New Law could save lives

A law that just went into effect has basically taken pet stores out of the pet selling business. The new law beginning 1/1/19 outlaws the sale of dogs, cats and rabbits in pet stores!! You want one? It can be obtained from an animal shelter or rescue group. With any luck this will end the use these...
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You're a criminal-and don't feel guilty about it.

Monday morning at 8:10 -you can win a pair of Admiral’s Passes aboard the Hornblower, good for the Champagne Brunch Cruise or Lunch or Dinner Cruise. It’s courtesy of Susan G. Komen San Diego and the Race for the Cure, this Sunday) on The New Sunny 98.1 if you have the answer to this "Q". Of all...
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Sunny Life Hack: For Your Weekend!

If your car is about to get towed... get in it! Tow truck companies are forced to stop to avoid kidnapping charges.
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