A Make-a-Wish Kid Asked for a Pizza Party for His School

There's a 9-year-old kid in South Dakota named Javier Amos who's been battling leukemia and the best news is he's now in remission. But he also just did something pretty cool for his classmates last month . . . The Make-a-Wish Foundation recently approached his family and said they'd grant any wish...
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Dorothy's Sunny Story: Make-A-Wish Builds Skate Park For Boy with a Rare Blood Disease

Just before Christmas 2016, the Worley family of El Cajon got some shocking news: their 10-year-old son, Rocco, has a rare blood disease, Langerhans cell histiocystosis. The disease caused a tumor in Rocco's cerebellum. Through all of his treatment Rocco has remained positive. Rocco loves...
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