Baby Shark hits the big time

The latest viral video has just made the big time. The song "Baby Shark" has been around a long time. The Korean education company Pink Fong put this video together and on Youtube it's been seen TWO BILLION times. It's fun, it's cute and it will drill into your mind forever. Oh, it also hit #32 on...
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Video: Hammerhead Shark Spotted Near Mission Bay

This drone footage of a hammerhead shark was captured Tuesday, July 24 about 6 miles off of Mission Bay!
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MUST WATCH: Woman Throws Shark Out of Rock Pool!

Most of us would see a shark and run the other way, but Melissa Hatheier did the exact opposite! Melissa is a real estate agent in Australia and loves to surf so seeing sharks isn't a big deal for her. She was snorkeling over a rock pool when she saw a distressed Port Jackson shark swimming...
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