Sunny Life Hack: For Your Morning!

Next time you're shaving, and you nick yourself... put a little Solarcaine where you broke the skin. I used it this morning after a small mishap with my razor, and the Solarcaine worked great. Cut down on the stinging, too!
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Sunny Life Hack: For Your Weekend!

If you cut yourself shaving, dry the area and dab on a bit of Vaseline. This creates a tight seal over the nick on your face, and reduces the mess!
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What have you Shaved with in a Pinch?

So this article was floating around from @Myth Busters...on using peanut butter to shave with? Realy? Yes! Video of SHAVING WITH PEANUT BUTTER - TESTING HACKS! Related Show/Host: Susan DeVincent Here's some other Shaving Hacks
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