugs no alcohol and please no animals. It's hot you know don't bring any animals that we if we find him in the locked up in a car will call the police and basically that's it beach you can bring instant food you can bring in your cheers. If you're campaigning in green. Your dogs and pets are like that out there but not into the audience area so there are allowed but just that it's not if they're camping AM. Just not in the audience here right okay. So let's talk about some of the music that's going to be happening to us a progress this year. I have been told Joseph Marlins and the radio rambler is is a group not to. They're up for numerous awards at the international bluegrass music association. And fan fest in rally this year. And they want a few awards last year Joseph Marlins is deeply rooted in bluegrass tonight this is at least the second generation because his dad had a band. In Joseph was actually part of that and for awhile and then he got out of the dance he can have a career. And something else to make a little bit of money but Joseph is he's just a nice guy had the opportunity to talk with him a couple of times and yeah he's very traditional is traditional music and he's he's playing several times over the weekend Disney and he has he has he's playing on Saturday 4 PM and 9 o'clock he's closing up show on Saturday. And he's playing on Sunday at three just before our. Instrument raffles I'm hoping to get out there to catch him on Saturday okay because like I said I've been told he's he's worth watching real worth checking out he has also appearing to Jess Robbins banner also referred to as described in his brother's. That's correct. Jeff ZAM. We hear of the walnut. Is it walnut valley Sonoma valley are Winfield or Winfield everybody knows it is Winfield he's a banjo player and he's phenomenal. He's won the Winfield banjo contest an act of injuries playing now as when he won back in the early ninety's yeah. Nice guy and it's he's got a son playing man and with interest and interest in is a is a powerful mandolin player great man when my. You don't want to miss them their attitudes and other than he's more peace more progressive than gel. But he's not he's now way over on the other hand. And that's that's the thing about about some grass it's not just all traditional. There's there's progressive bluegrass is the traditional bluegrass it it it varies you know that's one thing I really like about some Swedish trade offer a variety because you have to have variety and I it's out there. I think we do their job of it. Yeah so it is. A summer grass favorite one that I've seen I think every time I am I'm up it tests on grass is so blue grass is Saturn have their they're on from this Arthur yes they are. All were kids there are I should say not all of them but John more than it than that guitar player. And Dennis cap cleaner the banjo player now came from Vista as young teenagers they played together. And they decided to make a trio a man and a bass player. As young people. And may have. Really really popular jam and I think it was a long about in the early seventies at today's pizza. In Vista. And it would bring people like rose man X in there. And Jill Mason sent all these people that the kids knew because the kids being blue grass except or because zero playing festivals. And you know time passed and they got a little bit older and they became. Teachers to. They. Taught famous people like that kids from nickel creek Sean answer Watkins got lessons from Dennis canceling her. And John Mora tied Kristy Lee on the mandolin nickel creek was also from just south. They are blue drastic center is today hometown favorite and they have so many fans they're they just come in by the droves to see bluegrass success turn. And it and they say more than wants to don't think yes they played on Friday it eats. And they plea on Saturday eleven in me weighing in on Saturday at five dare one of the few bands that I know of that. That. Professional players. From backstage we'll say well I got to go out and watch bluegrass is set to replace. I don't hear too many people saying I have to guard who watched this guy player this right it's always blue grass of Centre. John Morse phenomenal guitar player phenomenal mandolin player Dennis is same thing he's basically to go to banjo player or from an L and not from LA but when somebody needs some banjo in the area him. They called Dennis Dennis is just a phenomenal banjo player. Steve's virgin another great player he played the Byron brewing for years is his own solo act. He's a wonderful songwriter. Wrote Irish trained walking the Irish dream a highly trained everybody recorded that practically. And so yeah just to parents trio. Tell us about you've got local talent performing as well not just well of course. The necessary technically they're local but you've got other local talent to right. Yeah we do we have bands that you'll find throughout the county playing in different places. We have blue creek in pine mountain road and central valley boys are our. We have a few bands from. LA area. Shin bone and Corzine's. In Gailey girls and in my personal favorite virtual strangers obviously that's my dad. One of the things that went festival started as I always would light and one of the things I mentioned when we were talking about the festival is starting it is I would always like to have. At least six spots for local bands. Because it would it would give them a chance to show off what they do in it gives them a chance to. Play on a major and the major deal in the majors Estonia. Upped their game yeah I give him some consider look forward to use of the can coalesce into something that stage you were being. So now there are some other things that are happening. At the test of besides the music. I got kits camp too I wanna I wanna talk about that real quickly to that kits camp came not the first year in 2003. But in 2004. And it has been very successful we've had a minimum of 35 kids per year one year we be even to fifty kids. But. The other small a tuition charge for three days we have. Touring band that comes through and are the faculty. So this year Alan by being dressed down which is glamour headliners is the faculty for kids can't. And they are very good teachers with kids so they're teaching kids all about the root immense of bluegrass music on their instrument as well singing. And the highlight for kids camp is Sunday at noon. The kids play on stage as a star ice along with Alan by the grants to allow and so. It's a big highlight there's lots of cameras parents grandparents out there is a big deal. So my yeah we're very very proud of kids' camp and we have some big names that come through the year. John my Lander who now plays with Bruce hornsby Bruce Holland speed. You know money accuses him started have grown up now are playing music so. Can people sign up for this camp at the festival or they have to do it ahead of time usually they camp but this year. I just found out its closed. It's on all your fault it's only powerful political. Hit that we take kids from six to sixteen yeah and we teach him on a specific bluegrass instrument something we'd like to place they can learn to play the banjo. Or they can learn to play the man Lynn or the Qatar or the base or the fiddle or no growth. So we cover the bluegrass. Instruments. And we. Like singing and singing yet and singing and you can usually tell who the parents are because when you stand on stage. They're the ones who have the big screen and on yeah. So they're watching their kids play it's wonderful. And you have free workshops tape to review those workshops are free. With a paid attendance and some of the topics we have our Friday night is our get acquainted jam. People can come out there and just jamming get to know each other those that are new to that defensible. We have a slow jam after that if you're kind of just starting to learn how to jam him great teacher or nor Barack. Who teaches people that are you know may be closet pickers or something get out there instrument and just figure out how they can fit in as some of these jams. We have now until summer on Saturday. And that's beautiful instrument that's. Really asked to with a history of bluegrass music. On meet the band where we have this province Brothers on. Saturday and Sunday is Joseph Mullins you can actually meet the band and now it's question and answer session. And fun theory for bluegrass music is also if you like music theory that's on Saturday. We have face painting guys. Sugar bear the clan on his hair for the kids to get their face payment. So it's all kinds of other activities. Aside from the music and yes and you have vendors there as well and his food to the us and lots of Enders go big vendor village scamming this year I was they were close to twenty vendors already really. Yeah well that's theaters. All kinds of unique products you're shopper which most of us are. Allison some of us are. You any like unique things this is where you gonna find it. Yet we sell festival T shirts and what are we do go home with a vessel teacher because that money helps keep the festival going. And they usually they usually nice shirts we have a nice. Artwork this year we have our logo are standard lovable we have a nice artwork this yourself. Initially every made on and on site and with different styles he can come and pick the color you want the sure you want everything you know make a right there already and that's nice yes pretty cool yeah. And and museum has concession stand there are so there is food you get taken dinner break. Well yes we can get dinner break on and on Friday in a sanity we take a lunch break and have dinner break. In on Sunday we taken lunch break and we're down by dinnertime. We're down by 5 o'clock native Greek food you know it's all the live like home cooked meals he can get burgers Fries hot dogs. But they also offer farm breakfast if you're camper they have great breakfasts up there. And. Ice cream pie coffee just you Neiman they have it now or just bad at a time. And did want to mention you're raffle your pals have a pretty critical raffle every year the. It's I love it I love it so much I just can't explain. Martin guitar. Has been a sponsor for us probably for ten years and they always give us a nice mark in Qatar where their two. 35 or whatever. The issue we have a it's in our possession and it's it's another one of those wonderful instruments. Ended gearing venture company which is a local banjo maker makes fine banjo. Has been on board last since day one so this year as usual we're giving away a good time banjo. It's very very playable beginning to enjoy and it's just it's wonderful and then we just received. The lower mandolin from the musically company up in the Bay Area and that they've been with us probably five years or so and they always give us a nice mandolin to. And periodically through the through the days on Friday Saturday and Sunday we actually have what we call the demo dance or you can actually hear the instruments and know that there are real instruments you can learn to play him and they will play. Have a demo band gets on the main stage between two bans in place one song with the raffle instruments. I think I saw that last year I do remember yeah seeing that now which is pretty cool yeah. So again summer grass coming up this Friday through Sunday the seventeenth through the nineteenth at the antique gas and steam engine museum in distant. Can people get tickets or to which side yes it can't peeking get tickets that summer grass. 2018. Tickets dot but it bright dot com. Or go to WWW. Dot summer grass dot net and get tickets there. Okay and you can get tickets again for individual days or for the entire week rhetoric current poking out now the San Diego bluegrass society. And San Diego North County bluegrass and folk club both nonprofit organizations right that's correct correct that's correct. And we we are always looking for. People who feel especially generous and love the music we they've they've become great super fans and sponsors for summer dress. You have the organization's got together to put the festival on so it's it's two organizations that help put the festival together. And they're both nonprofits as is the museum itself. So it's a total non profit nonprofit weekend in everybody there is a volunteered nobody gets paid except the main dance. So we feel when you come up to the main gate who's working behind ticket Booth that's a volunteer. And that people who are helping shuttle people back and forth their volunteers are people who are setting up things are volunteers so. You know yeah we're always looking for donations so that's always a good thing. And the and the money that it that if somebody wants to make a donation. They can. Earmark that force Democrats can't take they can make relatively easy that donation online corrective here if you're gonna if you're gonna donate money you can make out a check to the San Diego bluegrass society. In just at the bottom in the memo area just saved directed for summer grass or just say for summer grass and same thing with the North County bluegrass and folk club. Make it out to the North County bluegrass and folk club in just put a little note in the memos that this is for summer grass all are very appreciated and tax deductible. That's kind of art art tickets available. At the event oh yes yes tickets are available at the event. And so far we haven't sold out so we still have few left her OK but yeah we have we have a lot of fun and you know you come up to the front gate there and you meet a lot of nice people and yet tickets still available. Andre and we do take credit. Cards that's good to know who. And what what's the website again for summer grass www. Summer grass dot net. Okay and your social media to our chief Alia on face picture yes Ron FaceBook so go to our FaceBook page and and see what. Does the latest there and yeah we. We have a presence in social media and I would like to say that summer grass is a great place to go. We're not super huge like some festivals we're not real tiny we're just right in between I think it's great it's like a family reunion nearly half. I think it's great again I've I've done several years and gone again this year I look forward to it. The bottom Mike thank you for being on the show Saturday I appreciated thanks for helping to keep bluegrass music and the arts alive in San Diego County in here don't see up there. Yeah McCain and we're excited thank you very much here and thanks for having us. That includes another addition of living veteran San Diego the opinions expressed on living veteran San Diego do not necessarily. Reflect the opinions and views of the staff and management of the N com San Diego radio stations. Episodes of listening habits and you know are available on the station's website. Join me next week when my guest will be from sharp pace of this house. Until then I'm currently have a great week.