San Diego metropolitan area

San Diego Bucket List

These are some pretty rad things we should do before we die, ya know? First of all, I am just happy to be living in San Diego. That's enough to cross off of a bucket list, but I want to make the most of my memories and experiences as well as time here in San Diego (and on Earth in general). Hence...
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San Diego, Chula Vista: Happiest Places To Live!

San Diego and Chula Vista are both in the top 11 happiest places to live, among the top 150 metropolitan areas in the U.S. But we already knew, didn't we? California has a ton of places on the list. Tops is San Francisco East Bay suburb, Fremont. No surprise about who came in at #150, either...
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Things to Do for Thanksgiving in SD

This is personally my first Thanksgiving in San Diego and away from home. So, of course, I am looking for something to lighten the mood and bring the holiday spirit to life in my new home. Beside going to concerts, working, and spending time with new found friends; there are all of these events...
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