The Top Five Morning Routines Required for a Good Day

2,000 Americans were recently shown a glass that was exactly 50% full. Then they were asked if it was half-full or half-empty and 58% said half-full, while just 16% said half-empty. The other 26% were indecisive. Even the half-empty people weren't very likely to say they're a pessimist at heart. 48...
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Reasons It's So Hard To Get Back Into The Swing Of Things After Christmas

Here's why it takes us at least 4 days to get back into the groove after the holidays... 1. The weather is crummy. Which is just depressing. 2. The days are still short, and it gets dark early. 3. We know we've got another two months of winter left. 4. You just feel tired and sluggish in general. (...
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