Be your boss's favorite

One thing you've got to say about your boss is that they're the one who gave you your job, and they're the ones who want to keep you around. So here are 4 ways to be their favorite employee. * "Manage Up" - Make their job easier. Do what you think will help their boss impress them. That's what...
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Your next job..

It could be a very rewarding job- driving the WEINERMOBILE for Oscar Mayer. The Hot Doggin' driver gets to cruise the country in the most recognizable novelty food related cruiser ever. You'll be one of six drivers - six Weinermobiles traveling across the country at any given time. If you ever...
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Hardest Questions You Get Asked At A Job Interview

Got a job interview soon? Take a look at questions people got asked, that could trip you up! 1. "What are your weaknesses?" 2. "Why should I hire you?" 3. "Tell me about yourself." 4. "Why do you want to work here?" 5. "Tell me about the worst boss you ever had." 6. "What are your strengths?" 7. "...
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