Sara vs Tina from Poway

Wednesday, September 12th

Tina from Poway got two out of five questions today and Sara just squeaked by with the win! Sign up to play!

1) The Toon Squad took on the Monstars in what animated movie?

Space Jam

2) Who played Axel Foley and Sherman Klump?

Eddie Murphy

3) True or False: Michael Jackson is the most award winning musician of all time.


4) Where would I watch Pardon the Interruption and Around the Horn?


5) Which state is NOT larger than California: a)Texas b)Florida or c)Alaska

B) Florida

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My zone. Play did they would part of Johnny representing. Representing talented and great places in Cali what's your favorite. There are guys like Paul yes I was actually what the announces the day parade on Saturday. I thought yeah. When my body that. Let's start this odd messaging and get the opportunities to you yesterday. Why didn't that the loyalty that there's not a might have a chance all right we have favorite picks there out of the studio. Are all are right Tina and I. Seen yet nobody yet. I've got five questions for organizing and now we can pass and one if you need to go back to give extra time you're ready to outsmart Sarah. Aren't. That tunes Claude took on the month stars in what animated movie and move on yes the tense line. Are actively Axel Foley and Sherman clump. True or false Michael Jackson is the most award winning musician of all time. Where I watch part of the eruption in around the horn. What TV network aren't. You. Which state is not larger than California eight Texas beat Florida or see Alaska. All right let's break it Tina that your squad. What's from space jam those Bugs Bunny bass are you with Michael Jordan I'm out yeah. Got Murphy right you got Michael Jackson right he was the most award winning musician of all time does your TV show that I imagine are on ESPN it. And it's Florida that's not bigger than California see that you apply. I can't say I. Stratified into winning the game it was absolutely and it's Eric about. Get over the it finally went T did you get right. Jets if you don't. Act. I'm ready ready that you squad took on the month stars in what animated movie. She am I. Monster jam you people have no respect for the classics who played awful and Sherman clump. Murphy tour false Michael Jackson the most award winning musician of all time. And endometrial. Where I want pardon the interruption in around the war and. On YouTube. Which state is not large at California Texas Florida or Alaska. In the end of like they get Texas Florida or Alaska. Beat Florida time. And. Three. Out of five. Just squeaked by barely I. I'm sorry. Well that's what you're trying have a great day via. All right that means the its ticket to go to port workers on a young girl number nine right now thanks to Sarah color that whatever it 3301 and 981. Listen to the Chichi challenging night that would make all the difference for. No doubt the fortune every day so I'd play the game it's getting ready when ST dot com we've by the game 7:30 every morning I take it wasn't monster jam. You're so close space jam. Do you have a point line and it.