Jimmy Paige

As Jimmy Page Turns 75, Here Are Our 5 Favorite Led Zeppelin Covers

Honoring one of the world's greatest guitarist
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Could This Be The Greatest Christmas Ad Ever?

As the song goes, the real meaning of Christmas is the giving of love everyday. I guess that's why this commercial resonates so much. There's no product displayed. The only message is giving. Only at the very end do we see the British merchant Marks & Spencer's logo displayed. In this...
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AJ's Kids Crane: Day 1

The 17th annual AJ's Kids Crane kicked off Friday morning. After accepting some mighty big checks - Thank you very much Jensen Meat, Traffic Accident Law Center and IKEA San Diego - and playing a quick game of Sara vs. San Diego, we waved goodbye to our morning show host as he ascended. For the...
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WATCH: Homeless Woman that Sings like Whitney Houston Goes Viral

This is mind blowing. Whitney Houston just had one of those voices that you could never forget. Her iconic voice was truly one-of-a-kind. Unfortunately, Whitney's beautiful voice and life ended too soon when she passed away in 2012. Will the World ever have another voice like Whitney had? Well, it...
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Happy Half-Birthday To You!

Here we are at your "Half Birthday." Halfway to your actual birthday! So, AJ & Sara and the Sunny 98.1 crew have a Half-Birthday video for you... THANKS for listening being a Sunny 98.1 At-Work Network member!
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Happy Birthday To You!

Thanks for being a member of the Sunny 98.1 At-Work Network and thanks for clicking over! For your birthday, Sara from AJ & Sara in the Morning takes you on a quick studio tour! From the entire Sunny 98.1 crew, Happy Birthday!
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