The Smooth Jazz After Dark Interview: Bobby Caldwell

Hear from the Legend Bobby Caldwell himself!
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Glad to be back: My Smooth Jazz KIFM journey

My Dad listened to a lot of straight ahead Jazz. My brother, a whole lot of R&B and Funk. I loved all of it and of course Hip Hop was my thing but it was my sister that planted the Smooth Jazz seed in me whether she knows it or not. Coming out of my senior year at Mira Mesa High School I loved...
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Smooth Jazz KIFM

Read our blog, 'Smooth Jazz Notes' | See the Smooth Jazz Concerts list For years, the 'KIFM' call letters stood for Smooth Jazz in San Diego while the station was nationally-known and respected in Smooth Jazz circles. Many Smooth Jazz stations patterned themselves after San Diego's historic KiFM...
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