What is your REMAINING Favorite HOLIDAY?

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OUT of the Remaining Holidays, which is your Favorite?
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What If? You got PAID to go on VACATION?

It's ironic that a good share of people never use their vacation time...they never take a break. But one boss right here in California, decided to change that. HE PAYS his employees to TAKE their VACATION time! Yep....up to $2000.00. He also says that in doing that the productivity of his company...
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Not Just One!

I am just loving all these stories of kids who see or hear or watch something in the news about another child or first responder or someone in their neighborhood, and then they do something about it. Not by the suggestion from their parents but from the inate need to DO SOMETHING that MATTERS.....
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Thunder Moon vs. Buck Moon

Did you know that the full moons have names? Like for instance this month is nicknamed Buck Moon because this is the month when bucks begin to grow their new antlers. It's also nicknamed the Thunder Moon because there are so many thunderstorms during the month of July. TONIGHT is that such moon...
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Getting Through Your Monday with Flying Colors

Monday has to be the hardest day of the week, work wise. Not the load, but just the effort to get there, and be all wide eyed and bushy tailed and rearing to go with a huge smile on your face....when in reality we wake up wating to hit the snooze button, pretend it's still Sunday and through the...
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Who You Gonna Call?

One of the biggest new movies opening this weekend is Ghostbusters....the 1984 female remake of the classic with Melissa McCarthy. Ironically the original opened July 8th in 1984. And with the opening of the new movie, FOOD has gotten involved. Hi-C has brought back their Ecto Cooler Juice Box (...
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It's not just tastes like it, cooks like it, and NO GLUTEN

This is happening in our own back yard….a company in Cali has “created” a vegan burger that apparently cooks & tastes like beef…it even “bleeds” juiciness (from beet juice I think) The company is Beyond Meat, and this will be the FIRST GLUTEN FREE Vege Burger that tastes like beef, cooks like...
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Deadliest Animal Smaller Than You Think

It might be surprising to you that the most deadliest animal is not an aligator, or a crockodile, or a bear, or a tiger or a snake, but a bee, wasp or hornet. And if you are alergic to them, you already know this. How does the list stack up? Check it out here:
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3 Day Auction Nets for Prince's Purple jacket & White Ruffly shirt

So his yellow "Cloud" guitar went for over $100k a while back, and a 3 day auction was held to auction off the infamous Purple Jacket & white ruffle shirt. Read the story here: How much would you pay to have a piece of this history? How about $75,000.00 each??? See the auction here :
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Sunny Billboards on Interstates

Where are YOU seeing the Sunny 98.1 billboards?
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