Earth, Wind & Fire

Sunny 98.1 welcomes Earth, Wind and Fire with FREE Tickets for you

Tuesday morning at 8:10 we're gonna ask you to answer this question correctly, and if you do- you can win a pair of tickets to see Earth, Wind and Fire at Harrah's SoCal resort on May 18. WHAT'S TRENDING? In another silly survey just completed, 60% of the people in it said they'd ___ ___ ___ to...
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What Are YOU Willing to Go Into DEBT for?

Americans agree about a few things...and one of them is what they are willing to go into debt for! VACATION! In fact we love it so much that we are willing to go into debt for it to the tune of about $1100 each time. And what are we willing to give up to save up for that vacation? 1. Dining out 2...
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Only 21% of People Will Use Their Tax Return on Something Cool

A new survey asked what people will do with their tax refund this year. And most aren't admitting they're just going to blow it on a new iPhone and a bunch of tacos. Here's what people CLAIM they'll do with their tax return this year . . . Put the money in savings, 41%. Pay off debt, 38%. Put the...
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