Halloween Pumpkin with Mask

Rob & Joss: There Are Such Things as Halloween Miracles

One family witnessed a miracle outside their door when their child could not Trick-or-Treat due to cancer. Rob and Joss tell their story here.
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Rob & Joss: Sunny Listeners Tell Ghost Stories

It's Halloween time! That means it's time for Ghost Stories! Sunny listeners share a couple of theirs.
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Scary Movies

Rob & Joss: NO Scary Movies Scare Joss!

It's Halloween time! More people than ever will be at home watching scary movies. Except Joss. Cuz nothing scares her. Try her. Rob and Sunny listener Carina from Bonita make a few suggestions.
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Rob & Joss: You Be the Judge and the Halloween Prank

It was a Halloween prank gone wrong! Trevor from Escondido did the ol' flaming bag of dog poop trick to his neighbor back in the day. The prank went a bit sideways and bad things happened. Now, after all these years, should he confess? Or leave well enough alone for his now 85 year old neighbor?...
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Halloween Candy

Rob & Joss: Candy from Heaven and Candy Hades

Halloween 2020 will be a bit different, but you know what doesn't change? Your feelings about CANDY! Rob and Joss chat about Halloween Candy from "Heaven" and from "Hades." Your favorite and your least favorite...Sunny listeners chime in here.
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Pumpkin Patch

Rob & Joss: The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown NOT on T.V.!

It's "The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown!" A Halloween tradition where Linus waits for "The Great Pumpkin" in the pumpkin patch all night long. BUT for the first time in 54 years, it won't be on network T.V.! What the HECK 2020? Well, you CAN watch it and in this segment, Rob and Joss tell you how!
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WATCH: Man goes viral for massive spider Halloween decoration that crawls over his home

Every neighborhood has one house that goes above and beyond for Halloween each year. One man in New York decided to take things even further this year and the spooktacular work paid off as his home décor quickly went viral. Click to see!
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Overhead view of Petco Park at dusk

Rob & Joss: Halloween Celebrations at Petco Park

Rob and Joss talk about Halloween fun at Petco Park!
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Google releases list of most popular Halloween costumes for 2020

Google has released their annual Frightgeist study which looks at the most popular costume ideas people are searching for online. The tech giant’s findings were based on Google searches throughout the month of September.
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Sunny Life Hack: Creating A Smokey Pumpkin

Wanna up your pumpkin game tonight for when trick-or-treaters ring the bell? Put a glass of water with dry ice inside of it. Smoke will billow out of its face making it spooky.
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