Tacos & Tequila

Fabulous music, delicious tacos, spine tickling tequila…enjoy it all, Cinco de Mayo weekend at The Centre, home of Lexus Escondido. Five world class tequila labels will be in the house, paired with some of Vintana Wine + Dine’s best tacos and we’re keeping the party going with local Carlos Santana...
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a plate of buffalo wings

The Perfect Menu Items for Your 'Game of Thrones' Viewing Party

After 20 long months, the return of Game of Thrones isupon us. With the premiere of the eighth and final season on Sunday, the big question now is: What are you going to serve at your viewing party? But fear not, your Westeros-approved menu has arrived. Shall we have lemon cakes? Everyone knows...
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Shake Shack's Game of Thrones burger and shake

There Is a Secret Game of Thrones Menu at House Shake Shack

UPDATE: Good news Game of Thrones fans and burger lovers. Shake Shack annnounced today that the Dracarys burger and Dragonglass shake will be spreading like an army of white walkers across Westeros. Starting Friiday April 12 they'll be rolling out all over the country. Unless you’ve been living in...
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Three Foods That Will Keep You Up At Night

If you haven't been sleeping well, you might want to be careful about what you EAT right before bed. Here are three foods you might need to stay away from . . . 1. Fruits and vegetables . Especially ones that contain a lot of water, like melons and cucumbers. They can cause you to wake up to use...
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Win Santana Tickets! The Perfect Pair: Carls, Jr. Bacon Truffle Angus Burger

Tell us your favorite celebrity pair/couple and you could win tickets to go see Carlos Santana and his guitar (another awesome pairing!) and a pair of Bacon Truffle Angus burgers from Carl's Jr.
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Two St. Patrick's Day cocktails from Robin Jaffe

3 Cocktails to Make This St. Patrick's Day

When it comes to drinks for St. Patrick’s Day one thing comes to mind: beer. Maybe Guinness, maybe green, always by the pint. But St. Patty’s Day can be a reason to imbibe a wide variety of potent potables. Irish whiskey comes to mind, but so do fresh ingredients that conjure images of just-picked...
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Level Up Your Cocktail Game with These Expert Recipes for National Cocktail Day

Of all the world’s fake food holidays, March 24, better known as National Cocktail Day is on the shortlist of the very best. Any excuse to have an extra Martini, Old Fashioned or Margarita is welcome. If you’ve celebrated in the past though, it’s time to kick things up a bit this year. Will...
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Win Tickets to the SeaWorld 7 Seas Craft Beer and Food Festival

SeaWorld's Seven Seas Craft Beer & Food Festival offers you a chance to enjoy fresh cuisine featuring local, sustainable ingredients and more than 50 unique signature flavors from around the world.
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Sunny Life Hack: For Your Health

Foods that will help you with an upset stomach: Bananas, Ginger, Plain Yogurt, Papaya, Apple Sauce, Oatmeal, White Rice, Chamomile Tea, and Chicken Broth. No medicine required!
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Here's the list

The Big Game- what's the #1 activity for the day? F O O D. It's estimated that we (collectively) will consume: 1,250,000,000 chicken wings. 120,000,000 pounds of avocado, 4,000,000 pizzas 50,000,000 cases of beer This makes Superbowl Sunday the 2nd largest eating day of the year. (Thanksgiving is...
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