Mattress Firm

A Bed Company is Looking for Interns to get Paid to Sleep!

Mattress Firm is doing its "snoozetern" internship again, where part of your duties include taking naps. They're accepting applications until May 3rd. They posted a video where last year's interns talk it up. Video of Want to Be Paid to Sleep? Apply to Be Mattress Firm's Next Snoozetern!
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Get Paid To Sleep?!

You know how at work they frown upon that whole 'sleeping at your desk' thing? Well not now! If sleeping on the job is your dream (pun intended!) then this is just for you! Mattress Firm is looking for a 'Snoozetern'. You know, like an intern....but asleep! Oh and yes it pays! More HERE
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Mattress Firm to Launch New Fall Internship at BEDQuarters

Mattress Firm may just have created your dream job. Starting this Fall, the company is giving students the opportunity to become their first-ever Snoozetern.
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