How long IS that game?

So you get up in the morning on Sunday expecting to find a TV full of NFL football. How long does the game last? But how much action is in that game? According to The Wall St. Journal, the average NFL game lasts 3 hours 12 minutes. Of the intended SIXTY minutes in a game, there seems to be about...
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Exact Time to Dunk an Oreo, According to Science

The perfect amount of time you should be dunking your Oreos, actually backed by research, is...
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Springing forward?

With everything else you have to remember -you should also remember to set your clocks ahead 1 hour before you go to bed Saturday night. It's the phenomenon called "Dayight Saving Time". But-what would the world do without it? Let's say we didn't do the twice annual ritual of changing the clocks...
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Time Moves Faster As We Get Older Because of "Chunking"

Does it feel like the older you get, the fast time seems to move? It’s as if you blink and suddenly weeks or even months have passed you by. Science says that feeling of time ticking away at an uncontrollable speed because of a concept called “chunking.” Originally developed by philosopher Douglas...
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1985 is an iconic year in music, and this New Year's Eve and New Year's Day Sunny 98.1 will celebrate with 1985- and many more years. One of the songs to celebrate is "Don't You (Forget About Me)" by Simple Minds. It's best remembered for being part of the movie "The Breakfast Club" - but has...
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New York - MARCH 7, 2017: Time Magazine on March 7 in New York, USA. Time magazine is a popular US publication

"The Silence Breakers" Announced as 2017 TIME Person of the Year

Today, TIME magazine announced its 2017 Person of the Year. Who received this year’s title? “The Silence Breakers,” a name for everyone who has spoken out against sexual assault—including prominent names like Anthony Rapp , Alyssa Milano , Blaise Godbe Lipman , Rose McGowan , and more—making up “...
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