Sara vs Esmerelda

Thursday, September 13th

Sara vs Esmerelda from San Diego!

1) Hurley, Sawyer and Kate were characters on what tv drama?


2) What was the one hot for one hit wonders Soft Cel?

Tainted Love

3) True or False: the highest grossing comedy of all time was Ghostbusters?


4) Danny Tanner hosted "Good Morning San Francisco" on what tv show?

Full House

5) How old is Ryan Seacrest: a)40 b)43 c)46. B)

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Yes good morning and you ready to play our game yet and already for you apart tell you coming from as morale back then yeah. Cope with your favorite place to go lower thing to do in San Diego count brought up on Barton RR. One aren't a top Hezbollah who went to college but are quote about. On not enough topless bar in San Diego. And the JG Regina I think your first U answers. Yet thank it'll take that they are they in trouble sure am as relevant to us our favorite picture out of our studio and get Barack yeah. I think debate as relevant today January night. Are right up I Florida. Its second one going to have to come back to have have extra time you rated outsmart Sarah. Hurley Sawyer and eight were characters on what TV drama. What was the one hit for the one hit wonder band soft sell. Tour false the highest grossing comedy of all time was ghostbusters. Danny tanner posted good morning Jeff just go on what TV show. I don't know or nor. You're pass. Okay how old is right Seacrest 840 B 43 RC 46. Our key. You have 6046. Are right. Looks like he got to. Right tests are right Hurley Sawyer and how are what yards and a lot the got that. Take a soft sell it by Qaeda are paid a loved one by soft sell. The highest grossing comedy of all time was ghostbusters it was the biggest number two it was. Malone. And Danny tanner goes to good morning Jim just go on full house. I'm going to let it. 43 years old that's our I come back Sarah. Make your way over to night about Sarah. As morale back how many did you get right. Two out of 5:0 OK I am ready to a beach earlier this week in which you write yeah. I don't think you further aren't welcome here it got. Hurley Sawyer and Kate rock harder than what TV drama lost what was the one hit for the one hit wonder band soft sell. Tainted love tour false the highest grossing comedy of all time was ghostbusters. So they got favorite and trailed. Danny tanner hosted good morning share Disco on what TV show full house how old is right Seacrest 840 B 43 or C 46. Eight. Here's a forty yes he claims to be 43 that. How do you really and did you think it was older but you claim to be the youngest out of that that at any rate you went four for fire. Letterhead crowd begs what I planned. Oh boy have a great day to others hard worker and on this port glory got now goes to color number nine told Lewis and number 8330198. Wind. Let's not GGG night everyday fortune and it. So I have to play the game it's letting anyone FT dot com we play every morning at 730 on the new sunny 98 point one.