Sara vs Karyn

Monday, September 17th

Sara vs Karyn. Tickets to see Def Leppard and Journey at Petco Park are on the line for Sara vs San Diego! Make sure to sign up online if you want a chance to win some awesome prizes!!

1. Kevin, Kate and Randal are the "Big Three" on what tv drama?

This Is Us

2. "Don't Get Them Wet" and "Don't Feed Them After Midnight" were the rules about what movie creatures?


3. True or False: In the NFL The New England Patriots call themselves "America's Team."

False (It's the Dallas Cowboys)

4. "The News is the backup band for what singer?

Huey Lewis

5. How tall is Tom Cruise?

a)5'5 b)5'6 c)5'7. C) 5ʻ7

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Saying what part of check you're representing today Caron who just track and NBA are and how long have you lived in good old San Diego about eleven years. Eleven years Gerri nice to what's your favorite thing about being a city again well I'd you know enjoy tackle our. Orchard population a short period of time so I think that's a very fun place to go that they are not of people's bad. But I agree very very ballpark is up to replace the. Did you listen Digi nice she she did the first two answers into the drop on there are I. I don't mind I feel like you've got a competitor on her hand up cared. As a favorite tics are out of the studio art or cop rock Hugo you have to go. Nag to a bar and do something. Well she racked up some points against the fact that they are getting a five questions for its second one you can say passengers extra time welcome back to it are you ready to outsmart Sarah. Irate outsmart there are awry and here we go. Kevin K Ed Randall are the Big Three on what TV drama. Are different our don't get it wet and don't feed him after midnight were rules about what movie creatures. Were ameron. Tour false in the NFL the New England Patriots call themselves America's team. All. The news is the backup band for what singer. You're you're at how tallest Tom Cruise 855. B 56 RC 57. I'd stick. Care and you went four for five. We haven't got that last question talkers the towering five foot seven. And I only got now. Perfect game to get that way and come back and Eric. Yeah you're right to be intimidated I don't care. How I am I needed to get right. Four out of pocket. I feel yeah I don't five point five Atlanta got it you're ready ready. Kevin McCabe and Randall are the Big Three on what TV drama this is don't get them wet. And don't see them after midnight where the rules about what movie creatures. Graham. Jerk off in the NFL the New England Patriots call themselves America's team. New England salad makes sense summon a teacher of the news as the back up band for what singer Hewitt. How tall is Tom Cruise made like five. 856. RC 5700. Easier in these sure words this is what I right away party messed. I it's 56. There and you didn't our departed. He is actually 57 and I underestimated his tie and up. The patriots do not come tells America's team the Dallas Cowboys would go by that I didn't think Def Leppard and journey at the San Diego. Our Brad thank you so are you around new look at someone and that's. So let's think it got light again we play tomorrow go sign up to play the game it's I mean anyone FT dot com is that cheat sheet I cared at a fortunate every weekend we play every morning at 730 under sunny 98 point what you'll must've missed gremlins that. All. I want what I went yeah OK okay.