Amazon Is Making a New Wearable Device That Can Detect Your Emotional State

Amazon is developing a new wearable device that can detect your EMOTIONAL STATE. You wear the thing on your wrist, and it listens to your voice to figure out how you're feeling. And then . . . well, it's not clear what the bracelet will do from there. The reports about it say it could give you tips...
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Jeff And MacKenzie Bezos

Fine, but Who Gets Whole Foods? Amazon's Jeff Bezos Announces Divorce From Wife Mackenzie

After a surprise announcement, many are left wondering what happens next for the richest man in the world
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Find A Deal, Save A Buck

It looks like you don't have to pay full price for anything if you don't want to. You can check out some of these sites to get the best deals ever. Here's a site that follows Amazon's stuff so you can see if it's a deal -or just regular price. Shop Ben's Bargains for huge...
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Amazon to Sell Live Christmas Trees

Can we get 2-day free shipping on that?
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Amazon Hiring 300 Workers in San Diego Expansion

Amazon announced Wednesday that they plan to hire 300 tech workers in San Diego as it expands in the region. The tech company currently has 200 workers in San Diego and has leased an 85,000 square foot office in University City called the Tech Hub. The company is looking to fill positions in...
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Sunny Life Hack: For Your Student!

If you’re a student with a .edu e-mail, you can get an Amazon Prime free trial for 6 months. After that, the student version of Amazon Prime is about half as much as the rest of us pay!
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Sunny Life Hack: For Your Shopping!

Target will price match Amazon. If you find something cheap on Amazon, buy it (with price match) instead at Target, and you won't have to wait a day or two for the item to ship!
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Is Amazon Looking to Buy Target?

Is Amazon planning on buying Target ? It could happen, according to some industry experts. Amazon continues to dominate and grow every single year. Last year, the online giant stepped into the retail space when they purchased Whole Foods grocery stores. Well, now there may be "a target" on another...
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Lord of the Rings

Amazon is Making a Lord of the Rings TV Show

The rumors are true. 'Lord of the Rings' is being made into an Amazon-produced TV show after the big Bezos confirmed a deal had been reached to bring the franchise to the small screen.
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