Psychic/Medium Matt Fraser talks about the "other side"

Thursday, October 19th

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson welcome Psychic/Medium Matt Fraser to talk about the other side - how to communicate, and interpret messages and other signs from those who have departed. Matt takes listener calls and more. 10/19/2017 - Beyond reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnosn


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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. A. It's Wednesday in the West Coast Thursday on the. Many were stuck in between welcomed me unrelated radio myself Jason was always awesome TV Johnson so I have a real dilemma for you. To be ready for this year now you've heard all about the use. Driver less cars there there basically being tested everywhere they're basically about ready to come to market pretty close anyway and in the very very close to being something the role going to be seeing on the roads right. Yeah it was too which I can hate because I enjoyed. Well I do too I mean part of the part of fun of getting from ADB is actually the drive itself and enjoying the car but I like every kid again my parents backseat. Right but there's a lot there's a lot going on with this but one of the biggest hurdles are still facing and this is where the Lama comes and is what do you tell teach these computers is all done by computers these cars are being driven by a bunch of sensors that are feeding a computer. And that computers making decisions sooner you know authors somebody walks across the street in front of the bit the car senses it stops whatever. But. In the event of an unavoidable accident. What do you tell the computer to do. Do you tell do you teach the computer do you program it so that it it it. Hits the other car or the pedestrian or does it turn to the left and hit and so the drivers are the passenger side is exposed or the other way so that the driver side do excel is exposed to be like what's he ethical Choi what's the ethical choice what's there's a real moral dilemma here now it gets even more interest it. These car manufacturers. Are looking at now leaving that decision up to the driver there may be a knob in these cars that you set. To tell the car what to do in the event of that situation. You saw I guess tennis is driver. Protect the passenger protect the backseat to eat all these decisions are on the little mob. Eternal one way or the other and you make that decision and you wonder if that's just more for so they don't get suited. Marry him because losses represent losses seem to pop up over everything that successor right but but there are so now you're in this car yours and you're the guy even though it's not agreed not to driver percent because the cars driving itself but you're the one in the cockpit. You're the one making that decision now of course if you had your kids in the car that's a pretty easy decision to make council however what if you drive moves a bunch of colleagues your mother in law. Terry. Are you guys don't write or what choice I am I'm ready to Max uptick but that's another easy way below what about station that a mother in law died this system but induces a mother in law and the car automatically knows what defines a fine if finds where she sitting in the car automatically. Doesn't matter she can move concede deceit as a matter that is they figure out where it correlates is that we could give a four way four way switch all pinpoint the siege debit if you move amid the car and they can probably program as a they've that it would find beat by decent facial recognition but either way so now you're a car in your with a bunch of colleagues say. In America. We'll leave it in and let's say than any of them my boss know Powell. So Rousseau who well who do you protect protect yourself SS whatever ones I like the most would you protector but what about yourself a unit would you sacrifice yourself. Other colleagues are can always get new college right so now you decide I'm gonna make the driver who turned the knob of the driver so do you think people are gonna get in the car knowing that you set that to Levy just the whole bunch of clothes and I'm an operative I'm gonna do the whole like I'm reaching to the radio dial. Pretend that yes you know that's the key they have the height the switch see people can't see how sad day should be on the driver side down in this or didn't so you can't see. That product I'll pay welcomed the honor held any radio. Everybody. Jason NGV here if you have a Niemi she had over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio. But the FaceBook page and head over to be on reality radio dot com we can find stations we are on I'll cross country he can also download free iPhone and android app. To launch of listen live catch past shows join online chat. Or just click the listen live button right on the website and analysts analysts in the show live wall being a great community of people dying and Allen talked with us in the general. And it's always a great time we've got a really interesting show lined up for you tonight we've got Matt Frazier coming on the program he has a psychic medium that so want to talk about the different signs. In dreams. That the spirit world uses to communicate with us during the course of our day he'll also take some readings later on in the programs if you wanna call and remember the number 2844. 6877669. And he's annoying I believe it's actually right or an Allen I think you're right and Dem I was watching some of his videos and not only is he in New England boy but he sounds like canoeing and boy he's got that New England states and I. Doesn't sound like you know no you don't and all you don't want to armored from upstate New York that would explain solid and of seeing your back I. Yeah yeah I guess in New York State New York City returns totally completely different completely. Space so honestly it in do you talk about that story so story came across by news feed today. And instant reaction was right to wonder if Steve is there what does that mean well Howard stern show he hit the Arizona. A fire in Arizona it was caused by spider burning. Now I sued to saying yes now in a blowtorch used to burn spider webs appears to be the cause of the fire in a mobile home in Tucson Arizona officials say. Fire crews sent to the scene on Sunday stop the fire from spreading and elderly woman was carried out of the home buyers on the neighbors suffered only minor injuries. The cause of the fire is being investigated but it appears to be that they used a propane torch. To burn spiders under the trailer. That's she's so aggressive I need to ask because. I just came back from firms Fargo with Steve sewing now and always driving across the country I gotta wonder if maybe didn't swing swing through Arizona. I did see him doing that I can seem grabbing anything close by that would defend him with him when he's party and he's literally burned spite I mean. One time he took a can of this spring Seti you know spray oxygen for the cleaning you keyboards a sudden you. And he spree he sprayed a spiders have expired now the creepy things I have to get after him credit on this spread despite her with a cannot say down spider froze solid. And then like five minutes later the spartans started movie carries serious and it's creepy yes that was right there aren't you knew those things are from hell. But it's just so I've I've seen him really Lou who who lose his his mind on the site. But I saw the story that's just an economic obviously perfect Steve thing that's exactly what he duke is he doesn't think about. Anything. Anything but. I get a kill us yet. I'm sorry of firefighters but I had to kill this thing I didn't mean to burned on the house he ripped a keyboard off my computer one time and try to kill multi Emmy. Literally didn't need to unplug the keyboard and rip the thing from the from the computer. And indicate he's got a serious issue yeah it's a no holds barred when it comes to him on reacting in defending himself against defending himself I said to myself or assisting him in I don't like spiders you affairs Jerramy awful awful bound trying to get office about you know only sings or the size recorder and start to use Macs are really tiny does why you know grenades are pretty small so while it's true but you winners guys I mean and that despite her is a have no idea I mean basically to squish it. Pretty simple yeah norm there's certain spending spider I mean quality analyst Russia but. I mean when you get flesh eating bacteria from that have per hour clues and all us from us and Syverson the resemble these nasty little creatures. Never simple low sounds by the way tomorrow night we've got Chris in Poland moon we're going to be talking about the ghosts box they wrote a book about the ghost box and they're doing a tour with a ghost box. Your thoughts on the go Spock jamming it we've we it's been a controversial tool for a long time. I've got really mixed feelings does is you know I've I've got a couple of them over here and and we we've used them have actually set up an on. Two side by side so. I'll have to get chris' take on him but. You know I just they've always seemed very inconsistent. And they're always picking up by AM frequencies and a and the animal itself so and I've just never really had much faith in them then again. I'm gonna Stanley hotel and I've seen amused and there's been some really neat experiences. And things that I am my wife's name being said in a more my daughter's names being said Tom. And clearest day it's valid one losing three of us that they are trying to figure out what was said but it was clear and so I have to definitely there weird. You there do you think it's it's a matter of the user do you think enters certain people can elicit certain results from those devices verses other people. I don't see the problem is also that icing is when your Stanley you're kind of how the middle of nowhere. So you're away from all these all these radio station but then again your hair alimony thousand feet up and talk about yet a perfect place to Tia signal. But I'm. That's especially at 9 AM Sydney Games Arianna broadcast we'll skip across the world basically. That night and that you can pick him up from almost anywhere. And it's it's intermittent to assist not a not a consistent signal but it'll come and go and the Cisco can be confusing. Yeah and the one thing is you know there's some other shows talking on the paranormal their only in ninth. And a lot of times a year you text these bits and pieces about whereas alien workers and goes whether it's a demonic and they're talking multi subjects late at night. And and that's a lot of times what you're hearing on these boxes yeah so I don't know what to what your thoughts. Well I I agree with the I had seen some pretty interesting results and I think you and actually saw some of the same stuff to the Stanley once I also saw some things at the mount Washington and even go to saga when we do you did the events here I think was the Constantine knows. Were here while they're still line before you have for that tragedy and they were using a ghost box and had some pretty interesting results and can't deny. That it's ahead stretcher but at the same time I've seen people just completely go overboard with their interpretation of what they're getting in just you know. It take it all firm as as fact and not really questioned it and that's that's that's too far the other way. And so if you have India fought Smart yeah. If you used to ghost box or any of these things are Daniel fought on he was a call at 844687766. Earned and told treaty for four. 687766. Yet and we'll be talking with Chris in Poland moon tomorrow night about that going to be interesting to get their take on of course Friday night is always a best stuff program and then Monday we kick off with a bunch of stuff but that's neat things coming up next week to eject. Or to a fast start and actually pulled it up you start cassis who was a conjure woman she's been helping folks through her ancestral heritage of old style conjure works. From the south of the Mason Dixon line I'm assuming Newman has some New Orleans connections they're not even sure. But then Tuesday were talking with. Sarah when green leaf was an astrologer and a wiccan she's a priestess in the wiccan community and she's getting ready for Halloween months of talk about Halloween. And find out what power power moon sees. Is and what did that can do to help us be successful. Well and then when they were talking we're doctor Joseph carry owned a ghost. Physics how recent findings in quantum physics and medicine only two paranormal events yeah so intensely sounds like an inch sting out show that night. Some cool stuff so we talking about how the spirit world tries to contact us through dreams and other signs we see will be taking some readings it's all coming up on beyond reality radio. Ours so we're gonna take a quick break and get our guest today you'll listen Jason GBM. Yeah really to real people. They beyond reality radio friends as you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners and now we've made it even easier for you to get a hold of them just visit the beyond reality media web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in then you better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short five help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners hooked on whatever you're interested in anything order straight from there it could. Couldn't be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the guest tap in the menus and then simply sit back enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. An annual fun to watch and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. I'm Jason JP RC 446877669. A little while we will open up the phone lines and begin taking your calls for our guests and I met Frazier but it'll be a little bit before we can do that we. Such talk about met. But first before researcher from Eagles capsule and it's just Ashton talking nice local guy who. Well who does this kind of work yet so what program Matt Matt Frazier is a psychic medium his website is meet Matt Frazier dot com he's got a book that's called of the secrets to unlocking your psychic abilities a whole bunch of stuff on his website Mac welcome to the program great to have you on beyond reality radio. Good morning it's great to be out here with you. Use a morning that confusing you're right it's after midnight here he's Kos hope it's more in. We've got a lot of great stuff to talk about this is a particularly short segment. So let's start with the EU because Jason reference to telling us where your from now where he grew up. Some actually from Cranston, Rhode Island and that's why he can get the access I heard they give you talk to him earlier on the radio in. Didn't syndicate dollars from New England just by the way but I talked. Yet that's all I'm hoping I'm I'm I'm pro war wrecked our whole entire white are not some from warlord so. All. So essentially we're broadcasting out of an endless well good. So here is your front you're from New England. You've you've you've still residing New England is that where you're these days. Yes some don't get into it wouldn't wouldn't that at least we are no matter how many times you try to leave it but of course who can get right back when you started. You know it took place that you can go anywhere in the world that no other place like get. He's I thought that was upstate New York back and I think that I was you are rather prominently as they bleed you dry so you can afford to. That's what it is not a coincidence. So mad we got in just a few minutes Maria sticker a bottom of the hour break and we can then after that we can get into a lot of this stuff but first tell us about how you got you know tennis started with all this when you first realize you had some special abilities here. Welcome as long as I can remember from the start doc and I as I remember as I could sit say. I have a without the ability to the end of the departed I wanna say that start at with the bulk of Rio but three or four years old. I literally would go to bed in premiere look like living the movie the sixth sense where I would literally feed and you're dead people in my room at night but. When you're actually living that. It's so much scarier in real life then what you see on TV or what you see in movies. And I remember go to bed every single night right in because I was seeing and hearing things that other people caught it. And it would later on in late but I realized. The tip of the abilities. Actually thought it would my grandmother who had the skeptic. Who packed onto my mom and then turned out not to me. But back in the day you couldn't talk about this you couldn't talk about oh. Seeing him giving get people like you've been you know receiving signs from your loved ones are connecting with people on the other side it was something that was very harsh harsh in my grandmother are. When she went to when she with the lives. You know back in the 50s6070s. It was so capital back then that nobody knew about it with only close friend and the only members. My grandmother was so what sprayed he. People actually finding out that not even her hard spend my grandfather knew that she did that. How secret and how you know I kept close to what they're not the only. And you said the started when you're about 34. Yeah I would I would adrift for. Around that time that's when school psychic channel and been in the beginning. I didn't really know what was going on I didn't know what was happening. It was. So crazy and so ski area I can't even explain it started off where I would get up and I went to bed at. It almost be like yelling get an idea of the moment that I go to bed ballot that type for them to channel let it try to reach me in a lot of times the souls will come to you. At a time when you're going to sleep when your mind relax because. We don't have the distractions of every day like going to Ronnie don't have people around you at the noble and wait for them to channel it so literally. Or are. A law and and that's and that's most come most people have paranormal experiences between the hours 8 PM and 4 AM as usually when house that the quiet distant and people are finally able to slow down and and just chill out and focus on other things a lot of times that's where battle they'll CEO they'll they'll hear things and and honestly a lot of times psychics will also be able to make the best communication during those times who will get into next I wanna talk too little about if this happens so young. Why did you ever have to fear since that something needs ballad you're born with fear of this but we'll get into that we come back we're gonna take. Quick break the phone numbers 84468776. Or trying to talk freely 446877669. You listen GC. GG be are really really will be back. Beyond reality radio from JC JC telephone number 6446877669. Will be taking phone calls for our guest in a little bit mad Frazier is our guest he's a psychic medium we're talking about. Personal how he of first learned of and developed his sensitivities and abilities but. Ross talk about how the spirit world communicates well with us through dreams through other signs might see during the course of the day things remind. Not even recognize as being something that might be coming from. Lost relatives or or somewhere something else on the other side Yemen trying analyst Matt. Foreign went to break we're talking you were talking about me when you first realize you have these abilities are around three or four and you're going to bed and you were scared. Now can you explain why or why you're scared at that point just for the fact and I know a lot of people out there like while many in a it's a ghost or whatever but the fact of the matter is at that point. It's more just it's it would seem sort of normal to you. Right because you're not you're solid you're born with the fear of of spirits or ghosts. Also what's it that's great questions so what really happens is when I first started to realize that I had to get that the company. Realize that because my grandma had passed away. I think it was just bring forth the time to Mike Ramadan with psychic that was what the past June the first spirit that I that actually came to visit me came back to make. And I was seeing Mike Graham and in my bedroom and it wasn't it scary experience and make. I literally don't wait are we seeing her in the way that I was interacting with her on a nightly basis I never realized. My grandmother had died and it never realized that my grandmother had passed away with having conversations with terror as the old is she at bogus it was right there next to me. Hands you know it's the same thing is when people experience that they may have a grandchild that they may have response small thundered toward our. Who might see your interact with a loved one with Palestine. Maybe their grandfather had passed that they had never met and then you know I just being a child interact with them and it's not giving experience. What happens after that after my first site channeling my grandmother at the other soul soar at an opportunity to come through. So is thought it would channeling my grandmother and then next thing you know what I'll go to that it be strange people in my room at night so I imagine that you were to go to bed. And all of a sudden you've had all these strange people looking over you got it looked like from may. That's scary because they were allowed they were trying to get through messages to make it look like all get along the person who passed away down the story of trying to reach my daughter. It was loud voices it was additions that I was getting. And it was like being thrown into our horrible it was literally I remember that there were times when my bet is to shake. I remember there were times that we're throwing things across our Rome. Because of the fact that they were trying to reach me and the more that I tried to push the voices await them what they tried to hide under the covers. The more louder than it would become the more that they would try to get my attention and it's funny because. When that but the locally not the first person that every into what my mother. So I would literally be screaming in my bed for my mom the content in to help me and my mom having to get to. She was ever afraid of that and my mom coming to be like you know what went okay you know you can contributed got denied it don't get ultimately the light on BO. It was just the that that might not on. Getting to what the web I would see it that people in humans on the side of me going you know what are they saints feel cool whip it talk you know public talk back. And try to get need to communicate and try to get to speak but what if somebody that you're not the new weapon at somebody that you don't know and it's a stranger. For a little kid that's scary it is yeah that's what you sometimes genocide still get it. You know before I go on a conference call what the client Okafor right take you know I'm reading with somebody. Sometimes though get up out of bed and they'll be ambiance sitting there like that I play it's probably. The quote equality in our battle about to read and I'll probably get in the air her mother had passed. And it can be startling effort because you're not expecting them expected to be in the house alone or be a delegate they haven at all a thought instantly disappear. In being a medium like myself a lot of times I'll see them setting a part of the ad if they are right they. See them at the dock at the hologram result loses it's like a real purpose that at some time. Even when I'm driving in the car it can be it can be hard its wallet at times when. You know Mike open be in the car with me I'm driving and all the Saturday at work because they'd be you know homeless person and I thought with a little street but really it was a homeless person quick count there. So because they seemed so real and they look so real it you know in an instant it's hard to meet its how. Whether or not that is a sold at department or if it's a real person. It so I would take you back to the U comments she made about they've been taboo to talk about that because I I I believe was for a long time. People had these sensitivities of the shied away from having discussions about the kind of hid them. Because they felt they might be ridiculed or looked at you know with a with a crooked dire what ever. At what point today do you think that changed Matt and was there any particular. A core inserts did something happen in pop culture that made us more accepting of all of this. Absolutely I near split itself. People who. Went on the radio but talking about the experience is beside tissue or syrup out it and then all of this universal knowledge side to happen we are. As and I think the Internet had a lot to do with that so the Internet what does it became a safe haven. For people to going to screen names and to talk about what was going not at what was happening and what they were experiencing. And they could put it out on the Internet and people could start responded to it. And it's odd comment to talk about your own experiences and then all of a sudden it seemed like once the Internet had happened. It's like a global awakening happens people start sharing their pictures they start talking about the work that I start to talk about signs that are talking of the talking to all be. Harvard says that they were afraid to talk about. You know would you would when you don't have access to information and these things start to happen when you steal your house's point to it. Or you feel like a loved one is trying to communicate with DO a lot of times you question yourself it ended up I get in my crazy is this really might really getting these signs. What's really happening. And a lot of pundits and education yet to educate yourself. On the other side you know the spirit side of life. And I just in the week that they communicate because sometimes they can be can be in that but with scary. But really just because they're trying to get a hold the view and at the top the message in any way that they can end so. I feel like that docked on the global awakening started because it is encouraged other people to come out to talk about the people who you know what what normally hear from. And as well as opening up the door and now with sign CD now we capsule looked like Long Island medium we have. So look like like top like yourself who go in and you know do paranormal investigations and the proof and have the existence of the got to light. Is is happy when I mean the existence is everywhere. So I think that was the major breaking point and I noticed that when I started my FaceBook page it became the community. For people to go with the start talking about the experiences. Something that my grandmother couldn't do she never have those resources she couldn't talk to anybody about it. And when she did talk to people bought it because there was not enough understanding up there. It would get so nervous they would shut down. It was a very small group this year actually read four and a very small propeller table five women in the Stanley and it may be once friends. That she actually. With able to communicate with these experiences and and give readings still. And it wasn't until I started doing that publicly that my grandfather. Actually found out like we're mother and she she was a medium but she wasn't like meat cheesy it's hard to beat for people. And that's how OPEC might have actually made her own set of cards. And it's funny because my grandfather had never seen them. IE in it to like doing the work and I actually educate him about what it what that my grandmother had died and my mom that I talked to a baby yet no we'll he had no idea there. So I really deal that ended stated Dayne needs that we are going to a global awakening people coming to talk about the size people I feel that we all. Feeling that I loved ones and one cheap perform. And the more that you learned at the other side is much like a link which you need that the medium. A lot of time downloading new ways to be a decided she's been to communicate with me to get me to pass messages to people here in the world. It also to be able to make themselves known. So I knew we all have a special way that we sent to a loved one's deepest sense them steal them here. And connect with them do dream. But we have to be mindful left that we have to be aware of that and not write it off. And one thing I rule I agree with you on is the whole fact that. People came to this point where and I you say it on of course pretty much every season of the show is one of the first things we'd always get where people saying. You're gonna think I'm crazy pot and and that's the thing me and that was the initial thought people felt the minute they started talking about. Ghost or or the possibility of their house being haunted that's the you're going to automatically assume they were crazy. And that's not it's never been the fact of course it's a wall maybe even to many many out there has but was never a factor us we who are always going in. Trying to zero was truly happening to try to help them out. It was definition a situation that Pete it is that people felt like they're going to be judged. Absolutely. And one of the things that I think that people are realizing too is that there are many differences between actual go. And spirit. Because the gold that is usually a sold at unsettled and that might be a lot of what you deal with what paranormal activity going into a haunted place. When told the kind of the would have unfinished business. But annual that you would have sold around them. That that are hard left and it just to be remembered that I passed on that are watching over them and a lot of times you have the only members with deal. That you may not even know what army daddy didn't connect with because they passed before you abort. So even if you had a grandmother a grand grandfather who you'd never met here in this world Beers sold would still be with you watching mobile. And I think that that just shows us that love never dies it's an eternal and it just keeps going and it gets so much more polite but what's here in the physical world. Matt you won you're an EMT for a long time no you have these abilities you're aware of them since being a child. Did you kind of shove them to the side or put them away or suppress them to pursue other work and as an EMT did these. Either working with people in an emergency situation you must've had some kind of convergence of that career in that profession. With you're abilities as a psychic medium. Well you know I feel that. My calling as a would spent to help others and I feel that a lot of people who are psychic and you know have been very intuitive gift. Move into that steel belt either become a holistic healer or a doctor or nurse. Because I think that they're calling a little bit or maybe being if not then that they're calling I know a lot of people who are very intuitive of some of my clients are actually doctor. And they have a lot of psychic ability that you can get that get away and I using it to channel polls. But don't know the moment a client walks in what's wrong with double what part of their body you know with having issues. And for me because that would those Gigabit when I was younger I despite the voices to stop I didn't want it to keep happening. And I remember that I was telling people at school and I was telling children and that I was in school weapon also friends of mine neighborhood. And my mom would have to talk to school and to talk to them of why that we can talk doubles seeing go sit in in seeing dead people. And then I remember that Mike one of my closest friends with actually next door neighbor Rachel I grew up with our. Ice huge actually told me that who last year. That when I was younger she remembered the Yelp playing in the camp are determined telling her how. I think that people that keep me up at night and how I would connecting with my grandmother and her parents don't know he's crazy you know don't don't look into value out of that might. So you know I think that that's still what I would wind up with it was still the case before all this started to come out. And because of that I wanted to be normal I remember right did get bullied because of it in school especially. Later Rodham like when I started to look deeper into that I put some weight for years and yet and yet they put away. You know at the end of elementary school into middle school for the very end of high school. Still you know what side to look into my own abilities exit where to go with the medium for the first time myself to look back into the gifts but I have been pushing away. And at that point I'd want to be immediate medical wanna connect to look at the Scott I wanted to be an EMT. And I wanted to help people on the political level like pulpit that was Michael atop the outlook highlights calling it. And I actually went in pursuit yet. And that it was during that time when I was in school and becoming any empty when I went to go into the medium. And she it said to me you know you have to get back into this you know what she told me. Some some different techniques to use to. Kind of get it backwards at the top back in some different medications. I remember going home and doing yet actually being backed net session and everything except coming back the voices start coming back. Division side coming back it was but one thing after another after another. And I would still in the NC. Applying to become a physician's assistant but I'd probably keep a close friend that the only members on the on the side and it was crazy because. It's like calling just changed from helping people on the typical level just to get more wins like my grandmother dead it was at that point in time when the awakening with happening. And then mixing in our capacity on talk shows like just stop I was out to be on you know news channels and everybody was you know. I get violent very small and where traveled quickly able to what you could speak the debt among the old. Battalion to Libya. Itself. But on the hill are. I had them make a decision whether or not I was going to go in its stay in the Indian in cedar pursue higher calling. Using this gift to help others because there was so many people who needed my time and end needed to reach me to hear a message from Billups went on the the side so. I took apple stop and I mean that blue pin and I feel that happened that finally just plain belt arrests. What's awesome all right so we're gonna take a break when we come back more elicits Jason in GBM Dioner Ellen revealed we'll be right back. Man Frazier is the psychic medium. His website is neat that Frazier died. Com he's got a book it's called the secrets of a mocking your psychic ability we'll talk about that book and a little bit more also take your phone calls. In the next hour so rate down the number it's 8446877669. Amanda. Just a quick question because this is a pretty short segment here is well. You talked about being bullied and you talked about you know having duke somewhat hide your abilities to keep you know sane and some ways. How do you address skeptics today when people say oh you can't really do that it's a it's a trek or whatever how do you address people like that. Well it's skeptics that his non believers so skeptic is somebody who doesn't know they believe that I'm sure it's a real. But they'll be receptive of the tenets information they just won as he proved. We are out there now believe that somebody who they don't wanna believe no matter what don't you show them they do not here they don't wanna believe they don't wanna know anything that you have to say. It's almost like the monopoly the to go to the doctors who don't believe a medication. You know when the doctor is that okay you know this token popular like no you're wrong you know gonna go in and I don't have to yet I don't have this wrong but make. And they refused medication that is that the non believer but. I loved skeptics I love this skeptical ones because. I think that somebody who comes to would have banned or who comes to seeing their how to reading to receive a message that we lead changes their life. It's amazing. I I think that the number one person. That needs to come to one of my show was or it needs are reading it the person who doesn't wanna come to my shows with the don't want to believe who doesn't want to go. And you know haven't met your message from the other side our step and believe in the afterlife it doesn't believe in the spirit world. It still people who I. I feel that I need to reach them colts because both of the people that. Need to believe they need to see that is so much more polite than what's here in the physical world and many times. I mean is that even video from I YouTube page where I walked into news studios I walked into. So many different places where you know when a perp walk and then do a good look at me and electing me that they coming you know you need to tell me that the real that the you know. Is it can actually happen and then maybe even message that just changes daylight. Normal a lot of times and a lot of times people don't wanna go to when he shows because they're all they're concerned about what message they might receive this well. And I'm sure you do you've dealt with that the past. We know I don't think it's as much as about as much is that is that there that they agreed saying I you know when you lose somebody gets the most challenging an emotional thing that you Google you're left with so many questions. Where you might be questioning why they'd died how they died what had happened to you sometimes reluctantly guilt what we're dealing we should've done more. Answer your question or you know it did so with that piece that they you know made it the other side. In a lot of people. Don't come the events because of the fact that the that the two are great to be undone if not that there are brave that you know the message is that going to be attitude that they don't know what to expect. Aren't giving a tool that we gotta we gotta take a break molded into that only come back and morals in the opening up the phone lines for but he out there it's 844. 6877669. Get toll free at 8446877669. You're listened jays. And dvd honor really to reveal that. West coasters the Oscars I start to. Are literate myself Jason Steele is achieve each were or have a great time talking about it the other side tonight we're talking with Matt Frazier he's a psychic medium his website is meet Matt Frazier dot com. His book is called the secrets to unlocking your psychic ability which will talk about a little bit later we do have a lot of phone calls to get to his well. We'll be doing man as the hour progresses don't forget tomorrow night we've got Chris in polyp moon joining us. They are are going to be talking about their book about the ghost box and the toward that they are conducting a related to the ghost box and more have a whole bunch of things. Talk about as it relates to that device which is a bit controversial in the kernel community. It is it is and we'll get chris' take on an every Friday is a best out beyond really ready if you haven't yet head over to the FaceBook page FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio. Then you can head to be on reality radio dot com reconnect and find all agree stations we are on across the country. Right there on the station last you can also download free iPhone Mandarin out. Tell us listen live catch past shows join me online chat. Realists right from the website just click the listen live tab and we'll connect you know. Chat room with great community of people into some of the show right from there. But yeah we're in me talking we're talking about the other side with somebody who talks to the other side. Yeah and who recognizes the signs been talking to the other side sense says he was like three or four years old. At first it was scary he learned how to cope and deal with the and it's it's a fascinating story and I've always been very very curious in NJ you brought up the point is well. You know as a child when you start seeing these these things and you're not really sure what to make of them and there's 22 ways you can take it one his. As well as our guest Matt said it did scare him. But I think it was more than it was just strangers appearing in his bedroom that were scary not necessarily what they were but just they need to know who that work. Bo when he was saying that it's too late and it really it made me think definitely can you and I conventions. If the took it as a community is is that it's diplomatic norms can get but a companion and the people in our rooms we don't know apple bother and outfits and knocking on the door to show side standalone now lives and she's on the middle for a senator stuff that but I like Matt are already Aziz says he's Rhode Island so you can lose a town over from Italy to to somebody Chad said is is there is your guest from Brooklyn I don't know why they would confuse and New England accidentally opinions that they because they miss those ars and the thing that's funny thing is. Well Andy you tell would match talking assays accent but I I've grown up in Rhode Island but it originally from upstate New York commitment lucky enough that their actions and lucky enough because Rhode islanders have. Haven't nice sexist not as bad as Boston but I'm a lucky enough that I it's I've kept my. When is speaking like it did in New York State when I was little kid and he's I don't vote but my children you know of course that's all they are known so I think of that arsenal. I think upstate near presume place in the country that doesn't have an axe I think upstate New York is the is that original and legitimate form of English we don't say things like pop we say soda. We don't say things like tennis shoes and see sneakers immediate I think it's I think it's all come from the community but he hadn't yet he has coal Kreider subs so observed heroes now know stuff now or thought. We have a lot of people waiting on hold if you're trying to get through keep trying the numbers 8446877669. And and what would just bring Matt back into the show here insert talking in the beasts are taking some of these phone calls meant anything to comment on what we just said you're gonna defend your accent or what. Within. Poll by the Albany people are you from future they are you guilty effort everything you know it's funny when I tell people from violent they don't wanna believe that. Eloquent rebuke from went back. Problem like Rhode Island and they got debt that our media picked up as long night Glenn. I'll tell you Rhode Island it and some people don't even know what filed at the state. Oh believe me I know that was the biggest thing when I when I moved here from upstate New York. And it it's funny today airs tolerable in seniority is moving to Rhode Island they had no idea what it where was or whatever but I will say when it comes to your accent I think you can agree even though Rhode Island is only 47 miles long by 38 wide from Cranston. Providence on you guys have a total different accent then Warwick it's in itself. That's because you know we Cranston. That is just this is very much this is her true miles down the street is too far away yeah a little bubble. But it's funny that's a state that's so small I mean the northern half of the stage has has this really strong accent which is more like a Massachusetts Texas and the southern part of the state really doesn't have that but. And it's to say it's something able Israel as well it doesn't surprise me that folks don't realize rounds a stated I mean it's an island got to take a boat to right. The student if your kid named after the island of Rhodes but not and the jazz pharmaceuticals the oceans statement but now we're on we're not and Ireland let me let's do let's go to the phone lines simply cannot got a few of these phone calls from some listeners in the waste waiting patiently this is Donna from Kentucky he Donna. Welcome to beyond reality ready you're on a map free. Thank you very marriage it's taking my call. To wonder if he wouldn't have and that agents from the other side for me. For the voltage attack to park. Optic that's a problem with the first person that I heard from and it's great because at the media and at birth. Substituted the failure captain nick press call land literally help but to get the whispers that you'll loved ones on the decides to write parts of connecting to capturing on the pot from the father. And know that actually got a way of acknowledging that he's here and that he's stepping forward. He shot and the first thing that he wants you to know with the ball how proud he is that you can tell me about the fact that you spend independent. For so long. And did that help me about the fact that he wishes that he would have got to tell you public that he loved you appreciated duke here in the physical world to understand that. Yes that he says that he didn't get to take it up and up here in the physical sort of connected with and he showed me that distance that was here did you lose touch with them or we with the distance. Easy to please we would not close at all. I went about it could talk about it that he shouldn't be different tonight but what you got back in touch with them before he had to before it departed abruptly went the other side. Wildly and it got really aren't there bad IE eight I signed. Never let happen from time. That's what I'm talking about sort out what to bring you back to those moments. Because he's sad that even though you would get that for so long he'd help meet that you gave him what his soul needed to go to the other side. And that when you except I'd is that side and that when you'll quit attempt he says that it's like it has healed all of those yet from the two of you being distant. He says but you want but what he sang on are we I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry. Do what god help me that he wasn't able to see destruct but he course you. But they don't like until he went the other side back when he was able spinning your shoes and that's when he was able to realize that he should've been more supportive he should have told you how much he cared. It should have stayed right with you. That we that they even though he weapons he he what an evil or didn't reach out here in the physical world. The fact that you with a one that went back to him and that you got me connected attempt right before he passed and right before he went to the side. He says he's taken the opportunity to thank you. He said that he's been waiting to pass the message on you for so long. Because you want to let you know beat UConn and besides you know that you did to Kennedy Hughes the one that you bent feeling around jail. Company went that you've been feeling what the poll what do you what you've been feeling like Hulk at that point. That at that happening. Yeah that's happened. Keep it that they tell them not to look at me you you what can I get old because you don't think about your data on the other side correct. Writing you don't think you're you don't feel like you've got watching the albeit one trying to. The last couple weeks I've been out. I would LeBron are in and out of order much I turned it actually raining instantly. And and he did it. Eat where human being and you had been high. Park. What that batch a tablet and you know his Villa he said to me in it that is why you know sometimes it's the people that you don't X. He kept from all the people but the main thing I event because. Did people who come to the group reading expecting to hear from that person they love that you ever get a ball and they were Super Bowl went. And the next you know somebody will come through that they hitting Europe I'll but they didn't like care in the world that they you don't want to be a little bit of wept. That that spoke to give them a message and your dad's coming to a because he's acknowledging that even though you want to quote as you know you should've been with him and he should've that would you. He's acknowledging these he's taken the role of your guardian Angel on either side. So you'd be getting bill signed but you'll literally seeing that out of the quantum PR IE slipping in and out according right. Know that that's we all know that that's what got way of showing you that is pretenses around you. You're not crazy. And more importantly that his soul it secretly I would have won things he does it interrupted me did you just put the dog. Know that you're gadget that at the door on the other side as well. Because he just pulled it took most of bill that would net told departed. It Jed Gottlieb acknowledging that he's the one who came to get back in animal because what happens that is a legal without pat. Our loved ones on the other side of the one that actually stepped forward step ratings both sold. To the other side. And I kept actually wait what our loved ones there whatever the dog cat Barrett no matter what you lose payroll there it happened and I really hope that the that the chopped up. Donna thanks so much for the call we appreciate you calling in from Kentucky who met let's get one more in here before we have to take a break this is Suzanne from Missouri Suzanne while the show. Race. Trying to tighten in Leo. And try and our big drama department. Aaron yeah. You know go out he's stepping forward to the moment I heard reports about the just stepped forward with right what do you. I just heard same name same name looked at the same games those are named after her. Well we are now I mean hurricane and I got to and we are hampered with an act. Our purpose. So no yeah it acknowledging that she was acknowledging that being doping similar being connected. And your mom shall negotiate in with you try to force step in the moment I connect with this woman that looked up we want which suffered in the physical world when I'm connecting with our. She's joining me when I'm connecting that it would issue that went right through her body making it being on with big issue but the diagnosis do now. Earned. Yeah and actually catch the turner went. Primarily. She showed me why haven't had to know that does the boot up at a lot of connecting with parakeet dealing with acute we should labor in my breathing. A lot of time. I'm the way to the other side speaks of is that a comfortable sentences that don't come to a bait you know all I I I'm from Bob might not know what the number 1219 whenever what are. Let it pass it and intonation it's named state places. And it's the same time still Shelby what happened within their body would have connect it would be a mother I keep doing what they can't lead in my chopped. She showed me organs shutting down and she can't beat the the one thing that she wants you to know is that she's the she's the park you that you smell around you. So Japan now a mom outbreak at the volume on. Send. I do you actually I did when dealing definitely added that looking back there telling you that right. Well. I keep telling Jeanne that maybe she waging that they get in the world. Ali you know what. One that the last thing that you can actually return to Seattle where the perfume credit. And she'd usually Kara what our different kind of Turkey and that's testers and continue all the time trying to. All of this our didn't let that you ought not to have to come away special that personality. Defect. Packing ma ma worked in the park you back after we get the storm and on arguably gotten. Sitting here we're putting yeah smell title are you around eight. Way of acknowledging a personal being there because muscle comes due to me don't come don't that's meld with the way that they acted but the thing that they used to say. So know that when you smell it that your mom's way of letting you know that she's right Pierre. And that she's with DO always joke that thought that you can't. I think a lot of people wouldn't you just changer here we're just did dirtier. Well I ask you can't can't actually. Sort of and I'm not I'm going Q I guess it's been dreading the trading and decent intentionally wrong. Oak legacy as you like about it the other way. So why don't deal with the official when you're quicker. But jeez let me let her know that they'll her mother on the the site YouTube and I'm not judgmental she took him to protective over her. Because I want the best for her to that the only thing that she wants to know it that you need to stop strapping your mom help me. That your mind is going going going a million melt and now that you haven't been sleeping at night. I don't think. I yelled and because you stress yourself out she does tell my daughter not to worry open things haven't happened yet. She doesn't the only purpose you've got to worry about it does help and your mother that's why you're not beating. Only get and then. That looked at this I know that I'm not here to talk to because jamaat took the initiative it appropriate to talk to quick bite. Should be genocide of human guiding you wouldn't being you know are not what it was he says listen to visit because come on either side. Nothing has changed since my love but still they appeal to different site so will always be with you she says I want you to start taking care of yourself. Two I know you're trying to help everybody and I know you try to be there for everybody but right now it's time for you to be if feel all right honey. OKQ okay thank you happy and everything for well actually the wintertime and actually count which about a couple of steps you what that. She's done the other side I know I know this is happy as can be a more importantly it because your table what jovial. Suzanne thank you so much for the call and we appreciate calling in from Missouri we're gonna take quick break here we've we've got a lot of phone calls lot of things to get to. All right so real quick break a phone numbers 8446877669. The loosened Jason GB. Free after our. Tungsten just talks to spirit guides talks to Paul and these are guest tonight the website is meet Matt Frazier dot com we've been a lot of people on hold man again thanks for being here with us. I'm gonna ask you when we get into the side of the break about angels have some curious but. I think probably wanna jumper a bag of phone calls we have a whole much people on hold we're trying to get everything. The numbers 8446877669. So let's go to let's see Valerie. He Valerie welcome to beyond real literate you recall from. I'm calling from man to man and preferences mine's gone mad and I believe took streets. A few months ago wouldn't they were just absolutely felt confident. This is reading that. I'm so wanted to be armed with with you thank you for taking my call. Well you're welcome it's so great to be here on here with you would well and thank you so much more problem for providing that that compliment I'm so glad that they came that they enjoy themselves and and able to connect with them but with summit on the other side. I'm wondering if you you would feel anyone around me man. Well first what have mother see a mom departed yet that probably don't know that she's stepping forward but I also have a child that's what term as well so that we had open past. Yet and yet to our concerns over its own. Know that that saw and would be the target aside because Shawn Marcus said the person that they that she did which was liquid. Quick manipulative bit but it Jewish Communists child that would that would be whipped our. I'm do you know your mom certainly an issue with so she got bumped up to the hardest thing in life with machine knew what it was like to go to trial here in this world. Judicial candidate that's why she was very. Protective over our the only cure the typical because she couldn't get over the loss but that BP to understand now that the epochal troop. At that the gains and cheap event to me that her whole life she had a broken heart because of the fact that this child. She's so bitchy she would but currently you know the stillborn birth to have happened that I see that which he gave birth that it does she need to get this should help me should get a hold up fine. Not a good sign. Literally taken away from car and your mom out to be hurt you decided in the U I don't know what the nurses the doctors. But you can't do that they would not let her beat her own child. That's exactly right that this that we've you're giving it allowed clip. Those she says that that was something that always want to hurry she told to a ball that. So the first thing that you are mob wants you to know what they have in Israel and that she was reunited with that fund that was lost. Obama has put on every day is that it's. She tells me that you have wrecked the piece of hers used to but the recipe book. General. It's our way of acknowledging that when you look to would you do that to. To know this is what you had that exact moment. That would damage we are sorry to cut you off there we got to jump to break we're gonna keep Valerie on the line. Aren't so we're gonna take quick break more Thomas and Jason JVB and really review. Jason JB RC 44687766. Kind of got a lot of people waiting and hold. And we wanna get right back into salaries called because I know we had to cut man office in his replied if others are glad Matt Miller and her. I calorie so anyways I would think this is why these import these messages are so important essential mom's sleep acknowledging the issue is reunited with her side. And more portly that they are both watching old fields from the get beside. I need help in that book portal that counts she couldn't speak technology and a call but she summit you couldn't speak to. At tank. Don't know what's our way of acknowledging that she heard every word that he's that. And more importantly I just start slowly and calmly got into the issue did you dispute with show. You don't want in my house. So the actor Obama's way of acknowledging that you just felt her presence when you felt that that you appealing to others. And that she would you write that in the air and she let me know whether it sometimes a path that this isn't this something that we have to keep an eye on a political are. And you know opposite senate that there was it should look alike have you have like issues at all. Me yet. OK keep an eye and packaging that to me that that's something that Georgie squash and what. Because she taught me that that the weak point there about me that she went to you don't know that she loves sushi is with you that he would say that he's. Comment publicly to thank you for the country does that make. Thanks very welcome how would you hit just praying to her site by the way as well. Thanks so much for the call Valerie appreciated. Mendes who continue right here with a phone calls we've got Tennessee Erik from Kansas City Eric welcome to the show. And welcome to show them. I Erica Leo. Wonderful how you. Could not hearing a political captains tragedy. Who happens graduate DO. Oh what have some uncles. So gosh sixty years later diner where they are represented district that was shot. Yeah some relatives die in war. Yeah he's stepping forward you know who that was. All could've been Marquette and died during Vietnam. That would probably be what it has incompetency company he let out he taught me that he was shot and it that the changing that can expect delicate it'd jotted jacked. With that cannot. Know his name is Kevin good I think is dead this jail John. Perfect so don't let it be that way of acknowledging that that he be whipped them speak about he should actually just showed me that deal are. He's playing over to a Barack and I keep seeing metal that are here and he's so that they were packed on for the family. I don't know I never met him. The lip and looked and that's what happened that even though you don't you don't leave some meat of the typical world there's. Poll what they'll be working full view from the other side. And he appeared because he's open pit artifacts that are still capped on a pop star and that the only members here in the physical world. And she shook me hit metal but we're capped. He's actually watching over the whole the only IPO look though because the fact we keep captain tragedy because of the fact he got in the way. Is actually very young when he passed from king he's shutting me out photos of him and I can think old CP at all pictures. Apparently that McGinley how whether they would get capped. And he's showing me that he is one of the ones that spend watching the overall view here in this world. National wide. But it's always there and I think it's just because he showed me that is spend so much has been done to try to keep them in his memory alive. Did it generations and has a lot. Garbage that we're told about him. And I actually know what happened she actually died in combat because he was trying to save. Somebody else what do but one of the other one of the of the soldiers that were there. Frozen during the get offensive some. Quite possible. And I thought that so no that it hit sold but the F yep if you've been doing a solid round Jill. And you know that we don't like to lay out some why he's stepping forward. He showed me that you are doing genealogy that as he has done some insects set to that you spend doing your traipsing back. Yeah you know. Don't know that would you bet when you've been tracing that back to doing these public appeal which really keeping what you Ancestry.Com. So know that when you've been doing that you've been tapping in or or reading about some of the old the only member of what some people people that had tapped. Know that you're gonna be reading about him and let his soul was with you regarding use that information. Eric thanks for the call from Kansas City we appreciate it let's go to Sheila in Massachusetts she'll Euro on with Matt Frazier. I. She left out you know and how are you. Gonna vote I think equity today. Patted me. I'm sort failed to connect with you could I am glad to connect with YouTube. The purpose for connecting with your dad departed. Yet. I'd like to know that he's coming through with it just from the top. You've got acknowledging what I'm speaking to him a boat that by the members that he had that view was when you were just a little coral here in the physical world. To me that he's been watching will be a 2.4 seven you know what's crazy yeah what he'd issue here in the physical world. Not that I am when Aaron. That the certainly people are connecting north of the fanatic about it keep any kind of spirit brings something up. And they'll show me something about them to look into that they'll point to you know a play in their body. A pay or play to some that we you played with Pete. It's his way of telling me that they would be an issue that he was dealing with other that was fun and he was product here in the physical world. He's trying to what I'm connecting with Pam. About the fact that you've been very stressed out lately. Yeah and more importantly she show me about the fact that you've been dark you've been guiding you watching will be a keystroke that you've been trying to connect with the other side just south. Yeah. So we know that when you spent reaching out to them even though you may not. Healed their loved ones what do what you Beckett he got me my daughter going back and he put it back to the only thing I don't get enough signed I don't get an up you know messages from the other side. And know that you're a dad beer and your dad what jingle you. He says that means that the one thing that you question that was that they retelling your train any doubt that they are psychic to your dreams as well you connect a lot which means. It now. Don't know that that's the way that they get their messages so everybody it psychic and Errol why they all have a way of reaching. You know the regular one battle up on the other side and actually got way. He ultimately going to be okay the only thing that I'm seeing it that you cup at this but it just it's an appealing in this fighting that and how. Current. So we know that that not incorporated. You look at it helps with that that's something to that ship and taking care when he was here in this world. And you had that tells me they ignored a lot of things which he didn't go what you get good data was devastated. Fighting he was very afraid. Confrontations. So far can he kept quiet about things you don't want to you know. Give one a couple things up so to speak but keep help me that you can't speak sometimes and think you can stick shift leader inhabitants. Kyra and your dad. Not saying I can't do one thing. Yes in my firm. We departed on. My son. It. And you're trying to connect with your son is that we are saying. Yes. Wendy the park. C unit come and clean. Atypical next week. If they want second but I haven't heard from Kenya. Okay. And the diffuse flying to come through that thing what does that north sided with that we try to figure in the physical world sort of get out. It was very much right that. Kind. So a lot of times what happens that the fact that our outlook without vocal or our loved ones you know hit a background. What happens is that that it's a part in and to come tomorrow. Because it you know it the way I primarily connect within that site as I hear them. So you're starting out about it RPC and it got things GAAP and out in the presence of the front of the line to be able to speak. The one thing not connecting wet weather in the UN dot com is that your son before it get past there was a lot of emotional issues they it was going to vote here in this world. Correct he shall clinic has moved up and down up and down up and down and I just can't just I just told me he was having anxiety and he was having panic attacks. Time now. And he says you know that my mom was my biggest they get that she was with me. To that we attacked an iPad that you would talk to him and talked to him and trucked in to to talk to him and more importantly. Your son actually just stepped forward. As I said why as a mom holding out the so much guilt and he just said to me. That you feel that you you can tell he was trying to get him different doctor at the different people around ten and you felt that heavy but he has dealt him. Current. So you're aren't acknowledging. That just feel that way he says to me that you were the best mother possible that you did everything that you possibly put to him. That would be that we don't quite some of our loved ones. Will will. Kind of pave the way to the sold to come through. So for example when it got the Pro Bowl that the he'll leave the fighting ended being born arguments and big gaping distance. A lot of how to do with just found that biologists sudden departure. And it's almost like simulate a jigsaw puzzle you'll remember that tragedies leading titled global that's the way that I get my information is that. Told Bobby decides what a couple of Patrick we have been so much in just a short a couple of seconds or insert a couple of minutes they try to. Pulling back to be ideal life. But you're about it acknowledging. That he's responsible for has happened. You different now because he effectively I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry because I need to tie up my mom. For. That got my amounted to get it from the other side absolutely. She says to me. But the one thing that he wanted to know. Is that you work is number one support system here in this world and people always know that your and I just after the is indeed just. Probably your mom's biggest question today he said it may. Our biggest question is likely to reach out to a white he would call he. Correct the portents. And he certainly. But he just didn't know what was going on is that I got but the immediately toward Dayton Dayton Dayton become in the it is mine was all over the place. Yeah and that's that we believe are trying to tell them about tea. Kind of neat about the pill without your current. He said to me he was not in his right mind that he didn't even know what what you do we keep did you know there was a piece that. Me that didn't even know I was gonna die I didn't even didn't realize. What I was doing and I know and there are signs that now. But. Said to me and I keep fuel or connect what do you do if you keep Arabic call thing. It is promptly pocketed and hit body within it that he won't oxygen or particularly at my throat it is because that's why he went to the American Ingraham. Because with a little clothing. He he couldn't break he had he had TH one and one. Analysts on camera full and he at a high high camp but he couldn't breathe it was really really there. And because he thought he was gonna if any did. I'd be what do what don't know who put up an academic you look at the clock and keep doing all of this PR but your son also told me. That it would it would also going to depressing it was also taking medication at the time as well. It was in the could be that the me it would bought into everything to highlight just seem to golf ball below one piece of I would think it would take medication shortly the document and sat. But we're here and that's why he was saying to me in the beginning of a reading that you trusted him in the hands of doctors and you felt that they. But they couldn't take him. Perhaps competitive although he says even don't like him vote but what has happened because like and what you know is that you can stop praying for my soul now. He's that I EM can spend your adrenaline. Part. I can what pray and I got frank. Stop and earning an old because stuff. Remind you about the other side. Through central beyond. He's in good places which are saying that. Ital. Yeah. Concrete and oh yeah Sheila thanks so much for the call sounds like so a lot of emotion there and they met thank you I think we've got time for one more we have so many people on hold just not going to be able to get to everybody here. Must see let's go to this is Joseph in Indiana Joseph welcome to show. Our dart. Mission. I generally don't. Ari. I enjoyed a solid Obama part of our inherent to end up until that probably at a site. Now. Yeah is it out that it note that it joke you don't act. Occurred they plan. All I'm upper. Edge Ewing named after her. And I don't know. Why can I kept him I'm just want to come Michael do you know. So what that would attach aren't dealt with Charles way of acknowledging that she is on either side and stepping forward. But what is expected to put every part of that she was kept trying to be I have the same name. Now would not connecting what are you showing me you look a little bit crazy here in the physical world to understand that right. O'Hair who do my world when I grow up our rob yeah are now currently. One month. Show me that you like with lately it. When I connect with our I keep seeing children all around her weapons issue like art ballot this year all the neighborhood kids around terra. He saw a lot of it was very loud issue that it was only put Grand Central station. And it would go go go go go all the time. They're cheaper. Yes and chief technology that our fondest memories Wii U being B it would deter us from early in the morning. The wedding night she she she helped lead that she lives you'd come by her how to dispense avatar. Reportedly she loved breakfast probability she don't released a wake up more in the morning and have practiced but TARP. All rear and that there was. The boat like it did. You know we went there a lot we delivered all our. Buy it mired. Earlier it was that. What annoyed at my little. Those what there record of oh mark quote. And Harman car Kyle Parker would follow a car. But it sure got. Prospects you know and. Know what's important to make Egyptian army bird houses who used to make Burton held. Well my mom then are out law and that. I haven't talked on mob you. Don't live off. My momma would that hurt Earl. Or well or don't or. People felt like a robot. That was it the re not. I. Oh my. Well not our pilots. Want. That I grew up on. Thirty. And nobody let me know any thing about who's. Our real bomber at the kind of occurred he earned a cart now but I do wanna make sure all of my data of what you're no where are both the world. That I was actually coming up on the first planet know who despite that. That's who actually want. How we do on their part on. He's around you know. It these. I don't even. Met we've got to know we've got about thirty seconds left here. Thirty seconds to wrap it up so I know that you are that you are up artists there he deftly around GO. But it actually your autumn air who's who's one of the primary sold somewhere around too because of the fact that she felt she was the second mile the GO. Don't know if they would both be on the other side with you. Bringing up too much about that apple are up a spot that what you're telling me that you watch your PF they put your mom. Because different illness that she's going to hit some is issued with the help. Joseph thanks so what you thanks for the call Joseph we just we're just simply at a time I met we we've got to just a few seconds let folks know where they get more information about you your book and what you got going on. Take some coming to Pennsylvania and New York Massachusetts Rhode Island I hope you join me for a group reading what they do is meet that Frazier dot com. And all Michael tweeting that literally spent the whole two hours we connecting you with your loved ones on either side so. If we didn't get through today I would say is meat that Frazier dot com. But should it go there because we keep all of the events to a limited crowd so everybody has a fear chants. And an equal chance they get it from a loved one back at pounced on popular upload and. That we ought to have you on again at some point thanks so much for coming on you know that you have a great night. You so thank you for having me on. All right so we're gonna take quick break into the rapid populace and Jason JVP honor relative radio. Thank tonight free for the we've got Chris in Poland moon joining us and we'll be talked about the ghost books they're books and tore and how the device works and what kind of evidence you get from. Yes definitely big shout out to match and we got to have a mom again because at times just blew by him and a lot of people were trying to get ten difficult sincerity and gets everybody but that's gonna pretty much do it for us tonight make you tune in tomorrow again we're going to be talking about the ghost box. And call with your questions elicited Jason NGV on beyond reality radio everybody have a great night catch tomorrow and. And I don't know ingredients taste good Jason Hanson GB Johnson into this one held since it's a coincidence that the it's only you don't really read news. Yeah. You know it's still going to finish the agency hello Hayden sent peacekeepers well Jason is slow and she's supposed to attempts to TV Johnson follow. TV chief paranormal if you talked to being just beyond Rio Rio or you have a suggestion for guest contacts with JD Edwards that slick Eddie Edwards at