Sunny Life Hack: Shirt Stain Problem?

Here's How To Get It Out
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Scented Soap

Sunny Life Hack: Travelling? Fresh Smelling Dirty Clothes!

Keep your dirty clothes smelling clean when travelling
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Sunny Life Hack: Keeping Dirty Laundry Smelling Fresh When Traveling

When you're traveling, keeping dirty laundry separated from clean clothes in the suitcase is a priority. But what about the smell? Just add a scented bar of soap to the laundry to keep them smelling fresh until you get home.
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Sunny Life Hack: For Your Wardrobe

Want your clothes to always smell fresh? Put an unopened bar of soap in the drawer with 'em!
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Sunny Life Hack: For Your Vacation

When you travel this summer, put some scented soap in with the dirty clothes in your luggage, it will keep them smelling clean!
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"I don't need to use soap in the shower"

That's not me talking, it's a University Of Toronto dermatolgy student named Sandy. She says using soap when you shower is not good for your skin. And she hasn't used soap for 7 years! She claims it's working well for her, and that she doesn't get complaints from her friends and co-workers. We've...
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