Sara vs San Diego (Ron from Del Mar)

Tuesday, September 11th

Ron from Del Mar took on Sara today and he didnʻt even listen to the cheat sheet! They went to a tie breaker, but did he win?! Listen to find out!

1) The Blackhearts are the band for what singer?

Joan Jet

2) Luke Perry played Dylan on what hit drama?

Beverly Hills 90210

3) True or False: Vanna White was the original letter turner on Wheel of Fortune.

False (she replaced Susan Stafford)

4) What movie was billed as "An Adventure 65 Mllion Years in the making?

Jurassic Park

5) What burger chains slogan is "World's Greatest Burgers"

a) Fuddruckers b) Red Robinc) Islands


TB: How many Pez does a standard pez dispencer hold


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Good morning I'm. First things first run did you cheat and get the first judges are denied Chichi yesterday at 410. You know it usually my wife has. You know we will slip in the morning with some honor and she didn't give it to me this morning so. I want to work. So well together and level playing field for you guys today fair enough what you know including Iran Del Mar. Dell our finger placed guard thing to do a dollar. What you would be bullied Berger other closed down. That what was it like the Swiss market he did pull pull the bullies he's closed until. W is still open OK I didn't of the originally closed down okay we're learning it more in. Do we have a favorite Elliott about Solana Beach. On a belly of straightened out there and I haven't looked belly up on kicks out of the studio for us. Okay they're you know they're out there that he's short and sweet the man of few words. Roddick got five questions for you get stuck on one you know he can pass and if you have extra time I'll come back are you ready to outsmart Sarah. Here the black hearts are the back up and for what singer. Told him Luke Perry played at Delhi and on what TV drama. Don't don't don't smoke I don't looked you're the boss general Dwight was the original letter turner on wheel of fortune. True. What movie was billed as an adventurer 65 million years in the making. Rapid heart. What burger chain's slogan is world's greatest birders 85 records being Red Robin or sea islands. In the island. All right let's break this down Ron you got first look right Joan Jett had the black cards as a band still that actually. Luke Perry play Dylan on Beverly Hills 902 and now. Then a white was not the original letter turner on wheel of fortune she replaced they woman who would do the job for a little while named Susan Stafford. You got Jurassic Park and unfortunately world's greatest burgers is a claim made by five rockers. But you look at. It'll stepped it up once you just don't secure the win possibly not out of it about Sarah. I'm how many to get right. Two now on don't just so sad yeah island beat me before quickly hopefully my wife on the phone trying to bug you hear it yeah. I credit. All right let's get to your eyes are ready the black parts of the back up band for what singer Joan Jett. Luke Perry played Dylan on what TV drama Beverly Hills 90 till now you're Foster and a white was the original letter turner on wheel of fortune sure he'll. What movie was build up an adventurer 65 million years in the making. Star war is what burger chain's slogan is the world's greatest burgers 85 records beet Red Robin or sea island's. Was sick I'm. Red Robin Brett rabid Red Robin I think we have a tied Jared it's go to provide fairly we've put on their hands feet. Yeah. You got the first popular all downhill from there I don't know I was not your original charter. It was Jurassic Park and out star war and flood records not Red Robin here's your tiebreaker question of department makes sense okay how many Perez does a standard Pez dispenser holds all wow all right Eric your first. I'm twenty she says taught right it all comes down to that Saudi that the Pez dispenser world. Well. Ron. You're exactly right and you. That's like I guess you know that's. I'm not an accountant down and figure out how many would go in their intent only on what joke around a while you pull it out pad in his mind's eye. You must have enjoyed the port glory or rove or cruises. We read it and you have you on hold on Iran. Well that does. There's XL for today we'll get back into it tomorrow goes out of place I mean anyone ST dot com don't forget to listen dude Chichi which Unita Forte and we play every week at 730 on signing.