Five Touristy Things You Should Always Do on Vacation

If you're going on vacation before summer ends, here are five touristy things you should always do in a new city . . . 1. "Hop on hop off" bus tour. They're a quick and easy way to get familiar with a place. And they can also help you figure out what areas you want to do some more sightseeing later...
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2 men at a TSA checkpoint at an airport

Passengers Left Nearly $1 Million at Airport Security Last Year

Passing through airport security can cost you a pretty penny. According to a new report released by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), travelers left behind a total of $960,105.49 in the plastic bins at security checkpoints around the country last year. And while some of the money is...
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Here Are the 15 Spots on America's Travel Bucket List

A new survey asked Americans for the things on their "travel bucket list" in the U.S. And here are the top 15 . . . 1. See the Grand Canyon, 36%. 2. Visit Yellowstone National Park, 35%. 3. See Niagara Falls. 34% 4. Go to Las Vegas, 31%. 5. See Mount Rushmore, 27%. 6. Go to Redwood National Park,...
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Wild flowers growing near a Washington mountain

This Is the Best State in America

The internet loves a good ranking. How else would we know the best singer in history ? Or the best cheesesteak ? Or the best airport ? If there is more than one of a thing, there must be a ranking of that thing. And US News and World Report is out with its latest national ranking—the very...
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Dubrovnik Croatia

Vacation in Westeros with These ‘Game of Thrones’ Tours

If you’re idea of the happiest place on Earth looks more like King’s Landing than Disneyland, then you’re in luck. Game of Thrones fans looking to use their vacation days to explore the real-life locations sites of the HBO series now have several tours with which to visit Westeros. You’ll want to...
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Dunluce Castle Northern Ireland

Jaw Droppingly Beautiful 'Game of Thrones' Locations You Can Visit in Real Life

Croatia, Spain, Iceland and more stunning locations from Game of Thrones.
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Is this a real thing?

An interesting quote from someone, somewhere says "you need six things before marriage. Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring, a fight and a FLIGHT". This guy apparently missed the sixth... Picture this: You’re 31. You just married your soulmate and are on your way to your beautiful honeymoon.The plane...
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Silhouetted plane

Commercial Airplanes May Have a Very Different Look Soon

Airplanes of the future may be windowless.
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Phone Free Getaways the Latest Vacation Trend

A newly launched travel company called Off the Grid organizes these trips that promise to be 100-percent "screen free."
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Earth, Wind & Fire

More Earth, Wind and Fire tickets Wednesday

When it's 8:10AM Wednesday morning you'll hear a question on things that are trending in your world. . if you know the answer you might win a pair of tickets for Earth Wind and Fire at Harrah's SoCal Resort May 18th. The "Q": A flight from Russia to Switzerland had to make an emergency landing in...
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